In the World of #hashtags and What They Really Mean

In the World of #hashtags and What They Really Mean

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Suddenly it seems like the world will go crazy if we don’t update everything that goes in our life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram consume most of our free time.
After scrolling through my insta feed I started thinking what is the real reason behind those hashtags? Some of them have been decoded for you here-


In the World of #hashtags and What They Really Mean


1. #mondaymotivation –


To be very honest there is nothing motivating about Monday morning. Monday morning blues sound more realistic. Can’t tell everyone that our life is mundane so we switched to this upgraded hashtag.


2. #nomakeuplook –

There no such thing as no makeup look. No makeup=natural but that doesn’t make for an interesting hashtag.
No makeup look means spending some time in front of the mirror and applying makeup to get that no makeup look.


3. #throwbackthursday

First of all LOL!!!
It simply means that this Thursday is boring af and it is easy to lie around and post such stuff so that you don’t look like a boring person.


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4.#nofilter –



PS- no insta filter. All other filters from other beauty apps are exempted from this list 😜


5. #friyay –


Well, this one is straight out from the heart because we all love weekends.


6. #iwokeuplikethis –

#iwokeuplikethis new

No!! I took 12 selfies before posting this “#iwokeuplikethis” selfie.


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7. #sundayfunday –

The world is having fun, so am IğŸ˜Ž


8. #tooglamtogiveadamn –

Here people know that their picture can get some heat of haters. Best escape is to give the disclaimer already through the hashtag.

9. #blahblah –

So many hashtags in the caption, u have rambled on a lot so this #blahblah is genuine.

10. #f4f –

Follow for follow coz I am not gonna follow you in real. Peace out!!


11. #foodgram –

Now that I am at a fancy place with fancy food which cost me a fancy amount, I need a fancy word to show it to all of you 😌


12. #punintended-

In case my humor goes unnoticed.

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  1. Hello
    Hashtags are used mostly on social media sites. Hashtags makes it easier for your content to be searched easily on social media. Happy to read hashtags that you have listed in this post

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.
    Praveen verma

  2. HI Bhawana,

    Nice list and love the descriptions. We are so used to using hashtags that sometimes we didn’t notice what they are really conveying #punintended (in case it goes unnoticed 🙂 )

    – Sanjeev

  3. Hi Bhawana,

    Your post is indeed great as it has helped us to know they are actually false hashtags in the marketplace, and also helped me learn about the different meaning for these hashtags. However, hashtags are great for use in your content because it makes it easier for your content to be found by your target market. When they search for a particular hashtag you might have used or added to your content, they will find and read your article. So it makes sense to use them.

    Thank you, Bhawana, for sharing.

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