Things To Be Proud of If You are a 90’s Kid

Things to be proud of if you are a 90's kid

90’s is considered to be the “Golden Era” in India.This was the time when pop culture gained new heights.There are many things in which you can take pride if you were born in “the 90’s”.I am sure that all the points mentioned below will make you nostalgic.Here you go-     Things to be proud […]

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Things to Do While Travelling to Another City

We all have our own bucket list of the places we want to visit. While visiting a different city we all are thrilled , excited and filled with enthusiasm. Apart from clicking numerous pictures there are many other things you must do. Here’s a list –   1. Roadtrips – For the love of god don’t […]

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Things You Have to Bear With Your Siblings

Things you have to bear with your siblings

We can’t live with them, can’t live without them, this theory applies to our siblings aptly. Growing up I realised that every person living on this planet has some common opinion about their sibling. They annoy you , they support you and they know you inside out. This is a short list of the things […]

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Life of A Bibliophile

Are you often being called as “BIBLIOPHILE” , “BIBLIOLATER” ,  “BOOKWORM” (aka kitabi keeda) and sometimes even “BIBLIOMANIAC” ….. Even if you are not into reading then you must be having friends who love reading….In either case you will relate to the points listed below-   1-You get involved Yes….too involved. You can easily imagine […]

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