Are you the one who lives to read? Is reading the only thing that satisfies your soul? You read a book when you are happy, sad, feeling low and even when you are not able to sleep. The phrase “just one more chapter” is your favourite then congrats you are a bibliophile. Do you find it difficult to search for a good book? Then this article will solve half your problems. Here is a collection of some amazing thrillers. These books will keep you at the edge and be flipping through the pages. These books will leave you wanting to read ‘just one more chapter’.
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Best Mystery Books of All Time


1. The Origin by Dan Brown

Origin by Dan Brown

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One of his finest books and surely one of my favourites. Dan Brown is the master of thrillers and mystery novels. He builds up the story steadily with his main character Robert Langdon and takes it to a new high by including multiple plot twists.
The thing I like the most is that he includes real facts and figures in his books.

When you reach the end just wait for your eyes to widen and you will be looking at the book in complete awe. The ending to the story is just so unpredictable and surely a treat to those who like their books a certain way. This is among the best mystery books of all time.


2. Are you afraid of the dark by Sidney Sheldon


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Hands down!
Sidney Sheldon is my favourite author of all time. He just knows how to build a character and make her strong.
Most of his books revolve around the journey of strong women who reached the top fighting all the odds. All his books are mysterious yet different from many wow factors. I bet you would love reading this one.

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3. Inferno by Dan Brown


inferno dan brown

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I will include this one too. The title is so apt and does justice to the turn of events in this book. Professor Langdon finds himself in the hospital and has no recollection of his memory from the past few days. His life is in danger and the mystery unfolds as he regains his memory from some clues.

This will keep you glued to your couch. The book offers everything- Italian architecture, technological glimpse, literature and history. This is one of the best mystery books of all time

4. Endless Night by Agatha Christie

endless night

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One of the best works by Agatha Christie. She surely knew what people like to read. She focused on plots and dialogues. Her novels are simple yet full of surprises. No wonder she was one of the best authors of her time.

When poor Michael Rogers meets the beautiful heiress of the Gypsy,s Acre he thinks his life has got a good turning point. He ignores the warning of an old lady regarding the house of an ancient curse. It’s too late before Michael realizes that this is the place of weird happenings.Think twice before you guess the ending because it’s Agatha Christie guys. Surprising her readers is her forte.

5. And then there were none by Agatha Christe

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The best selling book by her. The story revolves around 10 people who are called as weekend guests on a private island by a rich man who is not known to them. All the guests have some secrets which they are not ready to reveal to anybody. One by one they die and the people under the suspicion are those who are alive. This book is very famous and you will keep on thinking about all the possible ends until you finish the book and finally find out the real killer.

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6. Watch the girls by Jennifer Wolfe

watch the girls

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Don’t confuse the storyline with the title. It’s not a girly book it is an intense mysterious thriller by Jennifer. This book will keep you glued and wanting to know more. You would be left flipping pages as Liv follows some trails to find her younger sister who disappears mysteriously after a party which went wrong. Liv managed to escape but the person who started all this is determined to finish the task.
You will thank yourself later for reading this one.


7. The wrong man by Kate White

Best Mystery Books of All Time

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The story revolves around a girl who doesn’t like to ‘play it safe’ and is eager to take risks in her life. She goes on a trip and meets a man and acts upon her attraction by getting involved with him. When she returns to her hometown and decides to continue with the person she finds out that she has been trapped and the man was nowhere to be seen. To bring her life back on track she tries to find that man and get answers and save her loved ones. But the journey is not easy.
If finishing a book within three days is your thing then this is your go-to partner. It keeps your interest intact.


8. A good killing by Allison Leotta

a good killing

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Anna Curtis is summoned home when her high school coach is killed in a car accident and her younger sister is accused of the murder. She is the only family left and she tries her best to save her. She finds out the case is complicated when her known and closed ones decide to hide true facts.
Beautifully written this book will leave you guessing.

9.Master of the game by Sidney Sheldon

master of the game

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Sidney Sheldon is literally the king of good thrillers. This is yet another bestseller from him. This is a book packed with mysteries, plot twists, passion and what not. The story is about a strong independent and powerful women Kate Blackwell. This features story of 4 generations within one book.

You will feel that you won’t get to read more books from this author as he is no more. You will be compelled to turn the pages and won’t be able to keep it down. The lead is the one who tries to manipulate everybody around her for the benefit.


10. Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer

Best Mystery Books of All Time

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Jeffrey Archer is a very celebrated writer and is known for his novels based on family bonding and deception. This book revolves around two men who want to triumph and thrive for success which only one can have. The author tells two parallel stories- one of Abel Rosnovki and other of William Kane. The life journey and decisions made by the two characters is beautifully narrated by the writer. One of my favourites for sure.

So these were my picks for 10 best mystery books of all time.I know there are many books but the list can be never-ending. So, these were some of my personal favourites. Tell us yours in the comment section below. Who doesn’t like to read a book which makes him curse the author’s name and sit in amazement before moving over to the next page?
Do share your favourites with us.


  1. Hello Bhawna,

    Nice list of Mystery Books. My favorite is Sydney Sheldom. I always love to read mystery books and it always fascinating me. Glad to know that you also like Mystery books. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  2. Hi Bhawana, Love the list, though I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of them. My favorite mystery book of all time is “The Hound of Baskerville” by Arthur Conan Doyle. Read it ten times:)

  3. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thanks, However I am having issues with your RSS. I don’t understand why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone else getting identical RSS issues? Anybody who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanx!!


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