If you own a car it seems like a second home to you. There is a different attachment to it. You will always remember the day you purchased your first car. You suddenly start feeling like a grown-up. In this article, we have put together some must-have accessories for your car.
There are so many memories associated with your first vehicle. You get nostalgic thinking about these instances. Like when you and your friends took an insane road trip or when you had few drinks on the roadside in your second home.
A sort of frenzy starts when you look back and think about it.
All things considered, you need certain accessories to feel more comfortable and find some commonly used items while you are traveling.
Here we have made a list of all such items which make your work and travel a little simple and a bit fun.
Have a look-

Must Have Accessories for Your Car

Data cable-

must have accessories for your car

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While the obvious one and not at all hard to guess. We literally do almost everything through our smartphones. Be it booking a ticket to a movie or using Paytm for small transactions. It is very likely that your phone dies when you are traveling after a long day of work. Believe me, this is the last thing you want. You never know when you need to use the navigation to find a way. So it is advisable to keep a spare data cable in your car.


Phone holder-

phone holder for car

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Speaking of the navigation system. We all have our travel guide with us while visiting a new place. Yes, you guessed it right it’s Google Maps’. But looking down in your phone every time you take a turn can prove to be a tedious task and make you prone to minor accidents. It is recommended that you get a phone holder for easy navigation.

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car cushions

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This is about luxury as well as comfort. Prove to be a savior in the time of long-distance travel. It gives a whole new look to your car in addition to providing comfort.


Tissue box-

tissue box

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A box of tissue comes handy when you spill something or just need to clean your hands after having a small bite in your car.


Car perfume-

car perfume

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This one is to keep your car smelling good and hide the smell of the leather covers when you open the doors to sit after a very sunny day.


Can opener-

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It comes handy when you want to open a bottle of beer or a cold drink. There are many innovative designs in the market nowadays to choose from. Take your pick.


Car Vacuum Cleaner-

car vaccume cleaner

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It is not feasible to take your car for dry cleaning every month as it is time-consuming as well as little bot costly. And there are some places which are not easily accessible to you. For problems like this, a mini vacuum cleaner makes your work easy and your car clean.


Hand sanitizer-

hand sanitizer

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This is from the perspective of pure hygiene. It is not possible to wash our hands every time we eat or spill anything while traveling.
Hand sanitizer is a good thing to use not only in your car but also in daily life.

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Hand towel-

hand towel

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For the extra hot days when the air conditioner is also not able to do justice in the scorching heat, hand towel proves to be of great help. It is small and easy to carry and doesn’t ask for much space. Plus you can choose from peppy color suiting your personality.


Pepper spray

pepper spray

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This one is for safety purpose. It is not very likely to be used but is good from a safety point of view.


  1. Hi Bhawna,

    I love them phone holder. It makes more sense when you are driving in an area where you are not conversant with the streets or road. Using your phone’s GPS becomes breathtaking as it hanks up and shows you the way, or when making a handless call without your Bluetooth.

  2. Hey Moss,

    Personally, I also think that this is the most useful device while traveling and it can be used multi purposely. I also like the car vacuum cleaner as I am a cleanliness freak.



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