Trust is the most important factor that binds a relationship together. Women mostly have a gut feeling about these things and while some catch to these feelings, others fail to see the signs that keep their bond intact.
The best feeling is to know that your partner is being faithful to you and that feeling makes your heart tingle. When it comes to relationship, trust and loyalty are the two features that are non-negotiable. But you can’t always stick to your gut feeling for it. So these are some of the signs that guide you to tell if your guy is a faithful and a loyal one. These are sure signs that your partner is loyal to you.

1. There are no longer any dating apps on his/her phone

delete dating apps
With dating apps coming into the picture now a days, it is very easy to cheat on your partner because of the number of options available online. Sometime the “not so harmful” conversations can lead to ruin your relationship as you never know of the intentions of the other person. It is very easy to find someone else and since your boyfriend/girlfriend has no such dating apps on his phone, it is very clear that he has no interest in engaging in any conversation with any other person than you.

2. He never puts himself in situations where he is tempted to cheat

resist cheating on your partner
There are various situations where a person tends to slip into doing something they should not like meeting people at late nights; getting close to a good looking officemate or college mate; getting a flirtatious text from a friend etc. But if your guy/girl is loyal to you, he would try to avoid such situations or simply lets the other person know that he/she is committed.

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3. He doesn’t stress out when his phone rings for text messages or calls when he is with you

no stress while using phone in front of gf
If your partner does not get tense when his phone rings for a text or a call, it means that he/she has nothing to hide from you and that there is no person that the other needs to be careful of. Your partner is loyal to you without any secret relationships. One of the most out-there signs that partner is loyal.

4. He never keeps a secret from you, no matter how small

no secrets in a relationship
The little things in our life are the ones that matter the most. Sharing even the tiniest little thing that made you happy or sad with your loved ones is a sign of true love. This shows the level of comfortability between the two of you and you got nothing to worry about.

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5. He has female friends, but he set clear boundaries with them

It does not make a difference even if he has a lot of female friends because his intentions with them are very clear. He makes it pretty clear to all of them that he is not available for love. He is always showing cute love gestures like holding hands or little hugs in front of his female friends to let them know that you are his girl.

6. He has good morals

good morals
His morals are such that you need not worry about him cheating. His companions and mentors are also something says a lot about his choice. Someone who has good moral values would not be easily tempted to temporary pleasures. He would never choose a good moment over a good thing. This is a sign that your partner is loyal.

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7. Your partner doesn’t mind doing anything for you

bf can do anything for gf

He does things for you that he never has in the past. His only concern is to keep you happy and satisfied with the relationship. If you are sick, he’ll show up with a warm soup and some of your favourite food. If you are sad, he will be a shoulder to cry on. By being there by your side through the good and especially, bad days, you’ll know he’s the guy for you

8. He/she stands up for your relationship

There is difference between fighting in public and fighting in private. He/she should know how to treat you in public even if the two of you are fighting. Your opinions may differ but your heart is always one and your thoughts may not match but you never throw away the beautiful relationship you have. Your partner always stands for your love.

9. You survived a long-distance relationship

ling distance relationship

Being apart is the most difficult thing one can do in a relationship. there have been countless number of cases where people break up because of the long distance factor in a relationship. if you have survived being apart and yet managed to be together then the foundation of your relationship is very strong.

10. He makes sacrifices for you

love sacrifice
Everyone has their own dreams that they have seen for their future. But after you enter their life, it is different because you are now his/her priority. That is the most wonderful sign that shows that dreams are meant to be seen together and you are now a part of their dreams and future. This is one of the signs that partner is loyal to you.

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