Salman Khan needs no introduction. Widely and famously known as ‘Bhai’ or ‘Bhaijaan’ the actor is famous for giving many block buster movies and is the flag bearer of the 300-crore club. He has a huge fan following and exactly knows how to keep his audience entertained. His movies have everything- Action, drama, comedy, romance and what not. The actor has come a long way. So long that his movies are known as ‘A Salman Khan’ movie.

But there are many things that almost all of his movies have. We have made a list of all such events and things that happen in his movies. Go check it out-


Shirtless Salman-

We all know in Bollywood, bodybuilding and abs were kind of glamourised by Salman Khan. It has become a trend since then that he has to take his shirt off in each of his movie. And we don’t complain!



shirtless salman

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Beautiful Actress-

Salman Khan is known for introducing new faces to Bollywood. He has given many chances to the new comers. It is a necessity in his movies to take an actress who doesn’t have that big a role but is kind of essential part of the story.





Hook step-

The actor himself admits that he is not a great dancer but still manages to do a hook step. The hook step is simple but goes viral the minute it is aired on the internet.




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Iconic dialog-

All his movies will have an iconic dialogue which will gain immense popularity among the audience. That movie will be known by the iconic dialogue.

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He always gets the girl-

Okay! This happens in almost every Bollywood movie but when its Salman Khan you are doubly sure that he will get the girl and with full SWAG. Everything he does is stylised in the movie. That is called the personal Salman touch.



salman and heroine

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Beating the opponent like he is playing a game-

Generally it is shown that an actor is tackling 20 people trying to kill him at the same time in a very intense manner. But in case of Salman Khan he is smiling in most of the action scenes. He beats all of them like he is playing a game.




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Item song-

Item song is becoming a common thing in every Bollywood movie nowadays. But the movies of Salman Khan have this song necessarily.


item song



No physics followed-

The movies are entertaining but the laws of Physics and justice with them is definitely not the main agenda of the director. People are thrown in the air and remain in the air for quite a long time, which literally doesn’t happen in real life.




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The Villian-

Every action movie has a villian, but his movies have a Villian with a different and unique personality and habits. Watch Kick, Wanted for reference.



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Happy Ending-

You can relax and enjoy his movie because you know his movies have a happy ending with almost nobody dying from the main cast except the Villian.

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happy ending

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