“The proposal” is undoubtedly one of the most unusual movies, especially given that its title implies that an unexpected proposal is unavoidably on the way. In case you wanted to watch movies like this, the best movies like The Proposal are listed below.

You may witness a pushy employer pressing her young assistant to marry her in the movie “The Proposal” in order to maintain her visa status in the U.S. and prevent her from being deported to Canada. How odd is it, Duh! Likewise, the films on the list below have similarly quirky but distinct narratives.



11 Movies Like The Proposal


Definitely, Maybe (2008)

movies like the proposal

IMDb – 7.1

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director – Adam Brooks

A thirty-something Manhattan father sits his ten-year-old daughter down and tells her the tale of his three great loves when she begins to ask awkward questions about his impending divorce and his life before she was born. He alters the names to preserve the surprise of his eventual spouse and spins a charming tale of loves lost, found, and lost again that spans fifteen years.



Hitch (2005)

IMDb – 6.6

Genre – Comedy, Romance

Director – Andy Tennant

In the movie Hitch, a guy who knows how to interact efficiently with women shares his skills with other men.  Success is guaranteed by Hitch until the dreaded third-date kiss. They are left on their own after that. Naturally, Hitch meets a lady and falls in love with her, and when he follows the same rules, what he believes to be true does not work out for him.



It’s Complicated (2009)

IMDb – 6.5

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Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director – Nancy Meyers

The movie follows Jane, who is ten years after her divorce from Jake, who left her for a much younger woman, but hasn’t necessarily moved on. She meets Adam, a sensitive architect who is designing her new kitchen and has experienced his fair share of divorce stories in the past, as she searches for some sort of happiness in her later years. But when Jane and Jake go to their son’s college graduation, they realize that nothing is as easy as it always was.



He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

IMDb – 6.4

Genre – Comedy, Romance

Director – Ken Kwapis

The difficulties of correctly or incorrectly interpreting human behavior are discussed in this Baltimore-set film with interconnected story arcs. This film follows the lives of several characters who are all acquaintances and each of whom has their own love story. While every loving tale seems flawless, it somehow isn’t. The main focus is on how these characters manage to choose the best route to take for themselves.



Leap Year (2010)

movies like the proposal

IMDb – 6.4

Genre – Comedy, Romance

Director – Anand Tucker

On February 29, the day after a leap year, Anna Brady intends to visit Dublin, Ireland to pop ‘the question to her boyfriend Jeremy. This is because, in accordance with Irish custom, a man must accept a marriage proposal made on a leap day.



The Ugly Truth (2009)

IMDb – 6.4

Genre – Comedy, Romance

Director – Robert Luketic

A part of the local television program “The Ugly Truth,” hosted by Mike Chadway, whose cynicism about relationships drives Abby to call into the program to quarrel with him on-air, is on when TV producer Abby returns home from yet another bad date. The following day, she learns that Mike has been hired by the station owner to perform a segment on her show in an effort to boost its numbers because the station is threatening to terminate her show due to its low ratings.

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Just Go With It (2011)

IMDb – 6.4

Genre – Comedy, Romance

Director – Dennis Dugan

Plastic surgeon Sandler stumbled onto a long-forgotten way to score with attractive women at the bar by using the “my wife is a bad person who abuses me” card. He is not, in actuality, married. His office assistant is Jennifer Aniston, a sweet single woman with two children. At a party, Brooklyn Decker, who is bountiful, attractive, and still quite young, is introduced to Sandler. Aniston agrees to be his fake wife for the rest of the film and finally departs on a trip with Decker, and Sandler, after Decker for some reason decides to trust him.



Green Card (1990)

IMDb – 6.3

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director – Peter Weir

A young urban gardener named Bronte has her eye on a stunning apartment with a greenhouse. She can only apply for it if she is married, which is a concern. A French immigrant who wants to marry an American in order to obtain permanent residency status in the US is Gerard Depardieu. A paper marriage is arranged between the two by a mutual acquaintance. Unfortunately, the INS believes it to be a fake union, so in order to prove their marriage is genuine, the two must “temporarily” move in together.



What Happens in Vegas (2008)

IMDb – 6.1

Genre – Comedy, Romance

Director – Tom Vaughan

In front of all of their friends, Joy’s fiance recently dumped her, and Jack’s father recently fired him. They both travel to Las Vegas to escape their problems, but they unintentionally get married after a wild night out. A $3 million lottery win, though, makes things more difficult. However, the judge orders them to remain married for another six months in order to get a portion of the money. They begin sabotaging each other now in a nasty feud in an effort to keep all the money for themselves.

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27 Dresses (2008)

IMDb – 6.1

Genre – Comedy, Romance

Director – Anne Fletcher

The century’s greatest people-pleaser is Jane. She has been a bridesmaid 27 times, frequently going above and beyond the call of duty in each wedding. She is a kind but the somewhat spineless girl who can’t say no to anyone. Despite her heartfelt desires, she is unable to woo her longtime crush, George, her boss. When her egotistical little sister Tess enters and succeeds to capture George, Jane once more gives in to everyone else’s desires at the expense of her own.



Destination Wedding (2018)

IMDb – 6

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director – Victor Levin

The story of Lindsay and Frank, two rude and dissatisfied wedding guests who still grow to like one another. Even if the ending is disappointing, the conversation, sarcasm, and despicable attitudes shared by the main characters manage to keep you engaged the entire time. And that also triggers a number of humorous scenes.



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