Voot has been the OG of Indian web series. I remember watching It’s Not That Simple much before Sacred Games was released. The best part about Voot was that it used to let you stream through web series for free. Apart from web series, it also has repeated telecasts of TV shows that air on the Colors channel.

Voot laid the foundation stone for Indian web series on the OTT platforms and introduced the concept of OTT in India. Here are some best Voot web series that you should definitely watch:

  • It’s Not That Simple

Beginning with my favourite from the lot. It’s Not That Simple was the first web series that I ever watched and it was indeed worth the watch. Danish Aslam’s masterpiece tells how 21st-century women don’t stay quiet when it comes to exploring the extremes. They have been suppressed to childbirth, exploitations of various types, and are the ones who are expected to sacrifice every time. The Voot web series tells the story of Mira who is on the journey of self-exploration and bashes the patriarchy to do so. It has a simple storyline with enough twists that explain how life is confusing when the past knocks while you are handling the existing issues. Both the seasons will leave you astounded with its twists and turns.

  • Time Out

Another marvelous series by Danish Aslam tells the story of the happily married Rahul and Radha who are trying to absorb the unplanned pregnancy on their way. It simply portrays the early midlife crisis and distress of adhering to the expectations of the society in the episodes. They are a typical urban salaried couple enduring life between ordinary jobs, enormous EMI’s, miserable surroundings, and more. Rahul has no interest in having a child and is wary of the marriage, job, and everything else that millennials usually complain about nowadays. He is looking for a way to halt the situation. The Voot web series is quite relatable and appealing.

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  • Fuh Se Fantasy

    The show is about exploring every shade of lust, desire, and love. The stories are about bedroom fantasies that people would not discuss otherwise. The male character Tahir meets best friends, Leela, and Kiara, while being on a hitching trip and becomes friends with them. The three of them enjoy moments together while exploring the other side of life which they wanted in their regular days. As one of the best Voot web series, it shows all the situations that people dream about in their life.

  • Courtroom- Sachchai Haazir Ho

    This innovative Voot web series is based on law and crime and is hosted by Vikas Kumar. It presents real-life events performed by various actors who in a way try to bring out the truth of the incidents. The episodes are interesting and tell about many ill concepts prevailing in our society. Courtroom contains top-notch crime events and includes varied issues. Directly from ‘Me Too’ campaigns to high-profile scams and crime mysteries, it shows everything. Watch the show for some exciting experiences.

  • Untag

    Our world revolves around social media these days. From Instagram to Facebook, from Snapchat to Twitter, people are out there working on impressing everyone else. This society gives tags to people calling out any attribute or characteristics found in them. Such tags grow toxic after a while and the series explains how six people have got critical tags imposed on them by society. It is one of the best Voot web series that drives audiences towards self-love. Untag reveals how these six people struggle against the odds and refuse to accept what life throws at them. From directly being called fat, bitch, cunning, maneater, gay, and what not to materializing people in certain ways, they experience it all here.

  • Feet Up With Stars

    This marvelous Voot web series hosted by Anahita Shroff Adajania where celebrities are seen in their daily attires within the ease of their own living rooms and bedrooms. The teaser begins with the saying “coffee, couches and spilled beans… that’s so last year” which essentially implies that she leads things out creatively. The stars on the show share some darkest of their secrets, hush-hush talks, and more that make the series more unwinding, fun, and pleasant.

  • Shaadi Boys

    The Voot web series tells about the confusion and tension in Neil, Nitin, and Mukesh’s life. The three friends are on the quest to explore the start-up world with their ideas on being a wedding planner in Delhi. They are on the journey to find some unplanned excitement at the Big Fat Indian weddings. The plot consists of twists and wonders that will leave you amazed as the characters discover more about Indian weddings.

  • Asur

    Watch this seat gripping show for Arshad Warsi’s genius work. With movies like Munna Bhai, Jolly LLB, etc. under his belt, Arshad Warsi is no alien to powerful performances. In Asur, he performed with excellent knowledge of his craft by giving a practical, impactful portrayal of a man on a mission, battling against time to locate his wife’s killer and protect his partner’s life.

  • The Raikar Case

    The Raikar Case is about a murder that takes place in the Raikar family. When police rule out the chances of suicide, they start examining the family members and find some dark secrets. The Raikar Case is a crisp and different story that is gripping and overwhelming. You are hooked to the plot right from the start, and the many twists and turns will leave your head-scratching. All the episodes are very well delivered, and end on cliff hangers, enticing you to binge the next one. Also, the show has a touch of realism and rawness to it, which simply makes it much more immersive and interesting to watch. The Raikar Case is a great pick if you’re planning to watch a murder mystery.

  • Illegal-Justice

    Directed by Sahir Raza, Illegal – Justice tells the story of a visionary lawyer who gets stuck in the world of criminal law, and sees for herself, how rotten and out of order, the Indian justice system can be. Illegal – Justice is a fabulous court-room drama that is very entertaining and appealing. The screenplay of the series is really fantastic and tight, which will drown you in its world. The story is more cleverly written, which causes for some exciting moments. This show is for someone who is attracted by courtroom dramas.

  • Marzi

    This thriller web series shows the story of Anurag and Sameera, who go on a date that transforms their lives forever. Sameera blames Anurag of raping her while on the date. Whatever follows is a game of lies, deception, and truth. Anything that works in advantage of Marzi is its bizarre premise and excellent cinematography. Though the story drops a little flat and can get foreseen, Marzi is yet a decent watch, that does plenty to keep you intrigued and entertained. Though the series has its fair number of dilemmas, Marzi is nevertheless an entertaining watch that fulfills what it sets out to do.

    We really hope that you enjoy watching these Voot web series. Grab yourself a bucket of popcorn and start binge-watching! You can also watch these underrated Netflix series.

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