What is the resolution which is most likely to be taken by almost everyone? Goal to eat healthily and stay fit. In the month of January, the sales of the fitness industry get a drastic boom. But as months pass we see less and fewer people in the gyms. You want to go and live up to your own expectations which you had from yourself when you give that cheque for yearly fees.

We all find it hard to stay motivated and hit the gym regularly but there are some ways that can help you to a great extent.

We made a list of all the points which will help you stay focused. Take a look-



Short Term Goals-

We all make a mistake while joining and that is over expectations. Those six-packs are a dream of everyone but thinking that you can achieve that within a month is just being naive.

To not get disappointed by ourselves we must make short term goals which lead towards long term results.



Gym Buddy-

“Two are better than one”. This is apt in case you want to keep going to the gym. When we are alone we tend to get bored and not want to go. It is adviced that you take your friend along so that when you don’t want to go he drags you to that treadmill and vice-versa.


workout buddy



Take Inspiration-

It is said that everybody has their own threshold and should work according to that. But it never hurts to go for an extra set and take inspiration from someone who has worked hard on themselves.

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Make sure you DON’T take inspiration from the skinny models on the magazine cover. Look at your goals and work on that.


Performance Tracking-

You would feel much better when you see your progress and would want to push your limits further.  Keeping a track of your performance would motivate you further and you will see what you are actually capable of.



Colorful Gymwear-

Boring clothes are least helpful when it comes to waking up in the morning and going at those crunches. Buy some colorful clothes to make the atmosphere seem more lively. Once you revamp your wardrobe it is likely that you would want to go to the gym and workout.



colourful gymwear


Keep Changing-

Don’t let your workout be monotonous. Keep introducing different formats and work on that. Doing cardio daily isn’t going to help you instead you would get bored and eventually not want to go and workout. Your workout should be a mixture of Cardio, Weightlifting and Mobility on some days. You can also go for Yoga and Zumba on other days.






Make a different playlist of some peppy and uplifting songs which would encourage you to workout. Play these songs and don’t forget to carry your earphones. This is a sure shot trick to put you in the workout mood.





Push Your Limits-

It would give a whole new sense of satisfaction when you think you can’t go for one more set but end up doing it. This is called pushing your limits. Lift a little heavy when you are comfortable with a certain weight or run an extra mile on the treadmill and feel the boost it gives you and makes you want to come again the following day.

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Imagine How Would You Feel Afterwards-

Most of us get so tired after office hours that we just want to skip that 1-hour gym session. but take a moment and think how would you feel if you go and sweat it out. Not only it makes you feel fresh but you feel light headed as working out increases blood flow to your brain cells as well.


Reward Yourself-

It is also important to be not so hard on yourself and treat your tastebuds once in a while. Go for a dessert tasting spree on weekend or indulge in eating your favorite dish with your friends but don’t forget to treat yourself right after you put in so much effort.

This also helps and you don’t end up binge eating.





Take Proper Rest-

Taking a day off and relaxing is of utmost importance. tour muscles need to be relaxed before you are ready to hit the gym the next week.

giving proper rest to yourself is a must. You can also go for a spa session if there is some kind of soreness in your muscles so that you can avoid and injury.





So these are some of the tricks which I implement when I want to commit to my fitness routine. If you have something that works for you then do share with us in the comment section below.




  1. Getting older makes us weak slowly, and the only solution to maintain a healthy body is going to the gym and exercise. And your post support it all. Thanks for sharing and good job!

  2. Hi Paul.
    I completely agree with whatever you have said. We must treat our body with care as we are the one living in it. Thanks for appreciating. Have a good day 🙂

  3. Hi Bhawna,
    This article is really an inspiration for me. Actually my started start gym but after even 2 days they don’t go. I am one of them.
    As you mentioned short term goals, this seems to be very effective method of doing a regular gym.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Kaushal,
    I can totally relate to you but these tricks have helped me a lot. I am glad that these were of some use to you. thanks for stopping by. Have a good day.


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