A family is there to support you through hard times, your parents guide you with genuine and selfless advice. Parents always have your back. Your Parents might scold you when you make a mistake but they want only the best things for you. They know you inside out as you grow up in front of them. But after a certain age, everyone becomes independent and craves privacy. When I was sitting with some of my friends they started telling their experiences which I wish I never ever have to face. I am sure you too must have encountered some of these situations where you just want to dig a deep hole and hope the Earth swallows you at that very moment.
We have made a list of all such situations. Take a look-


Embarrassing Moments with Parents



1. Adult Commercial




You are enjoying a movie with your parents and commercials are up on television. Suddenly a commercial of condom appears on TV, it becomes hard to get up you feel like you are glued to the couch and are unable to move. Your mother runs to the kitchen to check the stove. Teenagers are most uncomfortable with this turn of events.


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2. Finding condoms in your pocket


embarrassing moments with parents

You are taking a shower and your mother decided to wash your clothes and finds that one thing in your pocket. The most awkward conversation awaits you once you get out of the shower. This is the most dreadful situation. This is by the most embarrassing moments with parents.

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3. PDA couple when you are out with your parents




It makes you uncomfortable when people start getting cozy at a public place and you are right there standing with your parents. You deliberately start a conversation to distract them.


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4. Finding cigarette or lighter in your car




Planning to go to your hometown and your mom randomly starts searching your car and finds a box of cigarettes or lighter. This gives rise to a never-ending lecture. Plus you have a long way to go. Same happens if she finds a cap of a beer bottle.


5. Interrupting steamy session




You are alone in your room with your partner and suddenly things start getting hot. You are not able to keep your hands off each other and locking the door is the last thing on your mind. Suddenly, your mom walks in and you just freeze in the middle of your power packed action. ‘Super Awkward’.


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6. Lovey-Dovey talk




So your lover called and you are craving for that attention. You are so engrossed in giving kisses and virtual hugs and calling them with different names that you forget to keep a track of your mom walking in. The silent look she gives you makes you want to disappear from there.

7. Morning Wood (Guy Thing)


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Well, this is a perfectly normal thing but sometimes that compromising sleeping position could be difficult. On top of that, if your parents come into your room as you are waking up, you have to make sure that it’s not obvious. Sometimes it works, other times you are just avoiding eye contact and running to the bathroom.


8. Don’t Swipe


embarrassing moments with parents

There is only one expectation- “Don’t swipe left, don’t swipe right. Just look and hand it over”. You hand over your phone to show a picture to your friend or your parents, instead of giving it back they start going through your gallery. And that one compromising GIF, Photo or video can make everything embarrassing.


9. Watching P*rn 




Everybody watches p*rn at one point or another, it is a normal thing. Before the mobile internet was this much reliable, we all had to live at the mercy of personal computers and broadband. If your parents walk in on you, there isn’t anything more embarrassing than this.


10. Reading Erotic Novel




Reading books expands your mind. All the famous influencer, intellectuals urge everyone to read more and more books. Sometimes an erotic book can interest you more than anything. But It is really embarrassing when your parents start reading your book. This is the most Indian parents things you could ever witness.


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11. Abusive Friend Calls


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For some reason, you are not able to answer your phone. It happens that your mom gets irritated by that constant ringing and picks up the call to let the person on the other side know that you will call later.
The first word she hears is your vulgar name or some abusive word. God bless the soul of that person who called. She first scolds him and then its time for your daily dose. You are asked to maintain a distance from that person.

This situation is too much for you to handle.

12. Parent’s Surprise 




As soon as you come to know that your parents will be out of town for 2 days you start making evil plans. You invite your girlfriend/boyfriend over to your house and arrange for everything- food, booze, and other things ? but surprise… You are in the middle of having fun and your parents arrive to give you an unpleasant surprise.
One time you do this and for the rest of your life, your image is tainted. This could be the most embarrassing moments with parents

So these were some commonly faced awkward situations. If you experienced something different and awkward then do share with us. Till then be alert, stay safe ?


  1. Hi Bhawna,
    I actually haven’t had any such encounter with my parents, but I did had one with my brother who was like… “What are you doing?” You can’t imagine how embarrassed I was.

    Thanks for putting these together!


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