Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. We often see people complaining about the opposite sex and how they irritate them with very small things. Mostly we hear men complaining and telling others that how hard it is to please a woman. Women are termed as confusing creatures and as said even god can’t understand women. But is it so hard to understand us? I would say yes but it is not that hard to know what we find attractive about a man.

There are many turn-offs and turn-ons, you just have to know some basic things that attract women. Before you ask what is that, I will list all the things that will make things easy for you and you will easily realize why are you not getting to go on a date with that beautiful lady. Have a look-


Things Women Find Attractive in Men



Passionate and having ambitions-

A man who has a zeal to pursue his dreams and takes every step in that direction definitely makes the heart of a woman race. It can be a simple hobby which you take out your time for from your busy schedule. One of the foremost things women find attractive in men




The expectations need to be very high and it is not necessary to earn million-dollars but it should be something worth saving your time for.

This quality proves that he is really devoting time to things that he loves and care about and it speaks volume about his behavior.


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Confidence is the key

Do we really need to tell you that? This is a must if you want to make a lady fall for you. Confident men know what they are doing and can face any situation with ease.

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confident guy


Doesn’t mean that you have to be arrogant. There is a very thin line and you must know where that ends.

Similarly, confidence is different from bragging. Boasting about everything you achieve is not a thing that agrees with women.


Good sense of humor-

Who doesn’t want to be happy in life? A man who can make us laugh is definitely the one to keep close. A man who can laugh at himself and knows how to lighten up a tense situation is the one who attracts the ladies.


funny guy


Nobody wants their life to be boring, right? Don’t you like a woman who is witty and has a different sense of humor? Same is the case with women.


A sense of style-

Being well dressed and well groomed is surely a bonus point. It is not just about dressing up well it is also about being comfortable in whatever you are wearing.


well dressed guy

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Clean, well-fitted clothes, a good pair of shoes and little subtle works well for many ladies.

Smelling good is also equally important.


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A woman loves a man who is kind and compassionate. Who treats everyone with respect and has good moral values. Little things are observed by us and they make a huge difference. Like when a person holds a door open for another one to go first, or the way he is with kids or dogs is a sign that he is a keeper.


things women find attractive in men


It is just in movies where bad guys are shown as the one who attracts the girls. For long-lasting relationships, we prefer good guys.

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Listening skills-

This works both ways. Everyone wants to be heard and a person who is a good listener definitely earns brownie points.

We girls are complicated creatures, we get happy over little things and cry over some silly things. In these cases we don’t need advice on how to handle things and what are we supposed to think or do. A partner who is a good listener is just what we need at that time.



This is hands down the biggest turn-on for women. A man who is loyal and devoted makes his lady feel secure.

A relationship where women are perpetually insecure and restless is a big turn-off and the reason for frustration. Loyalty is something which makes a lasting impression on women.


The right amount of emotional-

You must have heard this many times by now that women like emotional men. It is true that we do but being too emotional is also a turn-off. Nobody likes a guy who cries at the drop of a hat.



It is okay to let your guard down and share what you feel but constant emotional encounters can make women think that you are not strong and are a bit clingy.

A little old school-

Yes, the time has changed, things have gone digital. You can find everything on the internet nowadays. Same is the case with finding a date. But most of the women still like men who are little old school and win their heart with small gestures like offering them their jacket when they are cold, bringing them flowers, buying chocolates, etc.

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It shows that you are ready to do some efforts and like investing your time in her.

Intelligence is a turn-on-

A man who is well-informed and updated with what is going on around him is a turn-on for women. They want someone who is intelligent and knows what he is talking about.

A man who is capable of having a discussion on any topic is liked by the ladies.


Risk taking can work in your favor-

Yes, a man who enjoys a little adrenaline every now and then is much likely to attract women. A sportsperson is also very popular among women.

Do you ever wonder why women are so attracted to the men in uniforms? It is because of the fact that there are a little risk and adventure involved in their lives.

It shows that a man is never afraid of trying something new and will never run out of things to do even after being in a relationship for many years.


Taking initiative-

Women like to take decisions and want their partner to follow their lead but there is something very appealing about a man who can take initiative and can make decisions independently.

This shows that he can take care of her in any situation. A woman is happy when she is not the only one taking initiatives and planning surprises.

Conclusion – Things Women Like in Men

So next time while you are trying to impress a woman try not too hard and just be real and use all these qualities that you already have in your favor. Women are complicated but not that hard to understand if you have a little observation power. Good luck!


  1. Hello Bhawana,

    Relationships aren’t complicated. We, humans, make it complicated. Awesome tips, you have shared here. Apart from this a mutual understanding and respect for each other are definitely important for a good and healthy relationship.


    • Hi Vishwajeet
      You are absolutely right. Mutual understanding is very important. Every individual has a different equation with everyone. Thank you for stopping by.


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