Leaping from one dimension to another appears to be great on big screens but reading about traveling back and forth in centuries is a delight in itself. Time travel books are not like your normal books. They will keep you hooked, engaged and enthralled throughout. It has science, thriller, romance, adventure and everything else that will let you imagine the possibility of infinite worlds. Helping you take a quantum of a leap, here are the best time travel books that you need to stock up in your collection right away.

1. The timekeeper by Mitch Albom

With his two other blockbusters, Tuesdays with Morrie and 5 people you meet in heaven, Mitch Albon did not disappoint his fans with this time travel book. The story was unlike any other time travel books. Three different stories were going on in three different eras. The first one dealt with the father of time who actually discovered the time and got stuck in an unending time loop. The second one was about a man who is on his death bed trying to find ways to live longer. The third story is about a teenage girl who is finding it difficult to fit in and wants to vanish away altogether. Towards the end, all three stories get intertwined and make it very interesting.

2. The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

Along with being a time traveller book, the story strongly revolves around a father-daughter relationship. Nix is the daughter of a time traveller who can sail his time-travelling ship “The Temptation” to every possible map route. Sixteen years of adventure takes a curious turn when Nix’s father finds a map to 1868 Honolulu when her mother died during childbirth. Nix’s life comes to a stake when the father sought to change the past. This time travel can erase her existence, future, adventures, dreams and desire. Come aboard the time-travelling ship with this book and put yourself in Nix’s shoes throughout the story only to find out where her fate lies.

3. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

The story of Etta and Nicholas who embark on a life-threating journey across various continents and centuries to find a stolen object of s hidden value. Etta accidentally travels years away from home into an unfamiliar world and with years of legacy from a family that she knows nothing of. Nicholas, on the other hand, is happy living with his powerful family Ironwoods in the sea. With the arrival of Etta, untold stories of the past start to prevail. Ironwoods are now searching for something that only Etta can find. This book is a delight to read, full of spirit and adventure.

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4. Stolen Time by Danielle Rollins

The story of a girl who is living her life in Seattle 1913, she has spent a good part of her life in being a con artist. One day, she meets a stranger and snuck on his aircraft. After some time, she finds herself waking up in a cold chilly morning of New Seattle 2077. Ash has some uninvited trouble with her presence in the craft and Dorothy realizes she has gone way over her head this time.

5. Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

Connie Willis is a perfectionist. Her book Doomsday is nothing less than perfection. She took five years to write a masterpiece which won her a Hugo and a Nebula award. The story revolves around an Oxford history student Kivrin. She is mistakenly transported for 2048 to the Black Plague of the 14th century. She meets an English family who is dealing with uncountable miseries and dark drama in their lives. The book does seem like action and thrill-packed drama but rather the writer focuses more on humanizing the characters and the spirit of the story.

6. The Time Ships By Stephen Baxter

The Time Ships is a modern-day sequel to the classic H.G wells’ classic book “The Time Machine”. The author takes on this book to answer the evergreen question of what would be the consequences if the time machine in the books would have fallen into the government’s hands. Stephen plays beautifully with past, present and the future. He stitches an intrigued damsel in distress story keeping in the mind the conflict at hand. It is one hell of a tale to be a part of. Make sure you read the Time Machine before reading this book.

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7. The End of Eternity By Isaac Asimov

The author took “I love you forever” term pretty seriously in the book. It is a time-umping seminal novel which revolves around an Eternal. His relationship with a woman beyond the realms of his elite world goes to the extent of threatening the Eternity. This is a nail-biting love story that involves a whole eternity of relationship.

8. A Thousand Piece of You by Claudia Gray

This time-travelling book is a twisted thriller. The protagonist Marguerite is the daughter of overachieving parents who build a time machine called the Firebird. It is capable of jumping into multiple universes. They aimed to revolutionize the science in future but soon the father is murdered. The killer, who is also her father’s handsome assistant Paul elopes to another dimension to prevent the law. Marguerite swears to revenge from her father’s murdered and races Paul through various dimensions. As she is leaping from one dimension to another, her life starts to take entangles twists unfolding the truth behind her father’s death.

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9. Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor

The story of a girl who sets out with an aim to find her dead mother who was secretly a member of a society of time travellers and is alive in another century. She has 72 years to find her mother and bring her back to their own time. As she is passing through the dim, she enters a medieval period of internal conflict and violence. Hope ends up meeting a boy whose face is familiar to her. Any slight interference in this time can alter the entire course of history. It is one of the most engaging time travel book that keeps you on your toes the entire time.

10. The Glass Sentence by S. E. Grove

The story of a girl whose parents went for an urgent mission and never returned. She was left behind with her uncle Shadrack who eventually gets kidnapped. Sophia is not left alone to search for her family members. She decides to travel across the world along with a refugee from the West by using Shadracks’ maps. The whole journey of saving her uncle’s life puts her own life in danger. If you are an adventure lover, this time travel book will keep you entertained throughout.

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11. The Far Arena By Richard Ben Sapir

The Far Arena is like a child of both Maximus Decimus and Encion Man with newfound abilities. Richar Ben Saphir has given this book a completely different yet relatable outlook to the two blockbuster books. In the plot, a Roman champion gladiator sheathed in ice is dug up by a researcher in the Arctic. The rest of the plot revolves around history and fantasy that will make you scratch your head in one page and will leave you astonished in the next one. The story has many plausible interpretations. Read this time travel book for a hardcore time travel experience full of surprises.

12. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

The story revolves around a family where the father keeps performing experiments with the fifth dimension of time travel and suddenly disappears. The rest of the family encounters a mysterious strange figure in their kitchen who tells them that he was blown by a downdraft and will be on his way after he finds the tesseract. Now the main character Meg will embark on a journey with her friends to recuse her father and outwit the evil forces through space. A great piece of fiction that includes all the elements of a good read meticulously.

13. Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer

Former poet Lexa Hillyer made a debut with this time travel book as an author. Proof of forever is a story of 4 teenage friends who grabs an unusual opportunity of reliving the perfect summer. However, an unexpected secret now unfolds in front of them and the build-up increases instantly. With this summer, the memories fade, friendships end and their stories change forever. This book will keep you hooked throughout the plot and will blow you away with the most unanticipated end.


Are you ready to time travel with us now with these outstanding time travel books?


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