Doing the same desk job gets monotonous one gets bored and cannot concentrate much for long. One of the reasons for this can be your boring workstation. But fear not, here we have for you a compilation of some ideas one can use and get creative with their workstation. There are many ways to increase productivity.

Ways to increase productivity

1. Inspirational Quotes


Putting up inspirational quotes around your workspace is a great way of keeping yourself motivated. Whether it be something from a famous personality or something that your friend told you, if it is something which pushes you to do more, get it printed and put it somewhere in your vicinity.

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2. Plants


Studies have proved that having plants in your immediate surroundings improves your mood, and due to more oxygen, your brain works better. Keep small potted plants like devil’s ivy on in your workplace. Watering and taking care of the plant can also help you feel peaceful and make you feel fresher and give fresh motivation to work.

3. Stress ball


I personally believe that every working professional should have one of these on their workstation. Office spaces are known to test your patience and the never-ending pile of work might make you stressed. In such situations, one of the ways out is s to use a stress ball, another way of relieving stress is by breathing in and out slowly five times. Once the pressure subsides the motivation will kick right back in.

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4. Comfortable chairs


This may not seem like a very important factor for motivation but when you have to work for long hours in the same position then how comfortable your chair is. Creative ways of a comfortable sitting position have come up in offices such as bean bags, sofa type couches, high back office chair. This is one of the most important ways to increase productivity.

5. Post its


These things are absolute lifesavers from putting up a to-do list to making a list of which movies you have to watch next. One thing to keep me motivated is to make a list of all big small tasks of the day and cut out the ones which get done. At the end of the day when you see most of the tasks done then you will feel quite motivated to come back the next day.

6. Photos of your loved ones


Put up photos of your friends and family on your workstation. Whenever you feel down and are not able to concentrate, just looking at the photos of your loved ones can improve your mood and give you that much-needed motivation to work.

7. Exercising


A twelve-hour desk job can take its toll on your physical and mental health which in turn makes it very tough to consistently do the task at hand. Getting up, moving around and exercising can help you release that pent up tension. So snuggle in your yoga mat and Pilates pajama to your workstation.

8. Declutter or clutter


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Some people work better in an organized and planned space while others find their peace in chaos. While creatively working people generally are said to work better in cluttered settings, Find out what kind of a person you are and work accordingly to make your workstation comfier and familiar to yourself.

9. Planner for Important Dates


This is an obvious no brainer and very important article for every working professional. Marking important dates, maybe things as small as an informal meeting with colleagues prevents you from being taken by surprise. Moreover, if you have a big presentation coming up seeing it on the planner daily will keep you motivated for working towards it.

10. Stock some snacks


Work can be hectic and draining, so that sometimes even by the middle of the day you feel like you are spent for the rest of eternity and that you won’t be able to even lift up your finger for the rest of the day. Keep a secret stash of energizing snacks in your desk which you can binge upon anytime you want.


11. Prioritise

This is the remedy for those situations where you are stuck and not able to decide which task to handle first. The best way is to prioritise your tasks. This will save plenty of time and you would see your productivity shooting up.


12. Don’t plan on taking your work to the next day

This might sound obvious but it makes a whole lot of difference, make sure that you cut off each and every task on the to-do list before leaving the office for the day. Do not let yourself think that you will complete a particular task the next day.

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13. Put a note as a reminder

This is way too simple but way too effective. Most of us dive into a task but lose our vision half-way through. The best way to avoid that and keep you constantly motivated is to write the purpose of the task at hand and stick it on your workstation right in front of you.


So now I leave you armed with some creative ideas to ways to increase productivity.




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