For Indian fans, cricket is not just a game, it’s an emotion. And if there is one thing which adds fuel to this fire then it Cricket World Cup. This international competition blows this game even more out of proportion than it generally is. Listed below are some of the things you will definitely relate to if you are a ‘cricket loving’ Indian. 


If you have been in India during one of the World Cups, then you could not have missed the large scale celebration which takes place every time India wins a match. There is an amazing energy running through all the streets and neighborhood. People are dancing on the streets to the drum beats and bursting crackers. This time after India won the match against Pakistan the fans present in London started dancing there itself taking this tradition to a global level.

2. Everyone’s a fan

Literally everyone becomes a cricket fan. A person who would show zero interest in all other cricket tournaments even if a person is cheering beside them will be screaming loud and clear during the World Cup. They don’t take a mild interest like checking the score every once in a while but they would actually be the first person to switch on the TV and watch the whole match starting from the toss till the post match presentation. While the true fans of cricket who have follow it all the time reach another all time high. They not only watch team India’s matches but each and every match in the World Cup, if time allows them.


3. TV= Cricket

All the TV screens in every nook and cranny is playing the same thing. From the barber shops and those taprees in the corner of the road to the those big sleek LCDs in the corporate offices all the TV sets are turned on to the same channel. It is almost a solemn promise that on the day of the match nothing but the sports channel will be playing on every TV set.



4. Watching the match in the Stadium

The craze of watching a World Cup match live from the stands can be deduced by the number of Indians who have reached England to watch the matches of India. No matter the amount for the tickets people are ready to spend their hard earned money for the excitement of this insane game.


5. Small Talk

We Indians have this habit of having small talk and random conversations with strangers, especially when you are commuting between two places. Generally the topics for such conversations are weather or politics but during the World Cup, cricket becomes the hot topic. Don’t be surprised if you find two people having a hearty conversation about the bowling of India on the bus without even knowing each other’s names. 


6. The Superstitions



If you belong to a typical Indian family then you will all too well informed of the superstitious side of your family. But this side reaches an all time high during the World Cup. If you move even an inch away from the place designated for you, you are in for a strong scolding by the rest of your family or friends. Things may actually get so bizarre that a certain someone may not even be allowed to watch the match just like Dhoni’s mother in his biopic. Surprisingly its not just the fans who have a lot of superstitions but the cricketers themselves also entertain many such beliefs.


7. The India Pakistan match

This game which is anyways infused with a lot of emotions become even more emotional during the India Pakistan match. Whenever these two teams face off, everyone and not just Indians but everyone who has even the slightest idea about cricket knows something big is going down in the world of cricket. For the Indian fans, winning these matches is a Godsend moment of pride that is irreplaceable.

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8. Everyone becomes a cricket expert

During the World Cup you see cricket experts suddenly popping into existence left right and center. Every person you meet, has an opinion about which team is the best(India) and they will give you a long list of seemingly logical reasons for that which seem correct in the moment but once you sit down to think not so much. Such as Kohli has become more calm and focused since he married Anushka Sharma, he has found a spiritual maturity which no one has. How on earth does that relate to anything ( if it is true). This is just one of the many examples which makes you feel like saying thank you, next.But these are not the only kind of experts you will find, the other extreme is that group of people who can unseat the commentators for the matches itself. 


9. Fans come together.

After the general elections and army, winning a match World Cup makes us all of us feel quite patriotic. The sight of the whole stadium colored blue screaming India is makes us all feel very close. It is something every Indian feels right down to his very bones.


10. Inspiration

Many legends of cricket were inspired to play this game when they saw the kind of excitement this game caused. The best example of this would be none other than the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. The ICC World Cup is the inspiration which draws hundreds of children to play this game in every street of India.

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11. Memes

For any Indian the post match presentation is not over without browsing through the social media and all the new memes which are posted related to the match. For the meme makers as well the Cricket World Cup is a gold mine after every match the social media just explodes with amazing memes that one cannot help but share.


12. TV companies schemes

Most of the big names cable service providers had released special schemes for the sports channel as they too are well aware of the profit they will be making from these schemes. Everybody who has a subscription would want to watch these channels.


13. Conversation Starter

The World Cup actually becomes a great conversation starter. If you are an introverted person but you just need to talk to a lot of strangers chances are six out of ten of them will be happy to talk about the World Cup. If you are crushing on someone and are looking for a way to get the conversation between you two started, just tag your crush in some of these memes to know if you can use this for starting a chat.



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