The highest alcohol content is found in the drinks involving spirits made from the fermentation of grains, fruits, and other sources of sugar. Most countries have laws regulating the production, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages as they’re capable of killing you. Hence, it is always advised to drink responsibly.

Well, wines can definitely be excluded from such drinks, click here to see why. Scroll down to check out the 10 highest alcohol content drinks.

Highest Alcohol Content Drinks


Clarke’s Court Pure White Rum (69% alcohol)

Made from molasses, which is exquisitely blended, and provides this rum its special flavor. Clarke’s Court is bottled at 69% alcohol by volume and is a certain experience! This rum is famous for punches as well as straight with just a dash of bitters.


King of Spirits Absinthe (70% alcohol)

King of Spirits absinthe is the most defamed yet expensive absinthe that you’ll come across. It is too bitter in taste and has been termed as ‘bordering poisonous’.


Bacardi 151 (75.5% alcohol)

It is always advised to check the alcohol content before having any drink. This extremely alcoholic rum manufactured by Bacardi Limited of Hamilton, Bermuda comes with a stainless steel fire arrestor which is cast into the bottleneck and the drink is extremely inflammable. It is usually used in small amounts to make rum-based cocktails like Cuba Libre and Daiquiris.

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Stroh 160 Rum (80% alcohol)

An unusual product by any standard, Stroh 160 Overproof Rum is a differently spiced and flavored rum liqueur from Austria that resists categorization. Like Germany’s Rum Verschnitt, it’s composed of neutral grain distillate, filled with great essences and strong rum flavors.


Devil Springs Vodka (80% alcohol)

The Devil Springs Vodka is unquestionably one of the most powerful vodkas on the planet. It is essentially used in minute amounts in cocktails with juices or ginger ale. It is also commonly used for creating flaming shots.


Sunset Rum (84.5% alcohol)

Sunset Very Strong Rum St. Vincent: How to Drink Like Locals

It is advised to never have this drink neat. It is another one of the world’s strongest rum that was also given the title of ‘The World’s Best Overproof Rum’ in 2016 by World Rum Awards. Also, the label on the bottle suggests that you take it with a mixer because it causes a stinging sensation in your throat if you overindulge.


Good ol’ Sailor Vodka (85% alcohol)

Good ol’ Sailor Vodka is essentially drunk in Sweden, and the rest of the world little recognizes it. It is produced using organic grains and fresh water from Lake Vättern. Modernized distillery technology is coupled with old skills to produce this vodka. It has a clear, fresh body and a tangy aftertaste. It can be used in minute amounts to prepare cocktails.


Balkan 176 Vodka (88% alcohol)

Consuming this drink neat can cause serious burns down your throat. Balkan 176 is a triple distilled vodka and one of the most powerful Scandinavian drinks you’ll ever come across. It is colorless, odorless, and flavorless. It is so powerful that there are 13 distinct label warnings on the bottle. Beware as many cases of alcohol poisoning have been reported after people had this drink neat.

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Pincer Shanghai Strength (88.88% alcohol)

This vodka from Scotland is deemed healthful as it contains milk thistle and elderflower that is perceived to be good for the liver but, it can get you intoxicated in no time. This drink is intended to be used as a concentrate.


Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe (89.9% alcohol)

Over-consumption of this drink can lead to serious health problems. Although the bottle of Hapsburg Gold comes with a label that reads ‘There are no rules, we still advise you to follow just one rule- have this drink with a mixer. Absinthe is recognized to cause hallucinations so be sure to not overindulge. It is usually drunk by artists who rely on creativity and innovative ‘out of the box ideas.


River Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum (90% alcohol)

It is advised to avoid having this drink directly from the bottle as there are high chances of you losing your senses. This rum originated from Grenada is produced using the old technique of pot distilling which is a really slow distilling process. It is produced from fermented sugarcane juice which makes it unusually delicious. People have this drink direct from the water chaser and you should do the same.


Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey (92% alcohol)

It is the most alcoholic single malt whiskey that is produced using a 17th-century fourfold distillation method. It is acknowledged to be very strong and pure. According to legend, Martin Martin, a Hebridean traveler was informed by the locals- ‘one sip and you live forever; two sips and you go blind; three sips and you expire on the spot.’ Therefore, have this whiskey at your own risk.

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Spirytus Stawski (96% alcohol)

Spirytus Stawski is the world’s most potent and robust liquor, that has a mild smell and a delicate taste. It is manufactured using premium ethyl alcohol with a grain base. Many who have had this drink straight from the bottle have linked it to being punched in the stomach so hard that it becomes hard to breathe.

Everclear 190 (95% alcohol)

Everclear is so pure that it doesn’t have room for the bad stuff. In some places, it has been declared to be illegal. This drink has appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Alcoholic Drink in the world. You gain 285 calories in just one shot of this drink. The best part of this drink is that it is odorless. So, no matter how much you drink, no one will get to know!

Golden Grain 190 (95% alcohol)

Golden Grain is produced from 100% neutral spirits distilled from grain. This is a fabulous spirit for punches or to make homemade liqueurs and extracts.

We would like to remind you again that abusing any of these highest alcohol content drinks can literally kill you. So, drink wisely!


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