The human brain is a hub of many connections. We respond and react to different situations in different ways. Each individual has his own technique to increase his productivity and be more efficient. It is all the game of our brain. We perceive things which we want to believe and work accordingly.

We have often heard people say if you believe in a thing and keep on thinking about it then it is very likely that you will achieve it. There are some hacks in psychology that will prove to be useful in your day to day life.
Here we have compiled a list of some psychological hacks, some of these will help you in increasing the productivity, some of these will help you understand others better. Have a look-


1. Finding out if you are invited into a group-




It is very easy to know if you are welcomed in a group. When you approach people standing in a group and having a conversation and want to join them then look for their body language.
If they just move their torso to look at you, it means they are having an important discussion and don’t want to be disturbed. If they move their feet towards you then it is a welcome sign.


2. Waking up early-

Psychological hacks


This might sound childish and a bit stupid but this is the hack which I use daily in my life. Before sleeping telling your pillow 5-6 times to wake you up at 6 o’clock in the morning.

This is a very successful psychological hack and worth using. Doing this sets an alarm clock in our mind and our body starts reacting that way and our brain becomes active automatically and wakes us up at the correct time.

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3. Spreading positive vibes-




If you want to dissipate positive vibes when you meet someone, try rubbing your hand together to keep them warm beforehand. When you shake hands the warmth gives a sense of familiarity and this works in your favour.



4. Analysing self-worth-


self confidence

When you prepare for an interview think that you need this job, but this job needs you even more. This will boost your confidence to a new level.


5. Let the crowd make way for you-




I used to get stuck in a crowded place because I couldn’t find a way to get out and felt like people are hovering. This trick really helped me a lot. While walking in a crowded area don’t look at the people, look at the gaps between two people. They will automatically make way for you.
Frisking through the crowd made easy, right?


6. Superman pose-

super man


It is completely normal to get a little nervous before a big meeting or an interview. Before entering the room stand in superman position with your hands up and take a deep breath. Doing this will boost your confidence and take away all the nervousness.
Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.


7. Gather more information-




Want to extract information from someone? Try being silent. Ask a question and then look the person in the eye, they will get nervous and give more information than they actually intended to.

Many investigation agencies use this trick to get information from the suspect.



8. Daytime power nap-

power nap


Who doesn’t like to sleep? If sleeping helps in memory retention then this is a big perk for us. This is proven by the researchers that people who sleep for sometime in the afternoon have better retention power.
Sleepaway my friends!

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9. Grab that attention-




If you want to know if a person is actually listening to you then yawn in front of him. If he yawns then he is attentive.
It is a proven fact that people yawn when the person sitting in front of them yawns.

And all this time we thought that yawning gives an impression of being unattentive.



10. Find out who likes you-


eye contact


It is basic human nature that we look at the person we like the most while talking. Crack a joke while you are sitting in a group the next time and find out who likes you the most. People usually make eye contact with the person they like the most and laugh more loudly at their jokes.



11. Ask for a big favor to get a small task done-




If you need a favour from someone and want them to do it then first ask them for a favour which they will definitely refuse.  After sometime ask for the task which you actually want to get done. They will feel guilty about the refusal for the first time and will comply.
For eg. If you want to borrow 1000 bucks from someone ask for 10000 the first time.


12. Use the adrenaline-

roller coaster


In case you want to make your date feel like they are enjoying very much with you then try doing activities which involve adrenaline rush like roller coaster ride, bungee jumping or any sport. This will create an impression that they like you and having a good time with you.

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13. Use the fear of losing in your favour-


fear of losing

If you are doing a business and want to sell more products trying using phrases like  “2 products left”.
This will make people want to buy your product as they are afraid of losing things.


14. Utilising time gaps-


time gap

One of my favourite hacks. USe the time gaps you get between two tasks to your advantage. Do the less important things which are necessary for these time gaps. Like you can improve your calculations by multiplying two numbers in your head. At first, this will be irritating but slowly you will catch up and this will improve your calculations.



15. Getting your work done by someone else-




This sounds pure evil, doesn’t it?
But this can be applied in the case of a lazy person who avoids work. If you have two tasks at hand try asking him which task he wants to do. Like- “do you want to clean the floor or iron the clothes”? This will make them choose a task and they will feel like they have control over what they want to do. This is a win-win situation for both the parties involved.



So these were some psychological hacks that I use in my day to day life. These are real time savers and make my life a bit easier. If there are some hacks which you use then do share with us in the comment section below. You never know what can help you.


  1. Hi Bhawna,
    This is a great and my take here is to wake up early. I strive to wake early every morning as it helps me do more and stay productive and healthy. Typically my work day starts at 8:00am, 2 hours later I go do my exercise, rest for an hour and come back to work.

    But if I’m don’t wake early, I won’t be able to do anything more than to check my emails, social media and stuff.

  2. Hi Moss,
    Thanx. Yes waking up early is my thing also just like you. It helps me check off many tasks from my to-do list and this hack has proved to be very useful in recent time. It gives so much satisfaction for spending the day productively, right! Thanx for reading.
    Have a good one 🙂


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