You don’t get to watch shows like New Girl easily. New Girl was a quirky and hilarious sitcom that came to an end after 7 stellar seasons. Like me, if you too miss watching New Girl and want another group of funny characters, worry not as there are plenty of other equally entertaining shows to binge on.

We’ve made a list of shows like New Girl to direct your binging efforts in a better way.

Two Broke Girls (2011-2017)

Available on: Amazon Prime

When talking about shows like New Girl, this one comes first in my mind. Two Broke Girls is a three-camera sitcom that is untraditional, particularly for CBS. Laboriously filled with drug and sexual imputation, it is more than a story about two 20-somethings working to make it in up-and-coming Brooklyn. A mix of Odd Couple and Alice, the show stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as counterparts who end up as roommates. Where the show’s main focus was originally the duo, Two Broke Girls ultimately developed to cover stories of the other quirky characters.

Shrill (2019-)

Saturday Night Live fame Aidy Bryant took her bubbly brightness from that program and put it to good use in Hulu’s Shrill. In the sitcom, Aidy’s character, Annie, is set for a big change. But, she needs to do it without changing her body. Everywhere in the series, she deals with terrible boyfriends and bosses while dealing with ill parents.

Young Houngry (2014-2018)

You get to watch Emily Osment after Hannah Montana in Young & Hungry. The popular sitcom stars Osment as Gabi, a Florida transplant who lies in San Francisco and is the personal chef to tech guru Josh Kaminski. Gabi’s life gets difficult when she has a one-night stand with Josh. Their on-and-off relationship becomes the underlying plot point everywhere in the show.

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Love Life (2020-)

Available on: Amazon Prime

Love Life is a standard sitcom. The show is anthology-based. Its stories spin around its main character, Darby Carter, who is represented by Anna Kendrick. Every episode of the romantic-comedy centers on an element of Darby’s life and relationships. Everyone in the series go through the changes to plan the perfect date and future relationships.

Friends (1994-2004)

Available on: Netflix

You would have been living beneath a rock all your life if you do not know about this show. It is a simple sitcom about six adults who steered their lives in New York City. A great part of the sitcoms that have been made are inspired in some way by this now-legendary sitcom. It aired for 10 seasons. Notwithstanding its popular sitcom structure, all of the characters exhibited growth between the first and last episodes. Despite premiering over a quarter-century ago, Friends proceeds to inspire other shows.

Jane The Virgin (2014-2019)

Available on: Netflix

Jane The Virgin is comedy series containing five seasons. For those that liked a quirky female lead, this show is absolutely for you. Starring Gina Rodriguez, this show reflects a young Catholic woman, who feels she was unintentionally artificially inseminated. This show is funny, wholesome, and pure. Beside the very stupid and lovely female lead, this show is bound to please all fans of New Girl, and has plenty of episodes to binge watch and re-watch.

Chewing Gum (2015-2017)

Chewing is a British comedy series containing two seasons. So it will be easy for you to finish it super quick and take all of its amazing entertainment. Following Tracy, this series tackles friends, family, and love, all in the bounds of her neighborhood. Including different and adorable characters, this show is bound to have you binging it from beginning to end. The Brit comedy will provide fans a unique twist to their favorite sitcoms, while still being completely fun and fresh.

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Community (2009-2015)

Community is an underrated sitcom which has a cult following. If you haven’t seen it , you absolutely should. If you liked the loft of 4D, you’re bound to adore this crew. This sitcom tracks a group of young adults at a community college in Colorado.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015-2019)

Available on: Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a comedy-drama starring Ellie Kemper, who portrays the modern and brave Kimmy Schmidt. After being released from a doomsday cult, she travels to NYC to begin her life all over again. Attaining normal life is difficult, though it’s also funny and wholesome. This stars an unbelievable cast with hilarious and relatable content. This show will have you giggling, and Kimmy Schmidt will surely satisfy all memories of Jessica Day.

Undateable (2014-2016)

Undateable is another sitcom that earns far more attention than it got. A womanizer, his sister, his bartender roommate, and three of their other friends are all coping with the dating scene in adulthood. Including three seasons to binge, this show has all the uncomfortable and relatable dating scenes that we all liked about New Girl. This quirky and funny show is one that’s been lurking from many of us, however surely deserves a watch.

Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment Number 23 (2012-2013)

This comedy stars the lovely Krysten Ritter, who portrays Chloe, a New York City party girl. With few morals and a fascination for causing trouble, she has to balance her new, simple, small-town roommate and her male best friend.

Happy Endings (2011-2013)

Happy Endings is a romantic comedy set in Chicago. It shows six young people as they work to tackle adulthood. Indeed, this seems a lot like New Girl, and this show also has Damon Wayans Jr., the attractive man that brought Coach to our small screens. This show is quirky, relatable, and is a funny tale of young people working to endure adulthood, relationships, friendships, and life. We enjoyed watching the gang from the loft figure out life, and this show accomplishes that same feeling.

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Mindy Project (2012-2017)

Available on: Amazon Prime

Mindy Project is for you if you love a quirky and relatable female lead. Produced by and starring the brilliant Mindy Kaling, she portrays a young Ob/Gyn doctor, who needs to balance her personal and professional life.

Broad City (2014-2019)

Available on: Voot

Broad City is an underrated comedy. The show is about the daily lives of two women in New York. It shows normal mundane life, yet how these two appear to make everything funny and entertaining.

Friends From College (2017-)

Available on: Netflix

Friends From College is the only show still going on. So, you can calmly wait for new seasons. This comedy-drama shows a group of adult friends who went separate ways since college. But after twenty years, their lives tangle, and things get dirty, wild, and funny.

We hope you like these shows like New Girl as much as you liked the original show. Here are some shows like Brooklyn 99 that you can watch.


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