Get a good night’s sleep is one of the most blissful pleasures of life. Be it physical health, mental health, skincare or just the overall productivity, proper sleep has a direct influence in all of the human aspects. A lot of people are lucky enough to drop down to their mattress and immediately pass out. But there are still tons of people who struggle to fall asleep every single day. Even when they do fall asleep, it is not good enough to wake up with a light head and a fresh face. Lack of sleep can cause anxiety, irritation, headache and a lot of chronic disease in the long run. There are medications prescribed for serious problems like insomnia. But, to avoid going to such a serious extent, here are a few simple life hacks and remedies for goodnight sleep that everyone must follow:


  1. Exercise

This goes without saying that your body will rest properly if it sweats properly. Some amount of physical activity is important every day to tire your body. Even if you are not a gym enthusiast, do a light workout at home or just take a long walk and jog for a bit. The metabolism of the human body plays a huge role in helping it sleep properly. When you are physically tired, you will automatically snooze away without any external help.


  1. Diet

Eating right is the most important thing for the human body. You might be doing all things right in your life but the root cause of every physical problem begins as you soon as you stop paying attention to your diet. The major pointer for falling asleep hacks is to always finish eating two hours before you go to bed. Keep the dinner the lightest and healthiest meal of the day as your body will take time to digest heavy, oily and spicy food. You will keep twisting and turning on the bed if your food is still churning around your stomach.


  1. Get rid of your gadgets

This is easily one of the most important sleep hacks that are suited to the modern world. Get off your screen if you are trying to sleep. We have a habit of endlessly and meaninglessly scrolling through our mobile phones, tabs and laptops during the night. For starters, gadgets are primarily harmful to sleep with and if you keep using them till late, it will do no good to your eyes, sleep and brain.

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  1. De-clutter

Declutter your bed, your room and just the surroundings where you sleep. This is one of the proven bedroom hacks for better sleep. If you sleep in a clean environment, you tend to have a good deep sleep but if you sleep in a cluttered bed, your mind keeps reflecting the same in your sleep. Make sure there are not a lot of things lying around the bed to get a peaceful sleep.


5. Correct Position

Everyone has one Holy Grail position to fall asleep. It can get as weird as possible but if you have found the one true position that keeps you most comfortable and instantly makes you sleepy, stick to it. However, make sure you don’t wake up with a pulled muscle or sprained neck by sleeping in a wrong posture.


  1. Night skincare routine

If you want to know how to sleep better at night naturally, just take a hot water shower before you go to bed and you will feel much fresher, peaceful and relaxed. If you are too lazy to do a whole shower process then follow a basic night skincare routine. Cleansing your face and moisturizing it always helps you feel clean and fresh which instantly helps you to get a good night sleep.


  1. Warm drink

This is one of those great sleep hacks when you’re sick. A warm drink helps soothes the throat and smoothens the digestion process. Be it warm milk, a nice cup of hot chocolate, herbal green tea or anything of your liking. A warm drink helps you relax and lie down peacefully, make it a habit of drinking it every day. If you are a caffeine addict, you might want to stay away from any kind of coffee right before you go to bed. It works the opposite.

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  1. Calm music

Include listening to a piece of calm relaxing music in your deep sleep hacks. Music can really make a difference to the human mind. It activates the brain cells that help you fall asleep fast.  It has a direct effect of the parasympathetic nervous system which enhances a comfortable sleep without any distractions.


  1. Read

Reading is always a great way to fall asleep. However, stay clear from the thriller and mystery novels that starts to get interesting as soon as you are trying to sleep. You can take a light read that doesn’t need a follow-up or just a prolonged sort of a boring book that will tire your eyes. After a few pages, you will be forced to keep it aside and have a good night sleep.


  1. Scents

There are some people use the sweet smell of lavender to fall asleep. According to a study, the smell of lavender lowers the blood pressure and decreases the heart rate which helps the person to lay down and fall asleep within minutes. It also calms the various senses of the body and once they are relaxed you will sleep like a baby for sure!


  1. Set a schedule

Don’t play around with your night time routine. Set a schedule and stick to it every night. If you continue to sleep at a particular time every day for at least 4 to 5 days. After some time you will automatically feel sleepy during that time every other night without any efforts. It is just how your body clock works.


  1. Mattress and pillow

When you research how to sleep properly, you will always find articles on using the right mattress and the pillow. A human body tends to develop, grow and heal the most when we sleep. Thus, it is very important to invest in the right kind of a mattress and pillow. Some people prefer bouncy and cosy pillows and mattress while others prefer hard ones, it just differs accordingly. Pick your preference according to your bodily needs.

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  1. Be comfortable

One of the most under rates sleep hack is to be comfortable while you are sleeping. Apart from a good mattress, pillow, blanket and room temperature, what you wear while sleeping in the night plays an important role too. Always wear loose and clean cotton clothes when you are sleeping. This is one of the only time when you don’t have to dress up or be presentable. Avoid skin fit clothes, jeans, uncomfortable fabrics and all of that during the night.


  1. Skip the afternoon naps

A human body needs ideally a good night sleep of 8 hours per day. If you are going to utilize 3 to 4 hours of the same during your afternoon naps, you are naturally going to be wide awake during the night. Don’t mess up your sleep cycle by taking naps during the day. A power nap is allowed for a quick charge, but a prolonged nap will only make your drowsy throughout the day.


15. Meditate

One of the greatest sleep hacks is to bring peace to your mind and automatically the sleep will come under the control. Meditation is the only key to have a peaceful mind. Try meditating for some time every day. Follow the deep breathe in and breathe out exercise regularly and you will definitely notice a change in your sleep pattern.


These were some of our simple hacks to get an uninterrupted good night sleep. All of them are tried and tested by millions of people. If you do know any other hacks, do let us know in the comments! We love sleeping.



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