Do you also feel that so many things have changed or is it just me? Today I was sitting and while cleaning my drawer my mom said do you still need this video game cassette. This had me thinking how many things have just disappeared from our lives. This is necessary as the technology changes, demands also change.

The size has changed, the technology has changed. Things have become more eye-pleasing, fast and advanced.
In this post, I have written some of the things which have disappeared from our lives but were an essential part of our day at one point in time.

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15 Things That Disappeared From Our Lives


1 – Walkman




Once our faithful companion for any mood and occasion. We never went anywhere without our walkman. It was soon replaced by mp3 players, iPod and our smartphones


2 – Tape Recorder and Cassettes


Before there were cloud storage, CD/DVDs, and a memory card, there were tape recorders and cassettes. We all had the tape recorder at home.


3 – FM Radio

The only place you will find the FM radio is in the cars. FM radio has faded into history with time.


4 – Petromax


During our primitive days in India petromax was a savior. It has been replaced by the LED light and battery powered lights. Electricity conditions have been changing.


5 – Qwerty Keypad Phone




The only company which still produces them is Blackberry which also pioneered the category. You will hardly see any phone will full-fledged qwerty keypad. They all have been replaced with touch screens.

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6 – Table Fan

table fan

Once considered a novelty item. Every college going student had this on their buying list. Now they also have faded into history. In the houses, you will hardly find any new table fans.


7 – VHS Tape




I still remember that time when we used to rent that one special movie and the whole family would gather to watch. VHS truly brought people together. Sadly that all has been replaced by the binge-watching and video streaming services


8 – TFT screens




Those fat TV sets and Monitors. Although they have really deep black and terrible refresh rate we loved them. They are replaced by LCD and LED panels. TVs you can still find, but PC monitors are hard to come by.


9 – Floppy Disk




The most advanced floppy disk can hold 200 MBs of data. Having one during school time made you feel like an important person. CD/DVD, thumb drive, portable HDD and flash drives was the future.


10 – Classic Cartoon Network / Nickelodeon




Those were the days. Our childhood was filled with awesome shows. Spongebob Squarepants


11 – 8-bit Game Cartridges




Our summer holidays revolved around exchanging these cassettes and playing those classic games. Contra, Mario, Pac man were some of my favorites. Now we have high graphics and VR games.


12 – Polaroid Camera




Polaroid camera is a thing of past. You can still buy one but no one really uses them

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13 – Cordless Phone and Landlines




You only find them in Hotels and Offices (Intercom) Mobile phones and technological advancement


14 – Mosquito Net




This is such a 90s thing. It made us feel like that we are on a camping trip minus the mosquitos. We now use sprays, repellant, and electronic coils.


15 – Heating Rod




In the early days, they were the prime method for heating the water. Geyser and the solar water heater have replaced the heating rod.





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