The life of a celebrity seems all glamorous and a bed of roses. People think of them as someone different from them and out of the world. They think do they eat what normal people eat and what do they do with all their clothes as they do not repeat them.

But they are normal people just like us with some weird habits. They are only human and are not from another planet.
Yes, they are in the limelight and public eye most of the times and hence their little things tend to make headlines. Judging their lives is quite easy for others as there is nothing “personal”.
In this post, we have made a list of some celebrities with disgusting habits that will make you cringe. Have a look-


15 Weird Habits of Celebrities That are too Much


1. Katy Perry

The ‘Dark horse’ singer apparently carries 20 toothbrushes wherever she goes and brushes her teeth at least 6 times a day.
That’s why her teeth are such pearly whites.


2. Jennifer Aniston

Weird celebrity habits



Our own Rachel from friends has this habit of stepping in the plane with her right feet and touches the side of the plane before she enters. One of the weird habits of celebrities

3. Eminem


weird celebrity habits



He asks his staff to have a room which is completely dark and wants zero light in his room. I won’t say it is weird or unusual but completely dark I don’t know.

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4. Amitabh Bachchan


weird celebrity habits

I was intrigued when I saw him wearing two wrist watches in a TV show. Later it became clear why he did that. Whenever his family member travels to another country he wears another wristwatch to be aware of the time zone they are in.
I have never seen that before.


5. Saif Ali Khan


5. Saif Ali Khan


weird celebrity habits

The ‘Nawab of Pataudi’ surely has a different taste. His bathroom has a telephone extension as well as a library.
Who wouldn’t spend some extra time if you have something to pass your time in there.


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6. Kareena Kapoor Khan

weird celebrity habits



After the husband comes the wife. She has a habit of chewing her nails so much that she doesn’t even realise when she starts and when to stop. All efforts go in vain.

7. Megan Fox


weird celebrity habits

Well, no offense but this one is gross. She says she is not a cleanliness freak and often forgets to flush after using the washroom. Her friends get annoyed. Yeah, we can understand. Basic hygiene is a must. One of the weird habits of Hollywood celebrities.



8. Shahid Kapoor



8. Shahid Kapur

weird celebrity habits

This is openly admitted by him that he is addicted to coffee. He drinks at least 10 cups of coffee per day. Addicted to caffeine, how does he sleep we wonder.


9. Jessica Simpson



weird celebrity habits

The American actress has this stinky habit of not brushing her teeth. She skips brushing her teeth for many days in a row.
Some celebrities brush 6 times a day and some don’t brush for even 6 days. She keeps mouth freshener handy.

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10. Steve Jobs

weird celebrity habits

We all like to have variety in our food and cannot eat same thing repeatedly. But Steve Jobs had this weird eating habit of eating the same food regularly for many days.


11. Priyanka Chopra

weird celebrity habits



She is an amazing actor and inspires many people within the industry and outside of it too. She likes her things organised and in place and gets upset if this is not the case. It won’t state this habit as weird. It is a real time saver.


12. Kit Harrington


weird celebrity habits

Our own Jon Snow may beat the white walkers but in real life, he is a child at heart. He has a lucky pen and never travels without it. Kit says that he has this pen since childhood and has kept it close.


13. Paris Hilton



weird celebrity habits

We all touch the wood for escaping the jinx factor once in a while. But Paris Hilton does it quite regularly, multiple times a day. Plus she has a habit of making a wish at exactly 11:11.


14. Sunny Leone

weird celebrity habits

The actress has a habit of washing her feet repeatedly. She washes her feet in between the sets every 15 minutes.


15. Britney Spears

weird celebrity habits

Just like bebo she also has a habit of biting her nails. In some pictures also it is clearly visible. She has also tried leaving this habit but it didn’t help.


16. Jeetendra

weird celebrity habits

He poops while he eats papaya.

So this was our take on strange habits of Indian celebrities and celebrities around the world. I know there are much more to be included here.

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Let us know if you know about any weird habits of other celebrities.


  1. Hi Bhawna,
    This celebrity habits are extremely weird. Come to thing of it, why would someone carry about 20 tooth brushes and brush like 6 times a day? She could hurt her tooth gum and stuff. And why does somebody chew her finger nails so much that she even forget she’s doing it?

    You did pretty well putting this information together.


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