Dating has changed over time. People are trying various things and don’t really have time to be serious. Everyone wants to focus on their career in this fast-moving world. Taking time out for someone is not something everyone wants to do. People casually date, blindly date and some even go for double-dating to find out what is best for them.

But, if you have someone whom you can call yours then you are lucky. Doubts are also a part of today’s dating world. If you feel that your partner is drifting apart or are not being their usual self then find out what they are up to. Remember there is a difference between going on a double date and double dating. If you feel that your partner is double dating then these are the signs to look for:

Signs Your Partner is Double Dating

They generally don’t pick up their phone

This is the most common sign and probably one of the reasons for you doubting them in the first place. They don’t receive their phone when you call and call you back after an hour apologising for being busy.

They disappear for hours without informing

You are not able to reach out to them many times. They are only available at certain timings. This indicates that something is fishy.double dating


They talk extra sweetly after missing your call

They start apologizing and talk extra sweetly to avoid any drama from your side. The reason is that they know what they did and don’t want you finding out what they were really up to.
double dating

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You start catching lies regarding where they are spending their time

Every time you discuss his whereabouts they come up with different excuses for the same situation. Take a hint they are forgetting because they are lying to you. Look out for these signs of double dating


Their friends tease you and give them secretive looks

If you have met their friends already then you would notice some change in their jokes and behavior. Their friends tease them and then look at them with a smirk shaking the whole thing off as a joke. But, your gut feeling is telling you something else.


Their lies don’t sync

Whenever you ask where they were a particular day they make up stories including their family. Sometimes when the topic comes again they tell some other story. This is also a sign.

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They usually cancel plans

They usually cancel on you or tells you he has some plans already when you ask him to meet you. Sometimes the reason can be genuine but if this happens on a regular basis and very frequently then they are definitely lying.


They spend more time in Office

We all understand that work is important but if they make too many excuses lately and say they have to spend more time in office then we suggest you be sure.


They avoid posting pictures with you lately

Earlier they used to post pictures with you without any hesitation on social media previously but suddenly they find it hard posting pictures with you on any social platform.

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Your partner is asking you to not visit him at his workplace

They get really nervous when you ask them if you could visit them over.


Doesn’t want you touching his phone

This is a big one. If you want to make a simple call from their phone they just freak out. The reason is very simple they have something to hide from you.double dating

Lack of intimacy

You feel that the physical touch is fading from his side. You are facing intimacy issues. If this is the case it means they are more focused on someone else and getting intimate with them.


They stop sharing stuff with you

As each day passes you start feeling that you are growing apart and you are not that important part of his life anymore.couple fighting


There is mostly call waiting

Whenever you call them their phone is generally busy. This never used to happen before.
double dating


Doesn’t take calls in front of you

They talk easily in front of you with their family and friends but there are times when they take their calls aways from you and are not comfortable talking in front of you. This is the most out-there signs of double dating.

Your instincts

You have this gut feeling that something is wrong. Trust your instincts and find a way to end this mess and focus on yourself.


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