Miami, formally known as the City of Miami, is a coastal American city situated in Miami-Dade County in southeast Florida. And even with all of its fascinating features, Miami’s scuba diving locations continue to rank among its top features. And as a result of it, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best diving spots in Miami.

You might be wondering why there is such a spotlight on scuba diving and what is so unique about it?

You may move about freely underwater during scuba diving, which gives you a sense of belonging to the aquatic environment. The fact that diving is the closest thing to flying is another fantastic fact. You hardly feel the effects of gravity, and it’s as if you’re soaring into space.



18 Best Diving Spots In Miami


West Palm Beach



Ginnie Springs



Blue Grotto


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1000 Mermaid Artificial Reef



Biscayne National Park



Neptune Memorial Reef


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Grove Scuba



Dry Tortugas Underway


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Emerald Reef



South Beach Divers


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Sheri Lynn



Devil’s Den


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H2O Scuba Center



Jose Cuervo Artificial Reef


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Tarpoon Lagoon Diving Center



Underwater Unlimited


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Diving Miami Beach



Juliet Sailing & Diving

best diving spots in miami


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