Do you end up wondering what to gift your bibliophile friend apart from gifting a book?  Selecting a perfect gift for a book lover can be tricky. There are many options related to books apart from the book itself. Accessories that go with the book and make the reading process quite easy. We will enlist some amazing and interesting gift ideas for book lovers.

To enjoy a book in peace is a boon in itself and helping someone attain that peace is a noble act of kindness. Here we have compiled a list of all the things related to books which will make a good gift. Have a look-

Gift ideas for book lovers

Creative bookmark-


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Table/Bed Lamp-

book lamp

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Because reading on the bed is much more comfortable and lamps are the best way to hide the fact that you are awake at this hour of the night.



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To make notes of some of the best lines written by the author or to remember to whom you lent the book and don’t lose it.


book stickers

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Coffee Mug

coffee mug


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Coffee and a good book go hand in hand. More the caffeine the more is fun.

Personalized Library Kit

library kit

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Bibliophile Bag


tote bag

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Way to tell the world that you are a proud bibliophile.

Antique book scented candles


aroma scented candles

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Door Board Sign

door board sign

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So that no one disturbs you while you are reading.




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For the lazy days when you want to just lie around and read your book.


Book shaped pen drive


book shaped pen drive

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Book Keychain

book keychain


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Magnetic book batches

mignetic book batches

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Comfort is of utmost importance for undisturbed good read.

Bookworm T-shirt



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book shelf

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A beautiful and creative bookshelf for keeping your precious book collection at one place.

Wall Clock


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When you look at the clock there is a motivation that helps you keep going for one more chapter.

Bibliophile frame

book poster

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Thumb Book Page Holder

Book gift ideas

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These were some amazing and interesting gift ideas for book lovers. So choose your pick and happy reading 🙂


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