Apple is on the verge of getting a good hold over the online streaming market through Apple TV. There are many must-watch Apple TV series and there is a list of all kinds of shows ranging from the best series for children to suspense thrillers. If you buy an apple product like an iPad, iPhone, etc then you get a free subscription to Apple Tv for a year. For others, the standard charges of $4.99 per month are applicable which is honestly, not much.

We have made a list of the best Apple TV shows which you can binge-watch anytime


IMDb Rating- 7.4

This is the first series I watched on Apple TV and it turned out to be quite interesting. This is about a female Mossad agent who gets trapped in Tehran after her mission does not go as planned. She was helping Israel in shutting down Iran’s nuclear warheads. If you are a sucker for spy movies and enjoy the thrill coming along with them then do not miss out on this one.


Ted Lasso

IMDb Rating- 8.7

Ted Lasso is one of the must-watch Apple Tv series if you are into sports. Jason Sudeikis plays the lead role so you can expect laughter throughout the series. He lands the job of a football coach but knows nothing about the sport. The struggle he faces of saving the reputation of the professional team of the UK comes in handy with some great comic timing.


The Morning Show

IMDb Rating- 8.4

This is a treat to watch and probably on the top of our list of Best Apple TV Shows. The cast of this TV show is super talented and put forward their best performance in this series. Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and Reese Witherspoon. Jennifer plays the role of a morning news anchor and Steve is her co-anchor. He is fired for some sexual misconduct. This is something you must not miss out on.

Defending Jacob

IMDb Rating- 8

The series is based on a novel with the same name. Chris Evans is in the lead role along with Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell. Jaeden plays the role of Chris’ son and is accused of murdering his classmate. The series is a good watch and keeps you glued to your seat with all the drama and tension.

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IMDb Rating- 7.6

The storytelling theme for this Apple TV series is quite dark and deals with a couple who has lost their child and this takes a serious toll on the mental health of the lady. She starts thinking of a doll as her child and the husband gets worried. He hires a nanny who also seems kind of crazy and believes that the doll is a real child. The series has many twists and turns and will definitely have a hold over you and leave you asking for more.


Central Park

IMDb Rating- 6.7

If you are into animated themes then do give this one a try. We give you that it is no “Rick and Morty” but does quite a decent job of entertaining you. The story is about a family that fights off a wealthy hotel heiress who wants to convert the park to condos. Owen is the manager of central park and lives with his family in central park.


Little America

IMDb Rating- 7.3

If you like series which warm your heart then pick this over the weekend. This is a series with a very unique concept and each episode shows the story of an immigrant trying to fit in and survive in America.



IMDb Rating- 7.8

This is our topmost pick from the list of best Apple TV shows from the mystery genre. If you like series with a bunch of kids running around town getting involved in some crazy shit and think where the hell are their parents, then you would absolutely love this one. They communicate with a spirit that conveys the message through writings and helps them solve mysteries in New York.



IMDb Rating- 7.6

Eyes are the best gift given to us by God. We are able to see this beautiful world with these. But, this series is set up in a time where people are unable to see things and communicate differently. Twins are born amidst this chaos with the ability to see. The story is set in the future and the twins face threats from a different tribe and are to be protected.

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Mythic Quest

IMDb Rating- 7.6

This series gives an insight into the inner world of the creator of a famous video game MMO. He comes up with weird requests and bizarre ideas leaving his team frustrated. The actual game is played in the office which is definitely not virtual and involves human beings and their insecurities and thinking.


Home Before Dark

IMDb Rating- 7.5

This is a must-watch Apple series and revolves around an 11-year-old girl. She is a young journalist who runs her own newspaper for a community. She gets into trouble when she starts investigating a murder that happens near her house.



IMDb Rating- 7.3

This series on Apple Tv is very pleasing to the eye as it is based in the 19th century. Emily Dickinson is the protagonist of the series and she has inspired many writers over the decade in real life. This is not accurate according to the history but will surely entertain you.


For All Mankind

IMDb Rating- 7.6

This is s story of what could have been. It explores the alternate possibility where Russia becomes successful in winning the race of sending a man on the moon. It shows the exploration of space at a much earlier stage. This is a great series and you would fall in love with it if you love space stories involving the USA and NASA.



Amazing Stories

IMDb Rating- 6.2

Amazing stories does complete justice to its name and tells the story of different people through time. A new flavor is being added to the romance through this series and a decent job is done. The quality of episodes varies in between but all in all, this is a great Apple Tv series for a one-time watch.

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Snoopy in Space

IMDb Rating- 7.8

I think we all have had snoopy merchandise at some point in time. Either we had it or we want it. This is an animated Apple TV series that surely entertains you. Snoopy tries to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut. This is a very good and heartwarming animated Apple TV series.



IMDb Rating- 8.3

Visible is an apt documentary about Tv on Apple Tv. This is highly entertaining and totally binge-worthy. The struggle for equality was equally applicable in the Tv industry and this is beautifully depicted on this Apple Tv series. Do give this one a try and you can thank us later.


Oprah’s Book Club

IMDb Rating- 4.6

Who doesn’t know Oprah, right? She is a very strong and popular woman and has made a name for herself in the industry. In this show, she interviews the authors of popular books. a very good show and a great watch for all the bibliophiles. The ratings of this show are not very good but it is definitely a one time watch.


Truth Be Told

IMDb Rating- 7.1

An old case is reopened after 19 years by a journalist as she tries to find out if the boy was really a murderer. She was responsible for tainting his image and sending him to jail. This Apple Tv series is an amazing watch filled with magnificent performances and good plot twists and you must not miss out on this one.



IMDb Rating- 7.5

Trying is the story of a couple that is trying to adopt and is finally introduced to the double standards of society. The couple who cannot have a child and is looking for adoption is kept waiting and under scrutiny. There are many heartbreaking scenes showing their frustration and helplessness.



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