Fashion trends are most likely to change according to costumes that our favourite actors are seen wearing. Costumes are the heart of any production and when it comes to movies, the limit is the sky. The costumes are made to be so iconic that they are etched in the audience’s mind and the audience clutches on to them. There are many Bollywood movies with stunning costume.

When it comes to Bollywood, costumes have the widest variety above human imagination. Costumes decide the degree of the sensuousness of an actress.

Here is a list of 20 Bollywood movies with a stunning costume which have stood the test of time and till date remain evergreen in terms of draping their characters correctly.


Bollywood movies with stunning costume

1. Mughal- E- Azam,

Mughal- E- Azam       Mughal- E- Azam costumes

This movie remains an itch for the eye of Indians. It portrays the era of Mughal dynasty and a love story that took place at that time. The characters of Akbar and Anarkali had a majestic wardrobe to drape the royal characters. The design of Anarkali has changed over the years to make it look even more beautiful and is worn graciously by every Indian woman.

2. Umrao Jaan

Umrao Jaan    Umrao Jaan costumes

Umrao Jaan depicted an epic love story that marks Rekha’s exciting performance as a dancer in Lukhnow’s darbar. Rekha is seen draped in exclusive white silks along with golden embroideries in the works of designer Subhashini Ali. This beautiful combination not only does justice to the fly high beauty of her clothes but also of the devotion of a dancer. The decorative ornament piece attached to Rekha’s forehead made an icon of fashion and was known as Dekha-Daman. It is not only seen as a piece of jewellery but it has been adopted as a cultural piece and is often seen on a Muslim bride.

3. Rangeela

Rangeela, 1995

Urmila Matondkar marks a fashion icon with bold and elegant dresses in this movie. The dresses were no more traditional and with a hint of western influence. Manish Malhotra did a great work with the mid-rib show which entered every women’s wardrobe in Bombay. Urmila introduced a new fashion dimension which consisted of minimal make-up and simple but elegant looks for the youngsters of India.

4. Devdas

Devdas madhuri dixit                       Devdas, 2002

This movie showcases a love story between two individuals of different economic statuses. Although Aishwariya is shown to be of a backward background, her apparels designed by Neeta Lulla speaks for itself in the traditional Bengali clothes. Not only is this movie known for its elegant sets and locations, but also for the stunning costumes portrayed.

The traditional Bengali red and white saree was not new to the audience but the way Aishwariya and Madhuri wore it graciously in the movie, introduced a sexy image in the minds of Indian men and women.

5. Jodha Akbar

aishwariya rai in jodha akbar         

This movie is not just about a love story; rather it portrays the role of the Hindu wife Jodha bai of the Mughal emperor Akbar. She plays a massive role in preventing many battles of the Mughals with the other Indian princely states. For this role, Aishwarya Rai had to look bold and powerful, all the while not forgetting that she was also a pretty princess. Neeta Lulla does justice to her role in every single attire.

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The heavy jewellery worn by Aishwariya brings back the fashion of heavy Indian jewellery. Heavy necklace covering the whole chest became a trend for Indian brides.

6. Dhoom 2

                  dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 is 13 years old but the fashion in this movie trends until date. Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Bipasha Basu were elegantly styled by none other than Anaita Shroff Adajania. The entire movie is filled with sexy outfits of Aishwariya Rai and Bipasha Basu. The Chiselled abs and the simple open shirts over them, made Hritik a feast for the viewer’s eyes. Aishwariya dusted her long boots look long before the Kardashians pulled ’em off.

7. Cocktail

cocktail costumes
Aztec prints and Coachella-Esque outfits became the new rage amongst youngsters with the release of this movie. The film released in 2012, made the actors look way ahead of their time, Anaita Shroff Adajania, again came out with a bang with the simple yet elegant looks in the movie. The sudden change in the dressing style of Diana Penty is seen through the cycle of Salwar Kameez to western Pyjamas to short Jumpsuits. Deepika Padukone’s bold character is shown in her bold and sexy outfits.

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8. Fashion

priyanka chopra in fashion      fashion costumes
The lead actress, Priyanka Chopra, wore a total of 137 outfits throughout the movie! Ranging from a small-town girl’s loud outfits to a model’s sophisticated attires and also the exaggerated ramp wear, the movie displays a transition of great Bollywood costumes through the life of Meghna. Rita Dhody and Narendra Kumar have authentically styled the characters. Apart from Priyanka Chopra, another ace actress who has made her mark in the movie is Kangana Ranaut as Shonali Gujral, a supermodel battling drug abuse, loneliness and the ills associated with fame. The third key cast member in the movie is Mugdha Godse, a real-life top model who plays Janet Sequeira, a B-grade model in the movie. The portrayal of trendy Bollywood costumes in the movie brings out the personality of the characters.

9. Dostana

           dostana costumes
Manish Malhotra and Aki Narula designed Dostana’s costumes. The film was set in Miami, he decided on a holiday look; Chopra’s character, a fashion editor, would wear stylish, chic clothes. The actress had a lot of shorts, tank tops, tees, formal jackets and bikini tops, and her wardrobe had a “beach vibe.” Malhotra gave her a very young, “girlie” look. He designed clean lines with lots of colours, toning down Chopra’s accessories. You will notice that none of her dresses has any embroidery. All her outfits are mainly in satin, chiffon and georgette.

10. Aisha

aisha outfits
Can we even blame a movie for being ultra-glamorous that stars Sonam Kapoor and is produced by Rhea Kapoor? ‘RheSon’ worked together on the styling of the movie and introduced every Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Ferragamo accessory to the Indian audience. The movie was a toast for every fashionista, and the famous Lady Dior bag that Sonam carried in each frame, earned a spot on every girl’s lust list of bags. The entire song of Suno Aisha showed quick eye feisty looks for the three actresses.

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11. Padmavat

Deepika Padukone has bowled us over with her stunning looks as Rani Padmini in Padmavat. The credit goes to designer duo Rimple and Harpreet Narula for making her look the part. Even though they have designed costumes for all three lead stars in the film, it’s Padukone’s extravagant lehengas that have caught our attention. Her portrayal as Rani Padmini, the Rajput queen would have lost its charm without the beautiful traditional wears and heavy jewellery. There is 30 kgs of Gota Patti.

Padukone’s look in the song Ghoomar has got us drooling. The colourful lehenga in which she is seen moving around gracefully took months to create. The innermost layer is made up of special gota and brocade is also used in almost all the costumes. It gave Padukone a royal look coupled with the layered necklaces, the gold jhumkis and the nathni.

12. Dil Dhadakne Do

Dil dhadakne do costumes
Our Bollywood darlings never fail to galvanize us with their newborn ensembles. They toss the latest fashion tendencies towards us. The movie apprises us that with just a little effort we can get a new and non-identical look. We don’t need big designer clothes to get the looks of these charming celebs. All we need is a little intellect to come up with either the similar or some new looks. An uber-stylish cast, dapper suits, cool sunnies, vibrant colours—this movie was indeed a treat for everyone. Priyanka’s style specifically, became the talk of Fashionville! Everyone who watched the film got their fair share of vacation envy.

13. Goliyon ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

The base palette of the movie is red and white — the tussle between Ram and Leela as they campaign for peace amidst the blood-call of revenge. To nourish this world, Jaipur jewellery house Amrapali emptied its coffers and there is boisterous layering –in the ears, on the ankle beside the more obvious neck and wrists. While the Rajadis wear silver, the more prosperous Sanedas wear gold.

14. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham


This Karan Johar movie has everything. From Kareena’s semi backless outfits to her traditional wear, from the grandeur of the locations to fantastic Manish Malhotra designs—this film was one helluva larger-than-life movie, overflowing with—Good Looks, Good Looks, and Good Looks!

15. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

kuch kuch hota hai

Everyone wanted to own (or already owned) a maroon jumpsuit, like the one Kajol wore in the song ‘Koi Mil Gaya’. KKHH revolutionised college into a whole new cool. This is one of the best 90’s Bollywood movies with stunning costume.

Polo Tees, GAP sweatshirts, plastic heels, Kajol’s bob haircut, cheesy friendship bands, headbands… all became an instant hit back then! Playing basketball became a thing for 80s kids.

16. Dil Chahta Hai

If one had to pick out a single symbol that reflects the changes in the Indian urban male’s style book, it would be the refreshing, streetsmart look of the heroes of Dil Chahta Hai.
Aamir Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Saif Ali Khan have set a trend that has found clones in college canteens, nightclubs, movie halls, even in boardrooms. The costumes feel even fresh and up to date today. Close-cropped haircuts, courtesy Juice, the hair salon run by Adhuna Bhabani.

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17. Bajirao Mastani

Bajirao Mastani     
Honestly, even if you aren’t a fan of Bollywood, you will be still be left mesmerized by the song above called “Deewani Mastani” from the movie, Bajirao Mastani that stars Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh. Just when we thought it can’t get any majestic, the golden gates parted and curtains lifted to reveal Deepika in the most stunning golden dress, looking more exquisite than ever.
That pale gold dress was an original by Anju Modi, who designed several other costumes in the movie. From the modest silhouette to the complex gold embroidery at the hem, you’ll be surprised to find out that the bottoms are pants that are made to look as flowy as a lehenga skirt. Deepika plays a Rajput princess who falls in love and has an affair with Warrior-turned-Prime-Minister Bajirao. A classic love triangle story that never gets old.

18. Bombay Velvet

We are taking a step back from the traditional costumes and instead of going to the glitz and glamour of the flapper era, where Jazz singers were queens. Bombay Velvet stars Anushka Sharma who plays an aspiring jazz singer and Ranbir Kapoor, a thug who falls in love with her. This movie has beaded gowns with sweeping trains, intricate headpieces, gloves and a whole lot of bling. Every costume is a feast for the eyes, especially the sequinned gown above worn by Anushka in a killer combination of emerald green and gold. The gown itself weighed 35kg, imagine putting that on!

Bollywood movies with stunning costume with a retro look.

19. Race 2

Anaita Shroff-Adajania is the Costume Stylist for the film and she has done an incredible job, especially with Deepika. The look of the actors was extremely stylish, suiting their characters. The characters of John and Deepika were overtly rich, and they looked their part. Deepika wore long dresses, stylish gowns, and tailored pants. Jacqueline wore shorts, dresses, and sported a more casually stylish look. The male actors, too, looked great, especially in their suits, and formal clothes.

It is one of the recent Bollywood movies with stunning costume.

20. Student of the Year

Student of the Year’, directed by Karan Johar, had three newcomers as the lead actors. They were Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, and Siddharth Malhotra. The characters of Alia and Varun belonged to uber-rich families and were studying in a posh school. The costume designers were Manish Malhotra, Shiraz Siddique, and Archana Walavalkar. The dresses of Alia, especially her bright yellow bikini, short red dress in the Disco song, and gorgeous lehenga in the Radha song, caught the viewers’ attention.


So here you have it guys, best Bollywood movies with stunning costume. Did we miss something? Which one is your favourite?



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