Right from the day your younger sibling entered your lives (you and your parents), things changed. Of course, love them from the bottom of your heart but at times they can be a pain in the ass. Your parents automatically assume that you should be the one to make all the sacrifices. Yes, there are many advantages of being an elder sibling like you can boss them around and pull their leg on being adopted but you can’t deny the fact that younger siblings are quite privileged. Now we will remind you how-


Attention seeker-


Right from the day, they are born all eyes suddenly shifted on them. People used to ask questions to you, questions about you but suddenly everybody was more interested in what your younger brother was doing and how cutely he was behaving.


You had to take the crying baby to the school-


So, this was really embarrassing. Your sibling was tagged along with you because you both went to the same school and you had to take them for the first few weeks and they would cry like you are taking them to a butcher shop. All the eyes were on you and you had a fight with your mother as soon as you reached home.


They picked up fights they couldn’t end-


You were the ultimate saviour for them. They never hesitated to pick up a fight with someone elder than them because they always knew they have your back.


You were constantly asked to adjust-


How many times did it happen you had to give something up to make your sibling happy just because your parents said that ‘ You should understand, he is younger than you’.

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The younger sibling was always your travel companion-


Whenever you asked to go for a hangout with your friends your parents allowed you to go out only if you took your younger sibling with you. This was a nightmare we all dread.


You always had to share everything-


Be it chocolates or anything else. Younger siblings have a ninja technique of gulping down everything within seconds and then they look at your ice cream with puppy eyes and you are bound to share it after your mother asks you to.


You are the experiment child-


Being an elder sibling means your parents have very high expectations from you. They suppose you to be good at everything- be it dance, academics, arts and whatnot. But your younger sibling doesn’t face all this because your parents have experimented enough with you.


They get permission for things which you never got-


Do you remember the emotional drama of your mother when you asked your parents to send you on a trip or a simple night out? Well, I can feel your pain.

Suddenly, your parents are very open to sending them to places all by themselves. This is a real deal-breaker and you can’t do anything except crib.


They can watch more TV than you-


Or play more hours than you did. The time limit doesn’t apply to them. This really annoys you.


They got the mobile phones way too early-



Remember the days when you had to beg your mother to give you her phone and let you make a call. We didn’t have mobile phones till we were in college and our younger siblings got them just after passing 10th standard.


You are continuously budged to be a role model-


Your parents don’t let you enjoy because you are supposed to set an example for your siblings who eventually end up doing all sort of things.


Whenever they scored low you got scolded more than them-


Whenever they scored low in the exams you had a personalized session in which your parents said that you don’t keep an eye on them and don’t help them with their studies.


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They always followed you around-


Be it going to a swimming class, a dance class or anything they copied everything you did and were with you 24*7. Of course, until they grew up and realised how stupid it was.


They wanted to hang out with your friends whenever they came to your place-


Younger siblings have this talent called not respecting your privacy. They wanted to hang out with your friends because they thought it was cool. This meant they never left you alone with them so that you guys could talk.


You had to babysit them while your parents were not around-


This was the worst. You could not slip out of the house because you had to constantly keep an eye on them.

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You were their personal tutor-


Teaching them was the last thing you wanted to do. But you have to and remind you they were not obedient at all. they never studied or took you seriously. You could not even scold them because then your mother would scold you.


Buy things for them-


If you are earning and they are not then get ready to give them money when they want to buy something that your father would refuse.


They are bad at keeping secrets-


When you have a fight they don’t have control over their tongue and blurt out all your secrets in front of your mother and then you are in for a scolding musical.


You are always forced to help in the household chores-


Being the elder one means you are the first one to go to the kitchen to help your mother or mow the lawn with your father. Not to mention you hated it and just wanted to go out and play.


They try to behave like they are elder to you-


This is the most annoying. Though, they know nothing they will behave as if they know everything and try to advise on matters they don’t even know about.



So these were some of the things that you must have faced being the elder one. Yes, there are many perks but the pain cannot be forgotten and ignored. Tell us how do you like it in the comment section below.


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