The concept of live-in relationships has become pretty common in the millennial generation today. But more often than not, a lot of live-in relationships tend to break away too quickly. Live-in relationship is a very major and yet sensitive step that a couple takes. There are way too many reasons for the failure of a perfectly happy live-in relationship today but only love matter, right?

There’s a lot that goes in a relationship apart from love. To hit all the right strings in your live-in relationship, here are a few ninja techniques you must follow on how not to ruin your live-in relationship.

1. Give some space

This is one of the golden rules that need to be written down in the holy book of relationships. People often tend to blend into a single boring personality rather than being two individual interesting personalities after moving in together. Couples, please don’t breathe down the neck of your partner 24*7, give them some space, literally and metaphorically.


2. Respect each other’s privacy

We do understand that most walls of privacy tend to fall off when two people decide to live together. But there are always some boundaries that need to be respected in a relationship, be it a marriage or a live-in relationship, don’t take your partner’s privacy for granted.

3.  Share the work

Today’s generation believes and fights for the equal stand of both male and female in society. Just like real life, preach what you say even in your live-in relationship. Boys, don’t shy away from washing the used utensils and girls, you can honestly change those fused tube lights without any help.

4. Don’t over expect

This is one of the biggest problems live in couples face in today’s world. Don’t over expect from your partner. Nobody is perfect and no matter how much a person tries, there are always some minor faults that you need to accept. Start accepting certain things rather than over expecting others.

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5. Split the bills

Keep it a fair share not only when it comes to the household responsibilities but also for paying the bills. You might not realize it immediately but money can destroy even the strongest of the relationships. Keep a tab on your expenses and share it accordingly.


6. Go out alone

It becomes difficult to have some me-time when you are constantly surrounded by one person throughout the day. Having a company is never a bad idea, but sometimes you just need to be by yourself to clear your head out. You can only make the other person happy when you are happy.

7. Put efforts

Don’t pretend to make efforts but make actual efforts in the relationship. As they say, action speaks louder than words, you can never work a live-in relationship if you are not putting enough efforts. There will literally be no room for mistakes if things go southwards there.

8. Keep it clean

A cluttered room always leads to a cluttered mind. Don’t be the messy person in a relationship. Fighting over unfolded laundries, dirty dishes, messy wardrobe etc will always lead to a bigger fight in the long run. A clean organized room fills the aura with only good vibes directly affecting the mood of the residents.

9. Keep the excitement afloat

Don’t let the excitement drift away from your relationship. More than taking each other for granted, most of the couples start taking the relationship for granted. Keep the spiciness in the relationship afloat. Go out on romantic dates, do the kinky stuff, indulge in some adventure. BE ALIVE!

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10. Don’t become like a married couple

Most of the live-in couples start acting like a married couple a little too soon. However, this becomes a very sensitive string of area. There’s always a strong commitment that comes along with marriage but a live-in relationship always ends up hanging in between seriousness and casual scenes. Keep the correct balance in your dating life.

11. Have friends over

Spending time with your loved ones apart from each other is a sign of a healthy relationship. You are going to get bored looking at the same face every day. Make your house a bachelor pad for your friends, have a game night, Saturday night or just a casual dinner for a change.


12. Personalize the interiors

Don’t move in for the sake of moving in. Always make sure you turn that apartment into your house. Personalize the décor, pick the colour you like, stick the memories you have with each other on the wall, get your photos framed and keep it on the bedside. It’s always great to come back to a house full of warmth and love.


13. Get out

By getting out, you either go out more often with your partner or just separately with a different friend’s group. Remaining inside the four walls will make you lazy, disinterested and boring. Don’t be a couch potato, travel, wander, explore and more!


14. Activities

There are so many couple centric activities these days like art classes, poetry reading, pottery making, baking, salsa lessons, hiking, cycling and more. Make so many memories together that you will never imagine a life without your special person.


15. Talk it out

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Never underestimate the power of a good conversation. No matter what the issue is, talk it out with your partner and resolve things. Keeping things to yourself that affects your partner is never a good idea and will bother you sooner or later.

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16. Don’t get the work stress home

Life gets exhausting and pressure of work will get to you, but always keep the stress out of the door as you walk inside. You might have a bad day at work and keeping it in your head will screw the mood of your partner as well.


17. Trust each other

Insecurity is a slow poison in the relationship. If you don’t trust the person you live with you have got to rethink your decisions. Keep the trust intact and everything that comes your way will be dealt with smoothly together as a team.


18. Don’t impose your methods

We understand that everyone has a different lifestyle, a different way of living and doing regular things on a daily basis. However, imposing your ways and methods on your partner will do more harm than good to your relationship. Let the person be themselves in your company without any hesitation.

19. Keep positivity alive

It is very important to keep the positivity around. Any kind of negativity in and around both of you will cause strains of mental peace. Always keep love like your first priority and the goodness of your relationship will never fade away.

20. Little things

Little things in a relationship matter the most, especially when you are in a live-in relationship, make sure you do the tiniest of your bit for your partner be it just being appreciative of their efforts completing the simple wishes of each other.

These are just a few of first-hand experience tips that will definitely keep your relationship happy and flourishing for long, or maybe forever.



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