October is famous for bringing that cold breeze, autumn, and the spooky feeling. Personally, I am not a fan of horror movies but I don’t mind a cult classic every once in a while. The horror genre is one of the most saturated one out there either the movies are too good or they are just plain stupid. In this article, we have put together the worst horror movie cliches that are very common.


25+ Worst Horror Movie Cliches That are Too Common



Women Can’t Run

This is one of the most stereotypical things shown in the movies. All women aren’t that clumsy and they are pretty good runners. In the horror movies, all the women are worst runners and they would fall at every bump while being chased by the villain.





Don’t Look into The Mirror

Whenever there is a bathroom scene you would know that the scare is coming. This is one of the most common cliches in horror genre. The ghost is waiting for the lead to make an eye contact with him in the mirror. C’mon guys can we get little more original.





Going in the Dark

You know a sensible person would not indulge in such activities but in the horror movies, hero/heroine is keen to check things in the dark. They would go on to be the bravest and end up dying. Not only that, they would go alone on these adventures. Why don’t you just sleep already!





Sex hell noo.

Another most common cliche is sex in horror movies. By now we know if there is a couple getting cozy, the ghost must be near. I think the ghost is jealous because he doesn’t get that kind of action anymore.






Same old characters

With the age, some horror movies have redefined the meaning. There are these common characters most of you are already familiar with.

We have the Jerk (Extra brave and doesn’t listen to reason), Nerd (Would end up solving the case), Virgin (would end up being saved by the nerd),  Pretty (probably the first person to die). One of the most common and among worst horror movie cliche.

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Police No Help


If there is a paranormal activity or a killer is on the lose, you know that the police wouldn’t be of any use. They would always arrive late and the only job they have to clean up the mess the killer left behind.




Bathroom Shower

As soon as a girl hops into the shower you know the ghost is waiting to kill her, or the water would turn to blood and scare the shit out of her. Most of the movies follow the same pattern and we are sick of this lack of originality.






Lonely and creepy buildings.


If you have seen your fair share of horror movies you know this cliche very well. There would be this creepy house, hospital, cemetery, basement or something like that. Most of the time things would go south at these places.






Splitting up


In such situations, all the main characters would end up splitting. In the perfect case it is a better idea to stick together and face the problem but in horror movies, this logic doesn’t exist.






Keys and Cars

Another most common cliche in horror or thriller. When things get scary either you drop your keys at the last moment or your car won’t start. In 2018 it is hard to believe that a perfectly fine car would start acting up like this.








Killers in horror movies are usually invincible. Doesn’t matter if you shoot them, cut them or throw them off a cliff they will manage to survive.  Human like killer being superhero makes you question everything







The concept of being chased in horror movies is very amazing. You  think you can outrun them. The best bet is to run into the right places, lose them in the crowd or doing anything than outrunning them. A walking killer can still manage to catch you even if you are running.

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Phone Ringtone

You know the victim is gonna be saved and then the phone starts to ring. Giving away your location to the killer and boom you are done. This kind of scene has been shown thousands of time during a game of hide and seek between the killer and the victim.





Jump Scares

If you when everything is very quiet and nothing special is going on jump scare is coming. Earlier used by cheap movies now a mainstream phenomenon.






Everybody is an Idiot

In real life situation, our mind becomes more aware and helps us get out of the dangerous situations. However, in the case of horror movies, the protagonist would make the worst decision and it is very annoying. Let’s go there, let me fight alone, let’s stay and not run away etc.





No signal No Help

When everything is going okay in the movies everything would work fine. As soon as the situation gets worse, things would go south. Most obvious of them is the cell network. At the worst moment possible, Protagonist won’t be able to make the phone call because there is no signal.






Not Trusting your gut feeling

Another most common cliches in horror movies. There is a group of friends or a family and they decide to stay somewhere even though one person would have a bad feeling about this. There would be things to warn you, but protagonist would ignore all that and stay there anyway.







Based on Real Events


Nowadays it has become a kind of marketing stunt. If you show that it is based on real events more and more people would come to watch.

This is true to some extent, some horror movies do portray real-life events but in most cases, the story is nowhere near the reality of the said event.

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In the horror movies, once the protagonist gets his hands on the gun he becomes the perfect killing machine. No mercy and no missed bullets. Among the worst horror movie cliches.





Children are creepy

Kids are always fine and fun but in horror movies, it is the complete opposite. They are either creepy or they can see things no one else can. No adult would believe them until its too late.





Writings on the wall

Seen many times on horror shows and movies. People would scribble random things on the wall and try to decipher it. One of the most common and played out cliches.






Cats are creepy

We all know that cats may be jerks but they are often sweet and purry. In the case of horror movies, they are shown as one of the most creepy animals. Scaring, hissing and jumping out of nowhere to give you jump scares.






Dolls are creepy

Just like the case of cats, dolls are also shown as creepy.






Villain Gets Weak

In the beginning, they would be shown all mighty and powerful but as the time goes on. They become sloppy, weak and not so scary. Common in all the horror movies. And sometimes it is necessary for the bad guys to win. What do you think?







The victim would often scream in the area where no one would hear them. Rather than screaming they could use that energy to actually try and escape.






Will come back

In the end, they have escaped the horror and got rid of the villain. Usually, they are bound to come back.






These were our picks for the worst horror movie cliches. What do you think of the list? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Great thoughts I really appreciate your writing. I go through your complete article and found this one is one of the best described articles on this topic. I have added some of your content lines in my assignment as well
    Thanks for Great Information

  2. Hi Amita!
    These are some hyped things that really came out when I gave it a thought. It is nice to be appreciated for your work. Thanx for stopping by. Take care 🙂

  3. Hi Bhawana

    This is so great.

    Love it. I think the scream is the worst thing.

    Why scream? What does it accomplish other than to let the creepy guy (or kid) know your exact location.

    I had a lot of fun with this.


  4. Hi Donna!
    Some movies are great but many are painfully hilarious. But these screams are in all movies and this is surely the worst part.
    I am glad that you enjoyed reading this one.
    Thanks 🙂


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