Hiring a new set of interns or conducting a conference with a bunch of people who don’t know each other can lead to a lot of awkward silences. The best way to get the people out of their shell is ice breaker games. These immediately lead to a flow of conversation and thus a more productive group. So listed for you here are some fun ice breaker games.

1. Truth and Dare





A classic game to break the tension. Just spin a bottle and ask the person at one end to choose between telling a truth about themselves or doing a dare like dancing.

 2. Never have I ever





This game is generally played with alcohol but for maintaining the sanctity of a workplace you can play it with coke instead. One person in the group speaks out something he or she has never done and if someone else has then he or she drink some coke. This process goes on till everyone in the group has said something they have not done

3. If you were stranded on an island





A classic question to get the conversation started, ask everyone what are the few articles they would like to have with themselves if they were stranded on an island for the rest of their lives.

4. Miming





A fun and an interactive game which will help people to loosen up. Ask one of the people from the group to volunteer and then without speaking and just by acting describe one of the renowned personality of the company or a person famous with respect to the purpose of your session.

5. 20 questions




A quick and easy ice breaker games which requires next to no preparation. On a few pieces of paper write the name of some things such as the Eiffel tower, ask a volunteer to come forth and pick a chit. The rest of the people get twenty questions to guess what is in the picture.

6. Treasure hunt





An all time favorite and one of the best games to induct new members into a team. You can keep the radius for the hunt as small as a conference room or as big as the city. It is a great way of building team spirit and coordination among the members.

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7. Would you rather





This is a fun informal game which helps in making people loosen up. The pose would you rather question or situation to all the people in the group and ask each of them to tell what would be their reaction.

8. Name of your autobiography





A quirky fun question to break the ice in a newly formed group. In answering this question one gets to know more about each other’s personality. The quirkier the answers the more this game becomes.

9. Whose story is it




This game goes like, each member of the group writes a funny and memorable story about themselves on a piece of paper and drops it into a box. One person will pick out a story read it out and will have to guess who in the group could have done this.

10. Exquisite Corpse





In this game, you need to divide the group into smaller teams of three. Each member of this tripling will draw one part of the human body like the head, the torso and the lower part of the body .the end result on combining these pieces of paper will truly be exquisite.

11. Marshmallow challenge





A popular team building game for this you need to have twenty pieces of spaghetti straws, one marshmallow, one yard of tape, one yard of string and maximum forty-five minutes to create a tower out of these.

12. What if





It is a condition based game wherein you ask one question such as ‘what if you were locked alone with your celebrity ideal’ and everyone has to answer that. You can choose a question more relevant to your context and kick start a meeting or conference with this game.

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13. Your spirit animal





Another quirky question which you can ask each member of the team to answer for breaking the ice. The weirder the answers the more fun and bonding will be the activity. Just ask each person to say their name and which animal do they believe to be their spirit animal.

14. Blind drawing





This game is played in pairs of two. One of the people is blindfolded and the other person has to direct him or her to draw a figure without revealing what the article is. This game helps in communication building.


15. Find 10 things in Common




If you have a big team divide them into smaller groups and ask each group to find ten things in common within ten minutes. This game helps in making people relate to each other.

16. Jenga and story





A simple and fun game wherein whoever drops the Jenga tower, tells a real-life adventure or story. Best if played in groups of five of six.

17. Pay it forward

This game creates positive energy in the group. Each member has to write their name and one good quality about the person sitting on their right.

18. Chinese whisper





This game needs no introduction and is probably one of the best ice breaker games

19. Paintball




If you have the resources and space then conducting a paintball game will not improve the teamwork of the employees but will also be a memorable event which will inspire the employees to work harder.

20. One word game




A quick, evergreen ice breaker game wherein you can set a theme relevant to your cause and ask each member to say one word about it.  

21. Act and react





A fun game where every person is given a situation and he or she has to act it out along with adding their own reaction to it.

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22. How much toilet paper do you need

This game requires next to no preparation. All you have to do is a place a roll of toilet  paper in the middle and ask everyone to take as much as is needed

23. Minefield obstacle

In this game a small obstacle of harmless articles such as toys. Blindfold one person and ask the rest to guide him or her through the obstacle. This is a great trust building activity as well.

24. 18 and under




In this game, everyone sits around in a circle and each has to tell one thing which they consider to be an achievement which they did before turning 18. From something as simple as buying a skateboard to maybe having their first job. You will come to know a lot about each other.

25. Movie ball

This one is all about being fast and spontaneous. Everyone needs to stand in a circle and a ball will be passed around. The person who has the ball has to name a movie within 5 seconds and you cannot repeat the movie names.

26. Stupid human trick




A quirky ice breaker game wherein you ask each person to introduce themselves along with a stupid human trick.

27. Guess who

A classical game for ice breaker game for new teams and groups. Divide the groups into a pair of two, ask one person to write the name of a famous celebrity on a post-it and without showing it to the other person stick it on their forehead. The second person has two minutes to guess who is the personality.





28. Write an Essay

Don’t read the name and think this is boring. This turns out to be quite fun. All you have to do is choose a word and tell others to write an essay on it. For eg ‘Write an essay on Ship’. People will write many things related to their ship. Now remove the word ‘S’ from Ship. You are left with ‘hip’. Ask everyone to read their essay out loud and have fun dying from laughter.



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