28 budget friendly international holidays
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28 Awesome International Trips to Take When You are on a Budget

Who doesn’t love spending their time with their loved ones enjoying the majestic and scenic views? There is so much to explore. One could not say I have traveled enough. Most of us want to travel to other countries but do not take a step further thinking about the budget. It is a pre-set notion that traveling to another country will burn a hole in your pocket. But there are many countries which come within your budget and you won’t have to worry that much about your bank balance.

You are happy, aren’t you? Check out our list for the cheap holiday destinations and plan your trip ahead




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Singapore is a very hot destination for those who travel on a budget. The place is neat and clean and has so much to offer in terms of tourist attraction. You can go on nature tours, local sight-seeing, art and culture tours. The place looks even more beautiful at night with the city line and the reflection of lights everywhere. It will cost you around INR 40-42,000 (550-560 USD).

Places to visit- China Town, Sentosa Island, Orchid Garden, Temple of 1000 lights, Helix Bridge, Marina Bay, Botanical Garden, etc.



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Turkey is one of the most affordable holiday destinations. It is very popular among tourists due to its vast cultural diversification. There are many activities to do here which are fun and best to enjoy your holiday. Some of the activities offered here are Fun cruises, cultural tours and beach vacations. You can cheap out on local transport as the fare is quite low. A four day trip to Turkey will cost you around 50000 INR (690$).

Places to visit- Cappadocia, Istanbul, Trabzon, Spice market and Antalya.




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image source- National geographic

Indonesia is the largest Archipelago in the world. It is also a culturally rich country and has many places to explore. It is also the epitome of natural beauty. The area is lush-green and soothes your eyes. You can go for volcano tours, nature tours, water sports, cultural tours.

Go here and you are bound to have the best time of your life. A week’s trip to Indonesia will cost you around 45000 INR (620$).

Places to visit are- Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Bandung, Malang.


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image source- Times of India

Cambodia is famous for its rustic and raw natural beauty. This place is also culturally rich and is one of the cheapest and attractive places to visit. It is treated for nature lovers. You can go on cultural and leisure tours. The place is world famous for the Angkor Wat temple. You would love every bit of this place. A trip to Cambodia will cost you around 45000 INR (620$).

Places to visit- Silver Pagoda, Angkor Wat temple, Tonle Sap, Bayon Temple, Koh Ker, etc.



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It is a place of great tourist attraction during the summer time. The lanes are buzzing with the crowd who have a thirst to explore the cultural significance associated with that place. The architecture is the amalgamation of old and new. You will get a Gothic feel when you look around the city. The city is a heaven for food lovers and has many options for both vegetarians and non- vegetarians. A famous dish to try is pierogis and dumplings. Plus the beer is also cheap here.  A trip here will cost you INR 52000 (715 USD).

Places to visit- Viru Gate, Town Hall, The city hall, The museum of occupations, etc.


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Vietnam is a happy place with happy people. So, if you go here then keep smiling ad feel the warmth the place and the people have to offer. Vietnam is famous for its rich and diverse culture. This place is a treat to your eyes and soothes your soul as you experience nature very closely. So much to enjoy at such a cheap price. You must enjoy the yacht and boat cruises when you are here. Plus enjoy Island tours and wildlife tours. In food, you must try their Fried Spring Rolls and Grilled Minced Fish. The average cost for visiting this gem is 40000 INR (550$).

Places to visit- Mekong Delta, Sapa, Nha Tarang, Hanoi and many more.


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image source- World travel guide

Myanmar is also known as Burma. The beauty of this place will leave you asking for more and you would not want to leave. The place is culturally very rich and colorful If you want to have the real taste of local food then eat at a teahouse or local restaurants. You must go for a boat trip to Inle Lake. Myanmar is also famous for hthe ot air balloon ride.

A trip to Myanmar costs approximately INR 35000 (480$).

Places to visit- All the temples, Shwedagon Pagoda,  Inle Lake, Ngwe Saung Beach, Golden Rock Pagoda and more.




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It is a beautiful amalgamation of modern and medieval architecture. If you enjoy gazing at historical places and buildings then this place is just right for you. Europe has many budget-friendly holiday destinations and Budapest is a safe bet. Danube river adds to the scenic beauty of Budapest and cold breeze tickling your skin while having a walk along its bank will make you feel rejuvenated. You can also go on a bike tour around the city. The average cost of visiting Budapest is INR 50000 (690 USD).

Places to visit- Gellert Baths, Heroes’ Square, Margaret Island, Danube Promenade, House of Terror, etc.



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The Philippines is unexplored beauty and is a hidden gem for all the travel mongers. Plus it is budget-friendly and has many beaches which are clean and will surely rejuvenate you. You would be spell-bound after watching the reflection of beautiful clouds in the clear water. A must-visit place for all travel enthusiasts. For adventure seekers activities like trekking and visiting Ariel’s Point are available. Approximate cost for visiting this beauty is INR 40-42,000 (580$).

Places to visit- Chocolate Hills, China Town, Iloilo, Palawan, El Nido, Rizal Park, etc



hong kong
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Situated on the shore of South China Sea, has become a hot tourist destination due to its affordability. The place is famous for its hip vibe. You can also go hiking and the place has many museums. You can also go to Hong Kong’s highest point and enjoy the picturesque view from Tram. The place is also famous for the variety of food it offers. You must try Dimsums, Char Siu Bao(baked bun). Go local shopping at the market at night and explore the hidden gems for finest and cheap products. The average cost for visiting Hong Kong for 5 nights is 40000 INR (550 USD).

Places to visit- Happy Valley Racecourse, Big Buddha, The Peak, Dragon’s Back, Kwun centre for Heritage and Art and Wong Tai Sin Temple.



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This is going to be a destination you won’t forget your whole life. The place has many things to look out for apart from its buried mummies. Not only you get to learn about old civilization you also get to scope out coral reefs. In childhood, we heard and studied the tomb of Tutankhamun you can visit that also. You can go for a camel ride through Egypt and look out for its raw beauty. Who said Egypt is just sand and home to mirage. You can see Oasis and greenery in Al-Azhar Park. Egypt has many beautiful museums which should not be missed out. The average cost to visit Egypt is 40000 INR( 550 USD).

Places to visit- Abu simbel Temple, Badr Museum, Cairo Citadel, Colossi of Memnon, Coptic Museum, Giza Pyramid.



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Prague has the best beer in the world. Not the soul reason to visit the city but definitely important enough to earn brownie-points. Prague is famous for its striking buildings with dramatic architecture giving it the character it has and looks magnificent. One other budget-friendly holiday option in Europe. The bars are old-fashioned but will not let you leave and are perfect to give you that retro, vintage vibe. stroll across the Charles Bridge for a perfect lazy evening and magnificent and calm view. Famous dish to try is Pork Knuckle and Pickled Cheese and you must watch the colourful and lively puppet show. You can enjoy a cruise ride on the Vltava. The nightlife is also something to look out for while you are here. The average cost is INR 42000 (580 USD).

Places to visit- Old Town Square, Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral, Lennon Wall, Petrin Hill, Letna Park, Mind Maze, etc.



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The country is famous for its Buddhist Monasteries. Laos is endowed with French architecture and has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty and cultural diversification. The hilly terrain makes it naturally beautiful county plus it is budget-friendly. The place has much scenery for that picture-perfect view. You have the best time of your life by going on a bicycle tour to explore this gem. You can go on cultural tours and temple tour as well. Average tour cost is INR 40000 (550 USD).

Places to visit- Luang Prabang, That Luang, Bokeo, The Plain of Jars, Buddha Park, Wat Phu, Ing Hang Stupa etc



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Lebanon is the epitome of scenic beauty and cultural diversification. It is an ancient country with a rich history and has so many things to offer which soothe your eye. This is one of the most budget-friendly places to visit during your holidays. Plan a trip here and you won’t regret it a bit and you would enjoy it a lot. Lebanon is famous for its street food options and you must try the mini pizza here. Approximate cost of visiting Lebanon is 45000 INR (620$).

Places to visit- Batroun, Tripoli, Deir El qamar, etc.



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Another cheap holiday destination in Europe with clear blue pristine water and epic natural beauty. You would enjoy soaking every once of beauty exposed to your eye and would not want to leave the place. The streets are a little busy with tourists coming from all over the world to visit the place. Do visit the roadside cafes to enjoy the scenic beauty along with delicious food. Do visit this place if you are in love with beaches and clear water. You can plan a trip here in INR 46000 (630 USD).

Places to visit- Krka National Park, Korcula, Zadar, Pula, Split, Plitvice National Park, Dubrovnik, etc



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Seychelles is an archipelago with 115 islands. It is famous for its coral reefs. The place is endowed with natural beauty and has many beaches covered with lush-green and tall trees. You can go to Glass Bottom Boat Cruises, Ocean Cruises. You can also try water sports activities available here and go for Wildlife tours also. The place is relatively very cheap and affordable. Plan a trip here in INR 35000 (490 USD).

Places to visit- Aride Island, Cousin Island, La Passe, Victoria, Anse Louis, Mahe Island, Baie Lazare, Curieuse Island, etc.


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Thailand is a perfect mixture of modern style and cultural heritage. The city is very well constructed and has a modern feel but the people are deep-rooted and keep their cultural importance intact. Thailand has many ancient ruins and Royal places. Thailand is famous for its Float Market Tour, Treks and Water Sports. The place has an amazing nightlife which should not be missed. Opt for street food instead of high-end restaurants. Try their delicious papaya salad also known as Som Tam. Approximate cost for a 6 day trip to Thailand is 35000 INR (480 USD).

Places to visit- Pattaya, Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai Underwater World and many more.


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Athens has much historical importance. There are s many things that the place has to offer including historical site visits as well as vibrant wildlife. It has many resorts to relax and rejuvenate. You can explore the local markets, plus you can shop from many boutiques. Hog on to many Greek dishes and make the most of your trip while you are here. A trip here will cost you around 45000 INR (620 USD)

Places to visit- Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, Syntagma Square, etc.



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Taiwan is a place of beautiful beaches and lush green scenery. It is a place of epic beauty and is a treat to the eyes of tourists. Taiwan is famous for its food and rich flora and fauna. You can go to Wildlife spotting and cultural tours. Local market visits are not to be missed and pick souvenirs. The place has many museums. You can enjoy your visit by staying in a luxury resort. Plus Chinese temples provide a good colourful look to the place. The average price of the trip is INR 40000 (550 USD).

Places to visit- Taroko National Park, Dasi, Dajia, Caoling, Anping, Jiaoxi, Jinguashi, etc.



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Aukland must be on the bucket list of every traveler. The city has everything for everyone and has a laid-back vibe. the city has the iconic Sky Tower. The harbor is lined up with yatches and cafes. The nights are spectacular with the reflection of light in the water. If the weather permits you can go Skiing. Try local food and wine while you are here. La Sigale Market is famous for its French-style food market. A trip here would cost you around INR 55000 (760 USD)

Places to visit- Rangitoto Island, Waiheke Island, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Sky Tower, Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life, Hauraki Gulf and much more.



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Malaysia is famous for its pleasant climate and beautiful beaches. The clear water beaches and open blue sky make it a good option to explore in your holidays, plus it is not heavy on your pocket. The place is picture perfect and offers many activities to try while tourists are here. But drinking here can be expensive so keep that in mind. You can plan a tour to Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary. Dine in along the Singapore River while you are here while talking to your loves one. The average trip cost is INR 40000 (550 USD).

Places to visit- Pangkor, Sarawak, Redang Island, Petronas Tower, Batu Caves, etc.



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Kenya is a synonym to African Wildlife and Safaris. Kenya takes pride in the fact that it is fantastically rich. Don’t limit yourself to the Wildlife Safaries only, do take time out to visit Nairobi. Kenya is perfect for all the people who are wildlife and nature lovers.

Local delicacies to be tried are Kuku Paka and Githeri. You can plan a trip here in INR 42000 (580 USD).

Places to visit- Lamu Island, Mount Kenya, Samburu National Reserve, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara National Reserve etc.



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If you want to treat yourself with an exotic holiday that doesn’t cost you much then the Maldives is just right for you. With good research, you can easily find affordable resorts to make the most of your time here. The Maldives is famous for its beaches and you can enjoy numerous adventure activities here like Scuba Diving, Submarine tour, Parasailing, Snorkeling etc. You can also book for a seat in an underwater restaurant for that romantic dinner with your partner. Plan your jazz nights at Kurumba. A trip here would cost you around INR 45000 (620 USD).

Places to visit- South Ari Atoll, Muli Channel, Helengeli Thila, Devana Kandu, Banana Reef, etc.




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Ibiza can prove to be your next favorite destination with proper planning and research. The North Ibiza is famous for its relaxation options. It is a perfect party place with many bars offering good food and wine options to the tourists. Ibiza is famous for its beaches and lively environment. Sobrasada is a famous dish to try here. You can go to famous spas for rejuvenation and also try various water sports while you are here. Water Skiing, Kayaking, Parasailing, Diving are various options to explore and enjoy your stay here. A trip here would cost you around INR 45000 (620 USD).

Talamanca Beach, Cala Comte, Cala d’Hort, Dalt Vila, San Antonio, Formentera, etc.



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Want to take feels of visiting a costly city, try visiting UAE. Enjoy the stay by renting bikes and roaming around the city. This will save your travel expense plus will give you a good tour around the city. Visit Dubai Miracle Garden to experience unusual beauty. This is the largest natural flower garden and is a treat to see. You should also visit the World of Islands which was artificially created to resemble world map. Go for a red dune desert safari to feed your adventurous streak.

An average trip to this place costs you around INR 50000 (690 USD).


Places to visit- Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, Dubai Underwater Zoo etc.



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The place is known for the coexistence of volcanoes, beaches, and lakes. Don’t judge the place due to its past, it is a home to diverse natural beauty and is a treat to all the nature lovers out there. You can enjoy cheap alcohol and good surf here and this will prove to be a decent destination for your next holiday. You must visit the Ometepe Island while you are here. This is an abode of many adventurous activities like hiking, kayaking, cycling. The local food to be tried here is Gallo Pinto. A trip to Nicaragua will cost you around INR 42000 (580 USD).

Places to visit- New and old Leon, Corn Island, Stone Man, Apoyo Lagoon,




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Bolivia is located in the heart of South America and makes up for a good destination to plan your next holiday. This is budget-friendly and gives many options to the travellers to explore from. A visit to Bolivia is incomplete if you don’t visit Salar De Uyuni. A natural sight of salt deposits making a white picture-perfect salt layer in hexagonal shape. The place is quite peaceful and you can enjoy peaceful sunset at Lake Titicaca. Adventerous activities involve cycling throung the rocky terrain. You can also enjoy cultural tours and wildlife tours. Planning a 5 day tour here will cost you around INR 52000 (710 USD).


Places to visit- Flamingo spotting at Laguna Colorada, Che Guevara, Amazon Basin, La Paz, Madidi National park, Cerro Rico, etc.


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Part of the Samoan Island. The place is an abode of beautiful coral reef covered beaches and refreshing waterfalls. You will be bound to appreciate and absorb the raw beauty of this place through your eyes. You can also feed your adventurous streak by indulging in some underwater activities. You can also go for Wildlifediscovery and waterfall tours. The average tour cost to Samoa is around INR 55000 (740 USD).


Places to visit- Manono, Papaseea, Upolu, Apia, Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve, Piula Cave Pool etc.


This is the basic cost depending upon the time you book the flight. These trips will definitely won’t burn a hole in your pocket if planned properly. Let us know if you have been to any of the above mentioned place in the comment section below.


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