What is better than cozying up in your warm blanket on a Saturday and watching some good English web series. We are here to give you some English web series that are worth bing watching and super entertaining.
We will be covering different genres so you can opt according to your preference and mood. Previously, we made a list of other web series on different platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and also some miniseries that you can binge-watch and finish over the weekend only.
Let’s get started with the list of best English web series

A) Thriller

1. The terror

Available on: Amazon Prime                                                               IMDb Rating: 8

This is a horror-thriller series that tells the story of a Japanese American community haunted by a series of deaths that happened under bizarre circumstances. The lead actor embarks on the journey to find out who is responsible for such happenings. The story is set during World war 2

2. Mind hunter

Available on: Netflix                                                                         IMDb Rating: 8.6

Another amazing English web series on our list is the very famous mind hunter. This series has gained popularity quickly and takes us deep into the minds of serial killers. Two FBI agents work towards catching such killers and this includes diving deep into the case and think like a serial killer. This English web series is really interesting and has an amazing concept.


3. The Handmaid’s Tale

Available on: Sony Liv                                                                      IMDb Rating: 8.4

This English web series is set in the time when women were treated as the property of the state. Society is patriarchal and women are forced to bed with commanders and bear children. These women fight their own war of independence and freedom. It is an amazing series that you must watch.


4. Taboo

Available on: Hulu                                                                      IMDb Rating: 8.4

James is back from Africa after 10 years to attend his father’s funeral who has died under suspicious circumstances. He wants to restore his family’s honor and investigates his father’s death.


5. Penny Dreadful

Available on: Amazon Prime                                                            IMDb Rating: 8.2

A showman and a game hunter are recruited by Vanessa to find a killer. But things are not that easy. Apparently, the killer is not a human it is some other foreign and evil entity. This is an amazing English web series with a bit of horror and a lot of thrill.


6. Bodyguard

Available on: Netflix                                                                         IMDb Rating: 8.1

David Budd is a war veteran who is assigned a task to protect the home secretary. He is always torn between his principles and his duty. At times he is required to do things which he is not in the favour of but that is the demand of his work. He is trying to overcome his psychological trauma which was caused due to his time in Afghanistan. This is a great English web series which you would enjoy if you love thrill and action.


B) Drama

1. The West Wing

Available on: Netflix                                                                         IMDb Rating: 8.8

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It is hard to run a country and the advisors of the President have a hard time balancing their personal and professional lives. This show is full of suspense, drama, and thrill and will make definitely surprise you. There are many obstacles and scandals, and controversies involved during the presidential terms but how they are handled is depicted beautifully in this amazing English web series.

2. Better call Saul

Available on: Netflix                                                                       IMDb Rating: 8.7

This is a prequel of breaking bad that shows the life of the con artist jimmy who has now become a criminal lawyer. This is one of the best English web series that you can binge-watch and enjoy thoroughly.


3. House of Cards

Available on: Netflix                                                                       IMDb Rating: 8.7

This is the story of the secretary of state who along with his wife decides to take revenge on the people who betrayed him. This is a perfect English web series if you enjoy stories revolving around power and politics.


4. Billions

Available on: Disney Hotstar                                                           IMDb Rating: 8.4

Two well known and ruthless players challenge one another in the financial market. One is a lawyer and the other one is a kingpin of the hedge funds. This show has good ratings and a compelling storyline.


5. Mad Men

Available on: Amazon Prime                                                           IMDb Rating: 8.6

A very successful creative director is trying to balance his professional and personal life. This English web series is based in the 1960s and is very well received by the audience. You can definitely add this to your watch list.


6. Prison Break

Available on: Disney Hotstar                                                               IMDb Rating: 9

This is an amazing show with great acting and captivating story. An engineer wants to rescue his falsely accused brother from the prison. The fun is that he helped with the design of the same prison. This is his quest to save his brother from the death sentence.


C) Crime

1. The Wire

Available on: Disney Hotstar                                                         IMDb Rating: 9.3

This is the most trending English web series that you can binge-watch over the weekend. If you are a fan of the crime genre then you would love this one. A team of detectives from Baltimore solves the cases related to drug kingpins. The direction of the show and writing is really commendable and this is one of the highest-rated English web series on Disney Hotstar.


2. Breaking bad

Available on: Netflix                                                                       IMDb Rating: 9.5

This english web series is highly recommended by us. A family man and chemistry professor suffers from cancer and the medical bills are high. He realizes he will be leaving his family without any money so he decides to enter the meth business. Things take a turn when he starts enjoying it.

3. Fargo

Available on: Netflix                                                                       IMDb Rating: 8.9

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Fargo is an amazing English web series in the crime genre. Different groups of people from Midwest, USA solve crime from different era. They don’t share anything in common. This series as 4 seasons and will turn out to be very interesting.


4. True Detective

Available on: Disney Hotstar                                                                IMDb Rating: 9

Police officers are investigating homicides but it gets ugly when many secrets come out. The secrets are related to the people close to them and some secrets are related to themselves. The great performance and storyline really does the trick.


5. Narcos

Available on: Netflix                                                                          IMDb Rating: 8.8

This series shows the rise of cocaine business in Columbia. The show is set in the late 80s and if you like the storyline full of anticipation then this will be your cup of tea. How the law officials are trying to tackle this drug problem is shown amazingly and it has 3 seasons and will be a great binge-watch.


6. Seven Seconds

Available on: Netflix                                                                          IMDb Rating: 7.7

This English web series lies in the crime genre. The story is based around the issue revolving around racism. A teenage boy gets killed by a white police officer. This takes an angle of hate crime as the case drags on. The gruesome reality of world is shown when the police department tries to cover-up this situation.


D) Comedy

1. The Office

Available on: Amazon Prime                                                            IMDb Rating: 8.9

This is one of my personal favourite Englsih web series which you would definitely get addicted to. You win’t realise when you enter the binge-watching spree which watching this. This is the story revolving around people working in a paper company and their day to day adventures initiated by their boss Michael Scott.


2. Veep

Available on: Disney Hotstar                                                            IMDb Rating: 8.3

Veep is a sitcom consisting of 7 seasons. This English web series shows the struggles of a former senator serving as the Vice President of the United States. It is not a cake walk and she tries to juggle and strike a balance with her personal and challenging professional life. Do give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed.


3. Silicon Valley

Available on: Disney Hotstar                                                            IMDb Rating: 8.5

As the name suggests this comedy English web series is about 6 programmers. 5 are trying to make their name in the Silicon valley and one of them is fixing meetings with potential investors after developing an app called Pied Piper.


4. 30 Rock

Available on: Netflix                                                                        IMDb Rating: 8.2

Liz is trying not to lose her mind while handling her arrogant boss and self absorbed actors. She is the writer of a comedy show and is running everything and keep the ship afloat. This web series has 7 seasons.


5. Seinfeld

Available on: Prime Video                                                                 IMDb Rating: 8.8

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This comedy web series came out in 1989 but is funny till date. This is the story of 3 friends and one of them is stand-up comedian. He is trying to figure out his life along with his two weird friends. This show has 9 seasons.


6. Parks and Recreation

Available on: Amazon Prime                                                            IMDb Rating: 8.6

I have heard so many good things about this English web series and they were all right. This is the story of a bureaucrat who is trying to help a woman(nurse) in converting a space into a community park but gets interrupted and obstacles are created by his neighbours and coworkers.


E) Romance

1. How I Met Your Mother

Available on: Hotstar Premium                                                      IMDb Rating: 8.3

How I Met Your Mother is a great show with good comic angle while a man narrates the story of meeting his wife to his children. This show has great reviews and really binge-worthy. He tells his children about his time in New York along with his friends and what all they shared while growing up. This is one of the best English web series in the rom-com genre.


2. Bridgerton

Available on: Netflix                                                                       IMDb Rating: 7.4

This english web series has gained popularity very quickly and you would thoroughly enjoy it if you are a fan of romantic genre. This is the story of eight siblings who are trying to find love. this show is set up in the regency era of England.


3. Anne With An E

Available on: Netflix                                                                       IMDb Rating: 8.7

This is a based on a classic novel with the same name. This is one of the best English web series in this genre. It tells the story of Anne who is seeking true love. She is the victim of childhood abuse as she shuffles between orphanages and the homes of strangers.


4. Grey’s Anatomy

Available on: Disney Hotstar                                                         IMDb Rating: 7.6

This is the story of interns and doctors who go on a roller-coster ride of emotions while doing their duty. At times they have to make some hard choices and take life decisions. This is one of the best English web series which you can stream over the weekend.


5. The L Word

Available on: Netflix                                                                      IMDb Rating: 7.6

This is an English web series which revolves around the lives of lesbians and bisexuals living in Los Angeles. The series explores the complexities of a relationship. Breaking up, hooking up, complicated relationships and every spice to enhance the flavour of this show.


6. The Great

Available on: Hulu                                                                   IMDb Rating: 8.1

This is a perfect English web series for hopelessly romantic people. Catherine tries to make her husband fall for her but soon loses interest in the same. She has to choose between saving Russia or her love for her lover.


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