Psychological horror films are very interesting, thrilling, suspenseful and of course, leave you guessing. We often wonder about these movies after we watch them. They leave an impact and once you watch top psychological horror movies you are hooked to this genre and look for more such movies.

We have made a list of the best psychology movies and the basic nuance of how human mind works are covered from a different angle in the movies. All the issues like anxiety, fear, insecurities etc are available in these movies.


Top psychological movies



IMDb Rating- 6.8                                                                                       Available on- Amazon

This is one of the best psychological horror movies based on the novel written by Stephen King. The movie is based on the paranormal activities and horror surrounding room number 1408 in a hotel. The movie will give you chills and is a good watch if you are in the mood for something keeping you glued to your seat.


Secret window

IMDb Rating- 6.6                                                                               Available on- Youtube, Netflix(in some regions)

This is a movie based on a psychological stalker who follows a writer to a cabin in a secluded place. The writer needs solitude and peace and wants to concentrate on his work. This stalker claims that the writer has plagiarized his work and refuses to let things go and move on. A good addition to the psychology movie list.



IMDb Rating- 6.9                                                                               Available on- Zee5, Amazon

A good psychological movie from Indian cinema in ages. Phobia has a great star cast. Radhika Apte plays the role of a young woman who is still affected by her past. She is undergoing trauma and is scared of living in her own house. She suffers from agoraphobia. She was once molested by a taxi driver which makes her condition worse.


The visit

IMDb Rating- 6.2                                                                               Available on- Youtube

Trouble starts when two siblings decide to visit their grandparents. The problem is that they have never met them and don’t really know what they are like. As soon as the night approaches weird and horrifying things start happening around the house. The question is are they even their grandparents?

This is one of the best psychological horror movies which you can watch and will be stuck in your head for a long time.



The vanishing

IMDb Rating- 5.8                                                                               Available on- Amazon

This is a psychological movie starring Gerard Butler. He along with two other people discover a chest which is loaded in a boat carrying a man. The man dies and they check the chest out of curiosity. All the weird incidents and their deal to slit everything up once they reach the mainland. This is one of the best psychological movies.



It follows

IMDb Rating- 6.8                                                                               Available on- Youtube

This is one of the best psychological horror movies which has good reviews. The story is of a girl who falls into some kind of fatal curse after getting physical with her new boyfriend. At first, she sounds crazy to her friends but later they decide to stick together and help her from getting killed. The movie is really engaging and thrilling.



IMDb Rating- 7.3                                                                               Available on- Netflix, Hulu

This is not a typical psychological horror film but is a psychological thriller. Many people stay at a motel when a storm strikes the area. They are being killed by a serial killer one by one. They realise that they are on the target of the serial killer and decide to run for their lives.




IMDb Rating- 6.8                                                                               Available on- Netflix

Annihilation is a sci-fi psychological thriller which will definitely entertain you. A woman decides to uncover the mystery of her husband’s disappearance from area X. It is a whole other world which questions everything they know and plays with their mind.


We need to talk about Kevin

IMDb Rating- 7.5                                                                               Available on- Amazon

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The bond of a child and mother is magical and inseparable. Eva delivers a child but she seems to be off with him and is unable to bond. The name of the baby is Kevin. He lacks affection in childhood and this makes him a sociopathic teen. This is one of the best psychological movies.



Don’t look now

IMDb Rating- 7.2                                                                               Available on- Amazon

If you like watching movies which involve a bit of thrill and connecting with spirits then this classic is just right for you as a great psychological film. This movie came out in 1973 but will still keep you hooked even in 2020. John and his wife shift to Venice after the sudden death of their daughter. they encounter neighbours who claim that they can speak with spirits. John first ignores everything but is taken by surprise when he thinks that he saw his daughter running in the streets.



IMDb Rating- 7.3                                                                               Available on- Amazon, Netflix

Split is one of the best psychological horror movies. It is the story of a man who suffers from multiple personality disorder and kidnaps three teenagers. He has 23 personalities. The teenagers try to figure out a way to escape before one of his personalities overpowers him completely. The movie is very unsettling, thrilling and suspenseful.


The shining

IMDb Rating- 8.4                                                                               Available on- Youtube

how can we talk about psychological movies and forget the shining? This is a classic which is probably in every list of psychological horror movies. A family moves to an old and isolated hotel. The head of the family Jack starts to lose his mind due to this change. This insanity affects his family as well. It is shown that the hotel has a violent series of events attached to it in the past. The movie will make you jump at many instances and is a perfect pick in the genre of the psychological movies.


Get out

IMDb Rating- 7.7                                                                               Available on- Amazon, Netflix

This psychological thriller is critically acclaimed. The movie is about an African-American guy who visits his girlfriend’s parents on the weekend. At first, everything seems to be normal but then a series of crazy and weird events begin to unfold. The movie will leave you shocked, surprised and at the edge of your seat.


Gerald’s game

IMDb Rating- 6.6                                                                               Available on- Netflix, Amazon

This psychological thriller is based on the novel written by Stephen King with the same name. This is the story of a woman who kills her husband by mistake in the bed when she is handcuffed and they are trying to spice things up. She is not able to rescue herself from the handcuffs and starts hallucinating. This is one of the best psychological movies.



IMDb Rating- 6.9                                                                               Available on- Youtube

Adelaide moves to her childhood home along with her family and starts experiencing the trauma and incident from the past. Her trauma comes to reality when 4 masked men attack their house and they are forced to fight for survival. The main mind-boggling begins when the mask is taken off and they discover that each attacker has taken their form.



IMDb Rating- 6.3                                                                               Available on- Netflix

This psychological movie is based in 1905, London. Thomas comes back to his home and finds that his sister has been kidnapped by a cult. They are demanding ransom. He enters their area and discovers the ugly and dangerous secrets about the cult. This is a very engaging, thrilling and absorbing movie which will definitely entertain you till the very end.



IMDb Rating- 6.4                                                                               Available on- Amazon

We all have eaten some weird things in our childhood and then we grew up and left that habit then and there. In this psychological thriller, we see the journey of a happy housewife who develops a taste for weird inedible things. This habit takes control of her life and her urge to eat inedible things beats every shred of self-control. This is one of the best psychology movies.


The gift

IMDb Rating- 7                                                                               Available on- Netflix, Amazon

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A couple moves back to the hometown after something unpleasant happens in their life. They bump into Grodo who is a very mysterious and weird guy who used to study with Simon. Simon had bullied him in the school but Grodo shows them with many surprises and gifts. But, there is something abnormal with him. This movie will keep you hooked and you will be just asking for answers throughout the movie as it ends on a cliffhanger.


The killing of a sacred deer

IMDb Rating- 7                                                                               Available on- Netflix

Another amazing addition to the psychology movie list. A teenager keeps lurking around the household of a famous cardiovascular surgeon who lives with his family. The teenager finds ways to get involved in his life. It is later revealed what his actual intentions are. This movie is a psychological masterpiece which must not be missed.


No one lives

IMDb Rating- 6                                                                               Available on- Amazon

This is a very interesting psychological movie where the victim turns out to not be a victim at all. Things go south when a group of bandits attack a couple and think of them as helpless targets. The couple is very much able to take things in their own hands and the bandits realise that they have underestimated their target.


Super dark times

IMDb Rating- 6.6                                                                               Available on- Netflix

There comes a time when the strongest of friendships are put to test. Josh and Zach have been friends since childhood but their friendship suffers after they fall prey to an accident. The cover-up tears them apart and makes it hard for them to cope up with this tragedy. This is one of the best psychology movies.




IMDb Rating- 7.2                                                                               Available on- Amazon

Cube is a very famous film series in the psychology movie list. The film shows different individuals trapped in cube rooms. There are traps within the rooms which are sometimes lethal. If you like movies which compel you to think about how things are happening then it is a good pick for you.


Hard candy

IMDb Rating- 7.1                                                                               Available on- Amazon

Probably one of the best psychological movies where one character is two steps ahead of the other. A girl meets a guy named Jeff over the internet. When they meet physically she has other plans. She wants to get a confession out of him because he takes advantage of teenage girls. But, that won’t be an easy path. This movie shows what goes inside the head of individuals who seen very normal at first.


Funny games

IMDb Rating- 6.6                                                                               Available on- Amazon, Netflix (some regions)

This is one of the best psychological thrillers. The movie is about a family which is taken hostage by two mentally deranged and violent young men. This is a good horror thriller for you to binge-watch over the weekend.


The babadook

IMDb Rating- 6.8                                                                                                                                      Available on- Netflix 

The babadook is a very spooky and chilling movie. It is the story of a six-year-old who has been raised by his mother alone. He starts reading a book named ‘Babadook’ which is about an invisible monster and believes that the monster really exists in reality. His mother tries to protect it from the demons but will it be that easy. Watch this psychological horror movie to find out.


What keeps you alive

IMDb Rating- 5.7                                                                                                                                      Available on- Netflix 

This is an amazing psychological movie. Jules and Jackie go to a secluded cabin in the woods to celebrate their special day and suddenly things start going south. Jules is not herself and starts behaving strangely. There is some dark past related to the place and there is a fight to survive.

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Black swan

IMDb Rating- 8                                                                                                                          Available on- Disney Hotstar

This is an award-winning and one of the best psychological movies. Nina plays the role of a white swan in a play but is replaced by another girl by the art director. The feeling of jealousy and madness overpowers her ability to see right and wrong. She goes to extreme lengths to get back what she thinks is hers.


Rosemary’s baby

IMDb Rating- 8                                                                                                                                           Available on- Amazon

Rosemary’s baby is a psychological horror movie released in 1968. The movie revolves around a couple who moves into a new apartment surrounded by weird witchy neighbours. The woman starts having strange dreams.



American psycho

IMDb Rating- 7.6                                                                                                                                     Available on- Amazon

As the name suggests the movie is about the American man who has a psychopathic ego and hides it from the world. But this takes control over him and he surrenders to his evil side. This is one of the best psychological movies.



IMDb Rating- 5.7                                                                                                                                     Available on- Amazon

The relationship of a puppeteer with his stepfather is strained and he revisits his childhood home to confront him. He seeks answers to the questions which are haunting him since childhood. The secrets have spoiled his life and now he needs answers. This is a good psychological horror movie to watch.


The uninvited

IMDb Rating- 6.4                                                                                                                                     Available on- Amazon

This is a psychological movie about a girl being released from a mental asylum. She wants to avenge the death of her mother along with her sister and faces problem in readjusting to the normal life.



Goodnight mommy

IMDb Rating- 6.7                                                                                                                                     Available on- Amazon

This psychological horror is about twins who are very close. Their mother comes home after having surgery and her face is covered in bandages. They don’t feel connected to her and start doubting if she is their mother or not.


Gone girl

IMDb Rating- 8.1                                                                                                                                     Available on- Amazon

This is the story of a couple where the wife disappears and people start asking questions from the husband. He is the centre of attention and doesn’t know what to do. This is one of the best psychological movies.


Blue velvet

IMDb Rating-7.7                                                                                                                     Available on- Amazon, Netflix

Jeffery joins a detective and tries to solve a case when he finds a human ear in the field. The movie is a good addition to the list of psychological movies. IT is very suspenseful, riveting and keeps you at the edge of the seat.

This was our list of best psychological movies. Do let us know your favourite in the comment section below.



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