The real problem with exes is them lurking around our lives. The following are some savage texts to send your ex.

A certain kind of ex is always troublesome, especially when there has been infidelity. These kinds of ex-partners are just so awful and drain you of your energy. And when they appear around you after a breakup, you must always be prepared to deal with them. Here are some blistering texts you may send your ex if they start bugging you.



34 Savage Texts To Send Your Ex 😎


savage texts to send your ex

Short and simple :)))



Dark enough?!



Hell yeah!!!








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Self-esteem alert….



OK. xD






Liar liar pants on fire.



The infant is aware as well.








Clean it all.



And now we know that the ex ain’t gonna text again.









savage enough?!













OK. 🤣











Proper GOT fan.



As simple as that.



Well… That’s true though :/



Education is important.





Cute. 👌



Religious references are dope. 🙌


Dark enough?!



Commendable guts. 😒

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Truth be told.


NOTE: – 

I don’t want to sound like a lecturer, and I definitely don’t want to make you miserable with this lengthy disciplinary note. I can’t believe you all are still reading, though. Awwww :)))

When we discuss ex-partners, it’s important to remember that not all separations are the result of infidelity or the involvement of a third party; they can also be mutual. Sometimes people simply lose love and stop feeling like themselves around their partners, which leads to breakups. But with that in mind, we can be sure that everyone needs a companion and a bad breakup is particularly distressing.

I have no idea why I wrote this pointless information, but since I did, I would like to express my gratitude to you for reading it. 🙂


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