The Lok Sabha elections result just came out and the NDA is back for a second term in Delhi. The big Marvels geek that I am I could stop myself from seeing the many similarities between these two events. Believe it or not the final culmination of ten years of superhero movies, Avengers Endgame, the election for a new Central government in India have some traits in common and here is a list of them.

1. Expected Outcome


Both of these much-awaited events had much-needed outcomes. For all the hype and craze that was created by Marvels, we all knew that in Endgame all the people who had turned to dust will be return. Similarly in spite of the news channel trying to create a mystery about the result of the Lok Sabha elections, somewhere in the hearts of our heart we all knew that the BJP will return to for another five years.



2. Memes and social media hype




Every trailer on YouTube or poster on Instagram which Marvels released and every exit poll or debate between politicians on television received unprecedented attention. The social media was flooded by memes and stories about both of these. The kind of media hype which these two mega events received left everyone surprised. Even kids could be seen arguing over politics and people who had no idea about the Marvels were sitting down with geeks to understand what is all the buzz about. The happiness with which people posted pictures of themselves with the purple ink is synonymous to the videos of Endgame’s theme song being posted.

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3. The fate of Iron Man and Narendra Modi




If we compare the fates of Iron Man to Narendra Modi(which in no way is a comparison between the character of these two or in any way an attempt to say that Narendra Modi is comparable to Iron Man) we knew where these two were headed. In the words of Thanos himself, whether they dread it or run from it, their destiny has been fulfilled. So while Tony Stark’s will remain in our hearts forever, Narendra Modi is sure to sit in the Prime Minister’s chair for the next five years.



4. Exit poll for Elections and Fan theories for Endgame



What made the wait for the result of each of these events more interesting were the exit polls and the fan theories. Backed by experience and research everybody lent an ear to what did experts of politics had to say, or which party was winning according to the exit poll of a particular news channel. The fan theories which were being circulated by those who had read the comics and claimed themselves to be specialist were getting a lot of attention. Both these things contributed much towards creating more hype about the two events respectively but while coming close to the reality neither of them were to be trusted.



5. Sunny Leone and I love you 3000 trending



Both, the General elections and the Avengers Endgame left us with many memorable moments and something trending. With the release of Avengers Endgame the dialogue of Tony Stark’s daughter for him which he repeats in his last few lines (“I Love You 3000”) has been the talk of the day. Numerous articles have been written about this one line. Similarly, the slip of tongue on the part of T.V. anchor Arnab Goswami actually led to Sunny Leone to be trending on Twitter.

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6. Atishi Marlena losing, Pragya Thakur winning and Black Widow dying



I think we all can agree that the above three stated events are the most illogical events for this year ( and I hope with the whole of my heart that no one tries to break this record). I mean how could a well-read political activist lose but a terror accused manage to win and how could one of the original six Avengers meet such an unceremonious end. It is events like these which makes me want to shut myself in a cupboard and never come out to this world, whether it is a fictional world of the superhero movies or the politics of my country.



7. A big affair


Both of these events created history in their respective areas. The Lok Sabha elections had the highest turnout of voters in India (67% voters turned up to vote), out of which

13 crore were first-time voters. Endgame became the second highest grossing movie of all time after unseating James Cameron’s Titanic, it was also the longest running movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


If you too can relate with me and laughing your head off then the two of us can agree that there is something very wrong with a country which gives equal similar importance to a movie and to electing its governing body.




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