Amidst the busy noise of professional and personal life, we often forget to care for ourselves. With a huge workload, pending household chores, or caring for your family or your pet at home, prioritizing your health and mindfulness often is pushed down the list. Today, no doubt working women are doing it all and quite admirably. But, stress and overworking can and do lead to major health problems. And a poor health routine or deterring health won’t do your work any good either.

Attending a gym regularly, or spending hours after fitness is not the most probable for a working lifestyle. However, there are specialized fitness products in today’s market that can care for your health when you can’t. Moreover, indulging in a few healthy practices and maintaining a fit lifestyle, can greatly improve your quality of work, physical and mental health, and also help you feel less exhausted around the clock.

Are you a working woman worried that you haven’t been paying much attention to your health lately? Here’s what you can do to help.


Healthy Snacking and Breakfast –

2021 has most of us working from home. What is easily accessible are the snacks and munchies near our hands. And while we are snacking out of hunger or stress, we often indulge in unhealthy options that affect our daily nutritional needs. Replace the cup noodles and cookies with healthier and tastier options. It is also a common tendency to skip the daily breakfast for a cup of coffee.

Remember this is the meal that gives you the energy you need for the day. You do not have to indulge in cooking early in the morning. Have a tasty cereal or a toast. Do not go to work with an empty stomach. It is also better to distribute your large meals, with smaller, frequent and healthy ones. This will help you stay energetic throughout the day.

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Hydrate –

Are you getting your daily 2 – 2.5 liters of water every day? Working under the air-conditioner all day can dehydrate you. Drinking plenty of water will not only keep you well hydrated and energized, but it will also help release the bad toxins off your body. Sit with a bottle of water next time you sit to work.


Staying Active –

Do you have the option to walk to work? Do it. Focus on staying active and moving around throughout the day. Constantly sitting in front of the screen will dull you and also affect your posture. Take short breaks, play some energizing music and take a brief walk. Your mind and body will thank you for it. There are also few sitting exercises that you can practice to keep the blood flowing.


No to refined carbs –

Yes, carbohydrates are a great energy provider. But with limited exercise, too many carbs and especially refined carbs like sugary treats or white rice, will only make you sluggish and gain weight. Get your daily carbs, but not too much. Yet completely cutting them out, isn’t the best option for you either.


Dealing with Stress –

Stress is an undetachable factor to our today’s work life. It is a known fact that one must separate their work life and personal, but somewhere they will tend to overlap. Hand exercises, breathing exercises, and most essentially meditation are proven to be brilliant when dealing with stress. Try to maintain a positive attitude towards life by putting aside time for your hobbies. Push yourself but don’t overdo it.

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Try to cut out distractions, channelize your focus to the basic tasks that need to be done. And whenever you feel it’s getting too much, take a short break. Walking, running on the treadmill even for a few minutes, a refreshing healthy beverage, even indulging yourself in a little chat or gossip will help.


Exercising Right –

If you feel working out is boring or exhausting, you are not doing it right. If you can fit in a little workout routine anywhere during your day, before, during, or even after work, do so. Most of us have an intensive workout a day or so and stop the habit. You want to feel refreshed and stay fit, not exhausted. Start small. Have a workout buddy go with you, to make it more fun and motivating. If you like swimming go for it. If you like taking peaceful walks do so. And when you are, do not take your work with you. A few minutes is better than nothing.


Saying No to Unhealthy Habits –

We all need an outlet. But regular smoke breaks or drinking may temporarily aid your stress. But in the long run, it is affecting your health, attitude, and mindset. You can always treat yourself to a glass of wine or a cocktail, or a dessert or a pizza on the weekend, but never too much. A smoking addiction or alcoholism will rapidly deter your work and health.

There will often be work parties and other outings, to offer you great unhealthy food options and beverages. And just like the prior habits, eating delicacies for the sake of the ‘occasion’ may have your diet relapse. The best way to go is to set certain cheat days in your calendar for all of these and try your best to not go back and forth.

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Setting Goals –

And by this, we do not mean just weight. Set little goals for your hobbies, diets, exercising, or even treating yourself. After working throughout the day, if you wish to spend an hour or two gaming, or watching a movie or reading a book, etc. you have very well earned it. Setting realistic goals will help you stay motivated, and not do excessive anything hampering your daily necessities.

Maybe losing a KG or two, or maintaining your weight, finishing a storybook, taking 30-minute walks or 15-minute workout routines, meditation goals, dietary goals, and so on. Note these down, if that helps you work more efficiently. You can also set daily, weekly and monthly goals and assess your progress. And by the end of the month if you are not satisfied with the results, see what you can do to make it right.

You are doing great, so make sure you daily remind yourself that. Every day will not be the same, and you will not have the same energy to get equal work and other things done. Don’t punish yourself for it, keep trying. Track your progress and always remember to reward yourself.


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