9 Best Backpacks For Girls Under ₹ 800

Dressing up takes a lot of time in our lives. We give so much thought on deciding what to wear while going out. A beautiful outfit can get spoiled if you choose a not-so-trendy backpack. A backpack can brighten up your whole look. A vibrant backpack can add a pop of color to your basic outfit whereas a subtle bag can balance a loud outfit.

The purpose of a backpack is to carry all your essentials plus some books or a laptop in some cases. We are spoiled for choice and have a wide variety to choose from nowadays.

Choose from these trendy yet affordable backpacks that won’t burn a hole in your pocket plus won’t compromise on your style.


1. MTV Vibes-


backpacks for girls


This colorful and vibrant bag is perfect for a day out when you have too much to carry with you. Plus it has some nostalgic feel to it. It is so funky and bright that it is sure to keep you in high spirits.

Price Rs. 599

Buy it here


2. Classy feels-


backpacks for girls


This bag works well with all of your outfits. Be it dresses or shorts or plain denim. It works well with everything. Plus the color is apt for summers as it is quite soothing to look at.

Price Rs. 428

Buy it here


3. Dream cream-

backpacks for girls

A perfect go-to option when you have not much to carry but don’t want a mundane looking bag to drag down your whole look. This is such a cute bag to carry to your college or just when you are going out with your friends. You can keep the design intact but can choose from various colors.

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Price Rs. 499

Buy it here


4. Monochrome stripes-


backpacks for girls


This one is one of our favorites. The black and white pattern is enhanced with the brown leather lining. This gives it a feminine yet a bit of tough look which makes it perfect to carry with all kinds of outfits and mood.

Price Rs. 799

Buy it here


5. Polka dots beauty-


backpacks for girls


Yet another cute option to carry for a rather mundane day. This gives an amalgamation of a little boxy and a retro look. Boxy because of the leather flap and retro is associated with polka dots. Designed to go well with all your outfits, this is the ideal fit.

Price Rs. 495

Buy it here


6. Black and roses-


backpacks for girls


This bag is sure to give you a clean and royal look. Looking at it feels like it will be costly but that is not the case. This list is dedicated to amazing backpacks in your budget. Carry this and be ready to turn many heads.

Oh and I forgot to tell you it also has a mini purse so you can keep extra cash or valuables in that.

Price Rs. 749

But it here


7. Black beauty-


backpacks for girls


Another one from the black beauty. This is yet another classy piece to look forward to and keeping in your closet. It has golden zip and is quite easy to carry around. Plus, it is a bit textured which gives it an elegant look.

Price Rs. 320

Buy it here

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8. Hello, sunshine-


backpacks for girls


Yes, I know this post is for bags under Rs. 800 but this is too cute and deserves an exception.

This bag is perfect to keep the child alive in you. It has a good combination of green and yellow. Plus, it has huge compartments to keep stuff. and you can easily carry your laptop and big books on it. It can also be used when you are going out on a trip at the weekend.

How beautiful are the blue owls printed on the bag!

Price Rs. 1096

Buy it here


9. Basic black-


backpacks for girls


For those who like their bags to be simple, this is the best pick for you. It is simple yet unique with the cute cartoon on it who is listening to songs. Cool, right. It also contains laptop pocket and document bag.

Price Rs. 399

Buy it here


So what are you waiting for? Go grab a bag of your choice that defines you.


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