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True Crime Documentaries

25 Best True Crime Documentaries on Netflix To Watch

Watching True Crime Documentaries requires guts. You got to have the stomach for watching all sorts of crimes. There's a reason the audience for...
Bollywood Films Based On True Crimes

10 Bollywood Films Based On True Crimes

Who doesn't like good Bollywood films based on true crimes? They get your pulse racing, make you scared for your life, and at the...
Punishment For Rape Around The World

Punishment For Rape Around The World In 14 Countries

We actually experience shivers anytime we hear the term "rape." Ain't it not? Moreover, we hold that rapists ought to be held accountable for...
Shows Like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

12 Funniest Shows Like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Sitcoms are always enjoyable. And if you've seen the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you undoubtedly realized this. So, some of the top...

14 Noteworthy Best Ukrainian Movies Of All Time

We usually prefer to watch movies that we are fairly familiar with but sometimes we would just love to watch something out of the...
Best Movies Like Ocean's Eleven

14 Most Amazing And Best Movies Like Ocean’s Eleven

One of the top and most iconic heist films is Ocean's Eleven. Its film series is really fantastic. Some of the best movies like...

10 Eerie Indian Horror Movies On Netflix That You Should Watch

Second-guessing yourself? I understand your point of view, though, as we tend to think that Indian horror films fall short of expectations. The most...
Movies like Get Out on Netflix

Top 9 Movies Like Get Out On Netflix You Must Watch

A fantastic piece of work that will not disappoint cinema aficionados. The film Get Out is a fantastic thriller. In comparison to other thriller...
Shows Similar To Hawkeye

13 Best TV Shows Similar To Hawkeye

The superheroes in both DC and Marvel comics consistently astounded us, and Hawkeye is one of those television programs. See the finest TV shows...
Mind-Bending Shows on Netflix

11 Most Astounding And Mind-Bending Shows on Netflix

Netflix really does have some of the finest TV series available right now. Being a film enthusiast, I enjoy watching a wide variety of...

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