As per the Oxford dictionary, Phobias are defined as an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of an object or situation that poses little or no real danger but provokes anxiety and avoidance. I’m sure you must have discovered all the common life-threatening phobias people experience, like hydrophobia, claustrophobia, and other common ones. Up until now, I believed all these phobias were as strange as it gets. But I was surprised to know that people suffer from crazier anxieties due to their phobias.

We are listing all the phobias from A to Z. You’ll find some of them to be so weird that you might even question if anyone can suffer from such thing:

All the Phobias


Ablutophobia – Fear of bathing, cleaning or washing

Acarophobia – Fear of itching or tiny insects that cause itching

Acrophobia – Fear of sourness

Achluophobia – Fear of darkness

Acousticophobia – Fear of noise

Acrophobia – Fear of heights

Aerophobia – Fear of flying, drafts or fresh air

Algophobia – Fear of pain

Agoraphobia- Fear of crowded and open spaces

Agrizoophobia – Fear of wild animals

Agyrophobia – Fear of crossing roads

Aichmophobia – Fear of pointed objects, like needles

Ailurophobia – Fear of cats

Albuminurophobia – Fear of kidney disease

Alektorophobia – Fear of chickens

Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic

Allodoxaphobia – Fear of opinions

Amathophobia – Fear of dust

Amaxophobia – Fear of being in a car

Ambulophobia – Fear of walking

Amychophobia – Fear of being scratched

Anablephobia – Fear of looking up

Androphobia – Fear of men

Anemophobia – Fear of wind or drafts

Anglophobia – Fear of England or Britain

Anginophobia – Fear of choking

Anthropophobia – Fear of flowers

Atelophobia – Fear of floods

Anuptaphobia – Fear of staying single

Apeirophobia – Fear of infinity

Anthropophobia – Fear of people or society

Aphenphosmphobia – Fear of intimacy

Apiphobia – Fear of bees or bee stings

Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of the mouth

Aquaphobia – Fear of water

Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders

Arithmophobia – Fear of numbers

Asthenophobia – Fear of fainting

Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning

Astrophobia – Fear of celestial space

Ataxiophobia – Fear of ataxia, which is muscular incoordination

Atelophobia – Fear of imperfection

Athazagoraphobia – Fear of being forgotten or ignored

Atychiphobia – Fear of failure

Aulophobia – Fear of flutes

Aurophobia – Fear of gold

Auroraphobia – Fear of an Aurora, sometimes called northern lights

Automatonophobia – Fear of ventriloquist dummies or wax statues


Bacteriophobia – Fear of bacteria

Ballistophobia – Fear of missiles or bullets

Barophobia – Fear of gravity

Basophobia – Fear of falling

Bathmophobia – Fear of steep inclines, slopes, and stairs

Bathophobia – Fear of depths

Batrachophobia – Fear of amphibians

Belonephobia – Fear of pins and needles

Bibliophobia – Fear of books or reading aloud

Bogyphobia – Fear of the bogeyman

Botanophobia – Fear of plants

Bovinophobia – Fear of cows or cattle

Bromidrosiphobia – Fear of body smells

Bufonophobia – Fear of toads


Cacophobia – Fear of ugliness

Cainophobia – Fear of newness or novelty

Caligynephobia – Fear of beautiful women

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Carcinophobia – Feat of developing cancer

Cardiophobia – Fear of getting heart disease

Carnophobia – Fear of meat

Catagelophobia – Fear of being ridiculed

Catapedaphobia – Fear of jumping

Cathisophobia – Fear of sitting

Catoptrophobia – Fear of mirrors or the undead

Ceraunophobia – Fear of thunder and lightning

Cetaphobia – Fear of whales

Chaetophobia – Fear of hair

Chemophobia – Fear of chemicals or chemistry

Cherophobia – Fear of happiness

Chionophobia – Fear of snow

Chiraptophobia – Fear of being touched

Chirophobia – Fear of hands

Chiroptophobia – Fear of bats

Cholerophobia – Fear of anger, or being afraid of cholera

Chorophobia – Fear of dancing

Chrometophobia – Fear of money

Chromophobia – Fear of colors

Chronomentrophobia – Fear of clocks

Cibophobia – Fear of food

Chloephobia – Fear of newspapers

Chronophobia – Fear of Time

Claustrophobia – Fear of confined spaces


Decidophobia – Fear of making decisions

Defecaloesiophobia – Fear of painful bowel movements

Deipnophobia – Fear of dining with others

Dementophobia – Fear of going insane

Demonophobia – Fear of demons

Dendrophobia – Fear of trees

Dentophobia – Fear of dentists

Dermatophobia – Fear of skin lesions or skin disease

Dextrophobia – Fear of having objects to your right

Didaskaleinophobia – Fear of going to school

Dikephobia – Fear of justice

Dinophobia – Fear of dizziness

Diplophobia – Fear of double vision

Dipsophobia – Fear of drinking alcohol

Dishabiliophobia – Fear of undressing in front of another person

Domatophobia – Fear of houses

Doraphobia – Fear of animal fur or skins

Dromophobia – Fear of crossing streets or wandering

Dysmorphophobia – Fear of deformity

Dystychiphobia – Fear of accidents


Ebulliophobia – Fear of bubbles

Ecclesiophobia – Fear of church

Ecophobia – Fear of one’s home

Eisoptrophobia – Fear of mirrors or seeing oneself in a mirror

Electrophobia – Fear of electricity

Eleutherophobia – Fear of freedom

Emetophobia – Fear of vomiting

Enetophobia – Fear of pins

Enochlophobia – Fear of crowds

Enosiophobia – Fear of criticism or committing an unpardonable sin

Entomophobia – Fear of insects

Eosophobia – Fear of dawn or daylight

Ephebiphobia – Fear of adolescents or youth

Epistaxiophobia – Fear of nosebleeds

Epistemophobia – Fear of knowledge

Equinophobia – Fear of horses

Eremophobia – Fear of being oneself

Ereuthrophobia – Fear of blushing

Ergophobia – Fear of work

Erotophobia – Fear of sex or sexual intimacy

Euphobia – Fear of hearing good news


Febriphobia – Fear of fever

Francophobia – Fear of France or French people

Frigophobia – Fear of growing too cold


Gamophobia – Fear of marriage

Geliophobia – Fear of laughter

Geniophobia – Fear of chins

Genuphobia – Fear of knees

Gerascophobia – Fear of growing old

Globophobia – Fear of balloons

Glossophobia – fear of public speaking

Gymnophobia – Fear of nudity

Gynophobia – Fear of women


Hadephobia – Fear of hell

Hagiophobia – Fear of holy people, places, and things, like saints

Harpaxophobia – Fear of being robbed

Hedonophobia – Fear of feeling pleasure

Heliophobia – Fear of the sun

Hemophobia – Fear of blood

Herpetophobia – Fear of reptiles

Heterophobia – Fear of heterosexuals

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – Fear of long words

Hodophobia – Fear of travel

Homichlophobia – Fear of fog or humidity

Homilophobia – Fear of sermons

Homophobia – Fear of homosexuality

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Hoplophobia – Fear of guns

Hydrophobia – Fear of water


Iatrophobia – Fear of doctors

Ichthyophobia – Fear of fish

Ideophobia – Fear of new ideas or thoughts

Illyngophobia – Fear of vertigo

Insectophobia – Fear of insects

Iophobia – Fear of poison

Isolophobia – Fear of isolation

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Japanophobia – Fear of Japanese people

Judeophobia – Fear of Jews


Kainolophobia – Fear of newness

Kakorrhaphiophobia – Fear of failure

Katagelophobia – Fear of ridicule

Kathisophobia – Fear of sitting down

Kenophobia – Fear of empty spaces

Kinemortophobia – Fear of zombies

Kinetophobia – Fear of motion

Kleptophobia – Fear of theft

Koinoniphobia – Fear of rooms that are full of people

Kopophobia – Fear of fatigue

Koniophobia – Fear of dust


Leprophobia – Fear of leprosy

Leukophobia – Fear of the color white

Ligyrophobia – Fear of loud noises

Lilapsophobia – Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

Limnophobia – Fear of lakes

Linonophobia – Fear of string

Liticaphobia – Fear of lawsuits

Lockiophobia – Fear of childbirth

Logophobia – Fear of words

Luiphobia – Fear of syphilis

Lutraphobia – Fear of otters

Lygophobia – Fear of darkness

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Mageirocophobia – Fear of cooking

Malaxophobia – Fear of love play

Mastigophobia – Fear of punishment

Mechanophobia – Fear of machines

Megalophobia – Fear of large things

Melanophobia – Fear of the color black

Melophobia – Fear of music

Menophobia – Fear of menstruation

Merinthophobia – Fear of being tied up

Metathesiophobia – Fear of changes

Methyphobia – Fear of drinking alcohol

Metrophobia – Fear of poetry

Microphobia – Fear of small things

Mnemophobia – Fear of memories

Motorphobia – Fear of automobiles

Musophobia – Fear of mice

Mycophobia – Fear of mushrooms

Myrmecophobia – Fear of ants

Mysophobia – Fear of dirt and germs

Myxophobia – Fear of slime


Necrophobia – Fear of death, dying and dead things

Neopharmaphobia – Fear of new drugs

Neophobia – Fear of anything new

Nephophobia – Fear of clouds

Noctiphobia – Fear of the night

Nomatophobia – Fear of names

Nomophobia – Fear of losing or being without your mobile phone

Nosocomephobia – Fear of hospitals

Nostophobia – Fear of returning home

Novercaphobia – Fear of stepmothers

Numerophobia – Fear of numbers

Nyctophobia – Fear of the dark


Obesophobia – Fear of gaining weight

Ochophobia – Fear of vehicles

Octophobia – Fear of the number 8

Odontophobia – Fear of dental surgery

Odynophobia – Fear of pain

Oenophobia – Fear of wines

Oikophobia – Fear of home

Olfactophobia – Fear of odors

Ombrophobia – Fear of rain

Ommetaphobia – Fear of eyes or eye care

Omphalophobia – Fear of belly buttons

Onomatophobia – Fear of certain words or names

Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes

Ophthalmophobia – Fear of being stared at

Opiophobia – Fear of opioids

Optophobia – Fear of opening one’s eyes

Ornithophobia – Fear of birds

Osphresiophobia – Fear of smells

Ostraconophobia – Fear of shellfish

Ouranophobia – Fear of heaven


Panophobia – Fear of an unknown evil

Papaphobia – Fear of the Pope

Papyrophobia – Fear of paper

Parasitophobia – Fear of parasites

Pathophobia – Fear of disease

Peccatophobia – Fear of sinning

Pediophobia – Fear of dolls

Pedophobia – Fear of children

Pentheraphobia – Fear of your mother-in-law

Phalacrophobia – Fear of going bald

Pharmacophobia – Fear of medicines

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Phasmophobia – Fear of ghosts

Philemaphobia – Fear of kissing

Philophobia – Fear of love

Phobophobia – Fear of phobias

Phonophobia – Fear of loud noises

Photophobia – Fear of light

Phthisiophobia – Fear of tuberculosis

Placophobia – Fear of tombstones

Plutophobia – Fear of money or wealth

Pogonophobia – Fear of beards

Poinephobia – Fear of punishment

Porphyrophobia – Fear of the color purple

Proctophobia – Fear of rectums

Pteridophobia – Fear of ferns

Pteromerhanophobia – Fear of flying

Pupaphobia – Fear of puppets

Pyrophobia – Fear of fire


Quadraphobia – Fearing the number four

Quintaphobia – Fearing the number five

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Radiophobia – Fear of radiation, X rays

Ranidaphobia – Fear of frogs

Rhabdophobia – Fear of being beaten or punishment

Rhypophobia – Fear of defecation

Rhytiphobia – Fear of getting wrinkles

Rupophobia – Fear of dirt

Russophobia – Fear of Russians


Samhainophobia – Fear of Halloween

Sarmassophobia – Fear of love play

Satanophobia – Fear of Satan

Scabiophobia – Fear of scabies

Scelerophobia – Fear of bad men, burglars

Sciophobia – Fear of shadows

Scoleciphobia – Fear of worms

Scolionophobia – Fear of school

Scotomaphobia – Fear of  blindness

Scriptophobia – Fear of writing in public

Selenophobia – Fear of the moon

Seplophobia – Fear of decaying matter

Sesquipedalophobia – Fear of long words

Siderodromophobia – Fear of trains

Siderophobia – Fear of stars

Sinistrophobia – Fear of left-handedness

Spectrophobia – Fear of mirrors or the undead

Spheksophobia – Fear of wasps

Social Phobia – Fear of social evaluation

Somniphobia – Fear of sleep

Staurophobia – Fear of the crucifix

Stenophobia – Fear of narrow places

Symbolophobia – Fear of symbolism

Symmetrophobia – Fear of symmetry

Syngenesophobia – Fear of relatives


Taphephobia – Fear of being entombed alive

Tapinophobia – Fear of being contagious

Taurophobia – Fear of bulls

Technophobia – Fear of technology

Teleophobia – Fear of definite plans

Testophobia – Fear of taking tests

Thalassophobia – Fear of the sea

Thanatophobia – Fear of death or dying

Theatrophobia – Fear of theaters

Thermophobia – Fear of heat

Tocophobia – Fear of childbirth

Tonitrophobia – Fear of thunder

Toxiphobia – Fear of poison

Traumatophobia – Fear of injury

Trichopathophobia – Fear of hair disease

Trichophobia – Fear of loose hair

Triskaidekaphobia – Fear of the number 13

Trypanophobia – Fear of needles or injections

Turophobia – Fear of cheese


Urophobia – Fear of urine or urinating


Vaccinophobia – Fear of vaccinations

Venustraphobia – Fear of beautiful women

Verbophobia – Fear of words

Vestiphobia – Fear of clothing

Virginitiphobia – Fear of rape

Vitricophobia – Fear of stepfathers

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Walloonophobia – Fear of the Walloons, an ethnic group native to Belgium

Wiccaphobia – Fear of witches and witchcraft


Xenophobia – Fear of strangers or foreigners

Xanthophobia – Fear of the color yellow

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Xerophobia – Fear of dehydration

Xylophobia – Fear of forests


Ymophobia – Fear of being opposed


Zelophobia – Fear of envy

Zemmiphobia – Fear of the great mole rat

Zeusophobia – Fear of God or gods

Zoophobia – Fear of animals

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We hope that this knowledge of phobias will be of some use to you and you’ll be able to find which of the phobias you suffer from. So, go ahead and show off your knowledge of phobias in front of your friends!


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