Season 7 was very significant in terms of shaping the story and events that are to take place in the final season. From the scene where Jon meeting Daenerys which made us jump with joy, to the scene where Viserion dies which broke our heart a bit, the season gave us many visually appealing moments. This is the final quiz from the previous seasons. There are so many theories given by fans, some of them make sense while some don’t.

Don’t worry we will keep coming up with more of it but in different forms. For now, take this Season 7 quiz and tell us that “The North Remembers”.



Game of thrones season 7 quiz

Who is not a part of Jon's team when they go North of the wall to capture a wight ?
Who does Cersei poison just like her daughter Myrcella was poisoned?
What is destroyed by dragon fire?
Daenerys burns the members of which house after they refuse to bend the knee?
Which will not kill a whitewalker?
Where does Euron greyjoy go after watching the wight?
How was Obara Sand killed by Euron Greyjoy?
Who does Theon fight before convincing others to help him save Yara ?
What is the name of the region that Night King rules
What was Night King before becoming a White walker?
Game of thrones season 7 quiz
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