We carry our phone with us like a mother carries her child- with love and care.
Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, we cannot function without them. Even if there is some software malfunction in our phone there is another smartphone for backup purpose. If we have to carry our phone so lovingly then why not feed it with some useful apps too.
Every woman manages so many tasks in a day. Household chores, going to the office, looking after her family and much more. What if someone is there to help her and make her work easier. This will save her time and give her some time to relax. These apps are her ‘somebody’.
In this post, we have mentioned some must-have apps for every woman. Have a look –


Top 15 Must-Have Apps for Every Woman


1. Goodreads

must have apps for every woman

Fan of reading? Are you confused if a book is worth reading or not? Install this app and this problem will be solved within a minute. The rating and summary of each book are available. Suggest new books and review a book to help other readers. Find a new companion to read. Bibliophiles! This app is for you.

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2. Nike Training Club

must have apps for every woman

If you want to get fitter, stronger and better than yesterday then install this in your phone today. It is fun and easy to use and effective than other fitness apps. It is your own personalized trainer anywhere, anytime.

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3. Clue

must have apps for every woman

Keep track of your monthly date through this app. It is one of the best apps to keep track of your period. How many times have you forgotten your date? This is a very useful app for all the girls out there.

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4. Walnut

walnut app download for ios

This app is a savior for all the girls who overspend and wonder where did their salary go. This app is the best to manage your finances. You can prepare your monthly budget and keep an eye on your expenses. All you have to do is, link your cards and bank account to this app. You can label all the transaction and manage your budget easily.

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5. Google Photos

google photos app

Most of us constantly suffer for space on our phone. If you are also facing this problem then google photos is for you. Save as many photos and videos as you like. This app will store your photos and will remove any duplicate picture from your phone.

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6. Headspace


If meditation is your thing then this app is for you. This will improve your sleeping habits as well, as meditation calms you down. It has many calming soundtracks to help you sleep and to focus. This app will be of great help to you.

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7. Grammarly


Install this app and be tension-free regarding the grammatical errors. Next time you are sending any professional mail then ‘Grammarly’ is there to take care of it. This will take care of your mistakes on your own, you just have to switch your keyboard.

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8. Amazon Kindle


This app is for everyone. Be it book reader, newspaper reader or magazine reader, it has it all. Choose from million books to read. Enjoy a book while traveling on your phone or tablet. There are many resources which can help you find the book available on Amazon for free.

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9. Mextures


This is one of the best photo editing apps you can ask for. This app is not just about filters it mixes and matches different formulas and gives your picture a unique look. The custom pictures can be used for the future purpose also and can be shared as well.



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10. Makeup Plus

If you are in no mood to apply makeup and still want your pictures to be on point then try using this app. It identifies your skin tone and applies makeup accordingly. It has multiple options including contouring, blush, changing your eye colour.
Now no need to carry your whole makeup kit everywhere you go.

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11. Nearbuy  


For the best deal on restaurants near you. If you want to enjoy some drinks with friends or just want to chill and hang out in a coffee shop this app will notify you about the best deals available at restaurants. Just apply the coupon code while placing your order and pay via Paytm or card.

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12. Uber


Late meeting in office and you don’t have a mode of transport at that time, install uber and get cab services within minutes. They are very active and you won’t have to wait more than 3-4 minutes for your cab to arrive. Plus the app is easy to use.

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13. Swiggy


Not in the mood to cook after a tiring day? Install this app if you don’t want any minimum order hustle. This app allows you to place an order of only one item also. You can order anything from snacks to the main course just by installing this app. The delivery time is also very less. At some places the deliver within 25-30 minutes.

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14. Practo 


Confused which doctor you should consult. This app tells about the doctors and books appointments. Ratings and reviews are also available. You can also order medicine, supplies and other health-related items online and have them delivered to your doorstep. This app has articles related to health written by doctors.

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15. Waze


We all have Google Maps on our phone but sometimes you need live updates to cut through traffic. Waze is a navigation which tells you about the traffic jams, road accidents, avoid tolls, under construction and even police. It is one of the best navigation and among the must-have apps for every woman.

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So these were some of the top 15 must have apps for every woman. I use all these apps every now and then. Do you think we miss anything? Do let us know in the comment section below. Which app do you use most often?


  1. Hello Bhawna,

    Great list of apps you have on this post. You are right Mobile phones are part of our day to day life. Whether we have to talk with friends, send SMS, or doing business, mobile phones always come handy. I am a big fan of amazon kindle and have installed the app on my phone. I love to read various kindle books on different topics. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

    Have a Great day 🙂

  2. Hi Bhawana,
    Amazing way to craft and listed all the essential apps in one place and all are so much Useful for our daily need, Grammarly is an amazing app, as a blogger, writer you always get some extra confidence. apart from this, Uber, Swiggy, Amazon Kindle, Google Photos all are awesome.
    Thanks for Sharing with us, Keep Writing.


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