Yesterday I went to pick up my friend and she got her new puppy downstairs for the introduction. I wasn’t able to play with him because “yes I am scared of dogs”. That got me thinking Am I the only one who is scared of dogs? No. I know some people who fall into my category. Phew! I am not the odd one out. So I decided to write this post to make all the people like me feel better and well yeah ‘normal’. Fear of dogs is also known as cynophobia.
So are you scared of dogs ? are you among those people? Some things that we do if we are not a dog lover.


Are you scared of dogs ?


1. Asking your friends to keep their pets away before you enter their house-

This is the most obvious things to do. Once you ask them to tie their dogs you finally muster up the courage to visit them.
Image source – AlCortez – DeviantArt


2. Constant fear-


Though you have asked them to keep their pet in another room you are persistently scared that it might get free and come to bite you.


3. You do not cross a lane if there are dogs-


You are ready to take the longer route but you will never take the risk of going down that road.
image source – NBC news


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4. Asking about dogs whenever you visit someone for the first time-


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This is the first thing on your mind..what if they have a dog?
Yes, it’s better to be sure.
image source – Animal Planet


5. Tagged in memes-

Whenever there is a meme on facebook to tag a friend who is scared of dogs all your friends make sure they mention you.


6. Unleashing the beast-

Yes okay!! They are adorable but for us, it is a task to even stand in front of them. Your friends make sure they tell their dog to go towards you to have a good time and laugh at your “jumping dance”.
Not funny at all

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7. Your legs feel like a “tangdi kabab”-

If you are on a two-wheeler and you pass a dog at least once this thought comes to your mind- ” what if the dog thinks of my leg as a juicy long bone to chew”.
You are on high alert at that time.
image source – Bike Chronicles of India


8. Trying to be friendly is not an option-

Watching other people playing with them and touching them makes you want to play with them too. But no matter how hard you try it is just next to impossible to be at ease with them.
image source – Above Average

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9. You are ready to boycott your relatives-


If they ever bring up the topic of keeping a dog you just tell them that you will be ready to boycott going to their place forever.
Yes we know it is a mean thing to say but “we do what we gotta do” (not proud)

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10. What if I can outrun the dog-

Are you scared of dogs?

Some of us have experienced being chased around by a dog some of us think what if a dog chases me. That is the last thing you want to happen to you.
image source –


11. All dogs seem to hate you-


Are you scared of dogs?

They definitely seem to have a way of identifying a coward. We are familiar with the phrase that ” He never barks but I don’t know why he is barking at you “.
image source – Your Daily Vegan

So Are you scared of dogs ? No matter how much they scare us but we will eventually find a way to be around them one day. Till then we think it’s better if we keep our distance ?


  1. Hello Bhawna,

    such a nice article im not scary from dogs i love dogs, keep up the good work in following you. and one more think your blog really nice

  2. Hi Bhawana,

    What a great article. When I saw the title of this post I was inclined to read it through because I have a dog. In fact, even while i was leaving abroad, I had a dog as well.i love dogs but that doesn’t mean I’m not scared of dogs.

    I get scared of other people’s dogs that I’m not familiar with. This are animals that do not think like humans, but rather live by way off instinct.

    Recently I got a repair man for my electricity coming to fix some electrical problems at my house. When he got to the front gate he called to tell me to please put my dog on chains before he could come in. Sounded funny but it’s a reality.

    We need to take measuring stay safe.

    Thanks for sharing Bhawana!

  3. Great Blog! Its really helpful Blogging is an amazing skill with which you can share your thoughts online.Love your ideas keep up the good work!


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