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Types of Bras, Every Woman Must Know.

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Being a woman is a beautiful feeling. There is nothing more appealing than a strong confident woman. We have the capability of handling many tasks simultaneously. …

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10 Interesting Gift Ideas for This Raksha Bandhan

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The whole life we have been fighting with our siblings over small things. As we grow up and get engrossed in our lives we start valuing …

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Top 15 Must Have Apps for Every Woman

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We carry our phone with us like a mother carries her child- with love and care. Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, we …


12 Embarrassing Moments with Parents – Situations We Have Been in!

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A family is there to support you through hard times, your parents guide you with genuine and selfless advice. Parents always have your back. Your Parents …

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28 Amazing Documentaries You Must Watch Before You Die

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Documentaries, this word has lots of meanings. Besides some people like it, some people not so much. For me personally, I love documentaries. Don’t get me …


Ridiculous Indian TV Shows That Will Make You Go ‘WTF’

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The history of Indian drama dates back to the days of Raam-Leela and Nukkad-Natak being held at various places on various occasions. Slowly this drama was …


These Are the Best Pick Up Lines Ever That Actually Worked

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Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Sharing your every day with someone gives you immense joy. How a person becomes such an important part of your life. …


Travelling with BAE? Expectations vs reality

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Going on a trip with our partner is full of thrill and adventure. We all get super excited only by the thought of going on a …


Looking For Next Book to Read? Here are Some of My Favorites

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Books are the best friend of a man. Every avid reader will readily nod at this made up proverb. Each book gives you something very unique …