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13 Pie charts about adulting that will make you laugh at your own stupidity

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Growing up has its own perks we get to do things as per our choice(or we feel we do). We have new sets of responsibilities like …


9 Best Backpacks For Girls Under ₹ 800

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Dressing up takes a lot of time in our lives. We give so much thought on deciding what to wear while going out. A beautiful outfit …

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19 Inspiring and Amazing Emma Watson Quotes

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Emma Watson is a name that needs no introduction. She first rose to stardom in the Harry Potter series and has done many significant movies since …


Amazing Game of Thrones Season 7 Quiz

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Season 7 was very significant in terms of shaping the story and events that are to take place in the final season. From the scene where …

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Awesome Game of Thrones Season 6 Quiz

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We all are ready to get “The Protector of the Realm” as soon as George R R Martin is ready for that. We have long been …

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The Ultimate Game of Thrones Season 5 Quiz

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Game of Thrones is not a show it is a religion. I have said it many times but people who have watched the show would truly …

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Top Game of Thrones Theories About How The Series Would End

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The previous season came in 2017 and it was announced that finale would be aired in 2019. This wait was way too long. Now we are …


30 Amazing Steve Jobs Quotes To Motivate You

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Steve Jobs a name that doesn’t require any introduction. He was an amazing visionary and people around the world still admire him for his work. He …


19 Amazing gifts for book lovers

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Do you end up wondering what to gift your bibliophile friend apart from gifting a book?  Selecting a perfect gift for a book lover can be …


Zombieing and 19 other modern dating terms you must know

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Dating can be hard as we all have experienced it as the part of “growing up” or you can also say “becoming an adult”. It is …