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Romantic Movie Cliches That Don’t Happen In Real Life

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We all love watching romantic movies once in a while because they do put us in a good mood with their happy endings. But we can’t …

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28 Things To Do In Kashmir To Make Your Visit Memorable

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Kashmir is literally heaven on Earth. You have to visit it to believe it. It is a hilly area yet different from all other hill stations. …


38 Best Series on Netflix you should definitely watch

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When it comes to watching amazing TV shows that are worth your time then Netflix is just right for you. If you are in the mood …


How to let yourself define your career and life goals

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It amazes me how two people share their time with each other yet their interest and thought process is different from each other. Each individual is …


memes about Ranveer Deepika wedding that have taken the internet by storm

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The most awaited day for Bollywood buff has arrived. Ranveer and Deepika announced their wedding in a most spectacular yet decent way. for many years both …


Upcoming Superhero Movies Marvel and DC | 2018-2022

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2018 has been the biggest year for any superhero movie fan. From the house of Marvel Comics, we got to see Avengers Infinity War, Deadpool 2 …


Cities you must visit in Autumn

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The season is changing and we a giving a farewell to the hot and humid days of summer. Suddenly the smell of the air when you …


Things that make us so excited about fall

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  Does this happen with you guys also that as soon aa the month of October arrives you find a new hope and wake up early …


What qualities of the TV characters make us relate to them

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When we watch a Tv show, it is natural to end up relating to the characters in that show. We relate more to the TV characters …


Questions to ask for self-discovery

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There are so many instances when we get stuck in a situation and think if I will be able to handle this stuff. But at the …