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An avid reader, like reading novels.I write just for fun.I take life as it comes, living in the moment. :-)


These Are the Best Pick Up Lines Ever That Actually Worked

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Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Sharing your every day with someone gives you immense joy. How a person becomes such an important part of your life. …


Travelling with BAE? Expectations vs reality

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Going on a trip with our partner is full of thrill and adventure. We all get super excited only by the thought of going on a …


Looking For Next Book to Read? Here are Some of My Favorites

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Books are the best friend of a man. Every avid reader will readily nod at this made up proverb. Each book gives you something very unique …


How Being Organized Makes Your World a Better Place

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Don’t you ever feel like I wish I could be this organized while scrolling through your Pinterest? I am sure we all have once used this …


Television’s Friendships That Gave us Some Major Friendship Goals

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Can you imagine your life without friends? There won’t be anyone to share your secrets with, nobody is going to be there to make fun of …


Game we used to play in our childhood

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There are times when we get nostalgic when we watch children play the exact same games we used to play. We just want to get teleported …


NOT a rain lover? Then you will relate to these things…

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Monsoon is here in India and we know it. I opened my Instagram and the story section was filled with similar status about rain and how …


What If We Could Use Hogwarts Spells in Real Life

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J k Rowling is being praised by many of us for introducing us to the magical land of harry potter. All of us have a special …



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   A trip to magnificent place helps us unwind and leaves us alone with our thoughts. When my life got cluttered, I decided to take a …