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I shouldn’t be allowed to go on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram when I’m drunk!


How would it be like if Indian Cricket Players were students of a class

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We have all grown up watching cricket and get super excited in the name of the World cup and other tournaments like IPL. Cricket is like …

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25+ Worst Horror Movie Cliches That are Annoying

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October is famous for bringing that cold breeze, autumn, and the spooky feeling. Personally, I am not a fan of horror movies but I don’t mind …


How Well Do you Know F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Quiz

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Most of us have our own remedy for killing time and without doubt most of us watch our favourite TV show for that purpose. There are …


Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2018 | Things to Look For

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The festive season is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. With the exciting days coming up, e-commerce sites are also giving you …


Guilty Pleasures of Life

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It happens so many times that you are doing something very basic and get a sense of instant relief. Everybody enjoys some guilty pleasures which they …

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Best Indian Web Series Worth Watching in 2018

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In past few years, we have seen a boom in web series being produced in India. It all started with Youtube web series and with the …

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Richest Women Around the World 2018

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When we think about the richest of the world, men come to mind. But in past few years, things have changed. There are many women in …


Instagram Pages to Follow if You Love Photography

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Photos are the best way to preserve the moment. Our phones are filled with hundreds of pictures. And talking about sharing those moments with world, in …


Important Life Lessons to Learn From These Famous TV Shows

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TV shows and movies aren’t only about entertainment, sometimes they have a deeper meaning than that. And it is not only limited to the drama or …


30 Things You Should Try Before Turning 30

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For some people, age is just a number. We have compiled list of 30 things you should try before turning 30 today. If you are a 90s …