Summer is here and we can feel the heat in the air. If you are going out you will feel the wrath of sun and warmth. It is very important to protect yourself and your eyes. Sunglasses are probably the best option when it comes to eye protection. Good sunglasses can help you with UV rays, pollution and gives you a stylish look.

We have put together the list of awesome sunglasses with good ratings and those too under INR 1000.00


These MTV Roadies Wayfarer not only looks cool but gives an stylish look. If you were ever fan of the Show this might be the thing for you. Personally I prefer wayfarer and they suit my face. You can buy these stylish sunglasses for only INR 410.00 from amazon.


SOJO Round small sunglasses will give you perfect stylish look. They are also polarized so makes good wear for beach, snow or any out door activity. It has 3.5 stars on Amazon. You can buy them for INR 999.00 which If you ask us is a good deal.


Tony Stark is one of the best avenger and heart throb of many girls. These round steampunk sun-glasses look very trendy. They are only INR 589.00 They have good reviews on the amazon.



Aviator are of the most recognized design. Although they were made popular by Ray-Ban but the glasses look so amazing. These Sojos clear glasses are unisex and best if you use spectacle glasses you can have custom lens fitted. They are available on amazon for 1199.00

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These fastrack sunglasses are available for 1399.00 on amazon. They look very trendy and would rock your Instagram feed. It has gotten some great reviews from users. Do check them out.


glasses flat aviator

Flat aviators are also a thing and adds style to your personality. These glasses have gotten some good reviews on amazon and will cost you 699.00. In this price you will be getting flat, polarized and UV protection glasses.


fastrack best seller

Fastrack is very popular when it comes to quality product at reasonable price. These UV protecting sunglasses has over 800+ 4 star reviews. These square sunglasses will cost INR 559.00.

round glasses

UV 400 protection with these rounded glasses. They have polarizing look but if you want to try something new you might wanna give these a try. It has amazing 4 star ratings which makes them a trusted product. They are currently available for 849.00 Rupees on amazon



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