Being in love is an amazing feeling. To love someone and to be loved by someone gives you immense joy and sets your heart racing. In the starting, it’s all roses and you find everything interesting for the first time but as time passes by you want to do something more and go to new places for your date.

It gets confusing at times and you are not able to decide on a place and end up doing the same thing. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered and made a list of some interesting ideas for your next date.
Go have a look and try these out-

Awesome Date Ideas for Next Time You Are Going Out


1. Go-carting-





What’s better than some adventurous task. This helps you bond on another level and you get to see a different side of your partner. Worth giving a try. You will surely enjoy doing this.
Find a place that offers this activity and book your timings.



2. Bookstore-






This applies if you both enjoy reading books. Go to a bookstore and spend some time there. Pick out some books and read them one by one and exchange with one another after you are done with them.
As they say, the kind book a person reads speaks a lot about them.




3. Karaoke night-






Try this even if you guys are not that good at singing. Sing a song with all your heart and better if you sing a song and dedicate it to the person sitting right in front of you and watch them blush.

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4. Watch sunset-





There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset together. See the sky change colours and birds flying back to their nest. It is so peaceful and you are going to enjoy the silence in each other’s company. Find a quiet place and check for yourself.


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5. Go on a walk-





Enjoy a walk on a quiet road and talk about life and your dreams with your loved one. It is very satisfying and very romantic.





6. Cook together-






Try cooking different cuisines by gathering all ingredients. Put that effort and taste the delicacies prepared by you two. After preparing the meal, arrange for some candles and enjoy a romantic dinner at the comfort of your home.






7. Play a board game-







You can play some board games like monopoly, ludo, dungeons and dragons and get ready to see the different ways in which your partner plays you. Those cute fights will definitely bring you closer. You can also go for chess if you want to play something intense.


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8. Watch each other’s favourite movie-






Pick two movies and watch them in a row. If his favourite movie is action based and yours is romantic then who knows you might also start liking this genre.




9. Go camping-


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Go camping and set your own bonfire. Try roasting marshmallows and potatoes in that bonfire and relish them later on. Finish your day by watching stars in the open sky.




10. Go to a concert-





Who doesn’t like music? It gets much better if you get to attend a live show of your favourite artist with your favourite person.

Sing along with everyone on top of your voices and create memories.




11. Wine tasting-






Be fancy for a while. Go on a wine tasting spree. There are various events being organised in your city by various food outlets. Visit those events and try different types of freshly squeezed out wine.




12. Take a dance class together-





All of us have danced randomly at a wedding or some functions but there is something unusual and interesting in taking a formal dance class. Learn salsa which has close dancing movements with your partner. Spice up your daily routine.





13. Ice skating-






Again a fun activity. If you are a novice then hold your partner close for balancing as you will keep wobbling. Support each other and have fun.



14. Plant trees-






Plant some trees that will bear fruits and give flowers and watch them grow together. A very different thing to do but very satisfying.




15. Get a couple massages-






Visit a spa centre and you will come across many offers available for couples. Avail one of those offers and relax together.

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16. Play video games-






Get competitive and try to beat each other up in the next game you play. How interesting it gets is upto you.



17. Roleplay-







This one is to spice up things in your bedroom. Try giving love making a twist by introducing fake characters and playing that role by yourself. Get as dirty as you like and enjoy.




18. Go paintballing-






Put your teamwork to a better use, beat your opponents and have fun together. This is a definite one to try out together. Pat each other on the back for their effort.





19. Visit a stand-up comedian’s show-






Laugh your hearts out with this one as this is worth giving a shot. This is very light-hearted and cheers both of you up.




20. Recreate your first date-






Sound cheesy right? But definitely, a golden one to make your partner happy. Do everything in the same order and recreate your first date. Order what you ordered on your first date go to the same place and relive those happy moments.




So next time you are thinking of a place to go on your next date try giving these a shot. These are definitely worth giving a shot. If you have some more ideas then do share with us in the comment section below.





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