Awesome Game of Thrones Season 6 Quiz

We all are ready to get “The Protector of the Realm” as soon as George R R Martin is ready for that. We have long been ready to hail for the new King/Queen but it just seems like ages that Season 7 was telecast. Now with 2 days left , these 2 days seem like 2 years.  But freak not we got exactly what you want this time of the year- all Season quiz so that you don’t feel alone and have some connection with the show while you wait for the finale.

Take this quiz and have fun.



Who murders Balon Greyjoy?

Game of thrones season six quiz
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Who brought back the Jon Snow from dead

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In the Battle of Bastards, Stark army was saved by

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What is Hodor's real name?

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When Jon Snow left Castle Black to whom he handover the Castle?

jon snow my watch has ended
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What gift did Robin Arryn receive from Littlefinger

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An alliance was formed during the Season six. Which was it?

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Who created the Night King?

Night king in season 6 GOT
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How many men did Lyanna Mormont promises to Jon and Sansa?

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Note Margaery give Olenna has the drawing of?

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Where does Arya lure Wiaf to kill her?

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Who killed Smalljon Umber in the Battle of Bastards?

Smalljon Umber killed by
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Game of Thrones Season six
You Need to Re-watch the show

White walkers at hardhome

You Know Nothing!

Wish you good fortune in the season to come

King in the north

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