Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows of recent times. With all the planning, plotting and interesting twists the show has gained immense popularity.
You cannot just like a character because that is obviously supposed to die. All the assumptions and guesses come to an abrupt end so you have made your peace with the fact that anyone can die no matter how powerful he is.

At the beginning of the show, the whole focus was on male characters and I used to think that as usually a man is going to rule the seven kingdoms. But, as the show progressed it threw a whole new light on female characters.
The journey of these characters is worth watching and inspiring. They are obviously treated less but are determined to find their niche despite the adversities.

The show is a cliffhanger and we cannot wait for 2019 to arrive. Looking at the history the final season is bound to be full of some awesome moments.

This is one of the reasons I love this show.
Though some females are that bitchy self still you are amazed by the manipulation used by them to get things done. This post is dedicated to all the strong ladies of Game of Thrones who definitely stole some cheers from us.
Check them out –

Badass moments of the ladies from Game of Thrones



Sansa Stark-





The dark horse. Most unexpected character growth is of Sansa Stark. The poor girl who suffered a lot of trauma just because she was married to the wrong guys(twice). The killers of her father were right in front of her but she could do nothing.
As the seasons passed the audience saw an amazing character development. Not only she escaped but she learned manipulation also. She took her final revenge by feeding her “so-called husband” to his own dogs. A delightful sight.


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Cersei Lannister-





The mother of manipulation and plotting. You just love to hate her. She did everything possible for her kids but karma is a bitch they say! All her kids died one by one, she was already fearless but now there is nothing stopping her.
The most epic moment was when she blew the Sept and watched the whole scene sipping her wine in the balcony.

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There is much anticipation regarding her betrayal plan for Daenerys. Can’t wait for next season and all the fun and bitchiness attached to it.


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Olenna Tyrell-





The experience speaks it all. She has always been one step ahead of Cersei. The problem started when both her grandchildren were killed and she openly decided to support the Targeryans. Everyone did everything for their family and so did she. The Highgarden was no more hers to protect.

Instagram and Facebook were flooded with multiple gags where she is proper savage and tells Jamie that she was the one who poisoned his son. The look of satisfaction spoke volume about her character. She died when there was nothing to lose and with SWAG.



Denaerys Targaryen-






A simple girl who lost her mother and father and was always made to do things according to her brother. She married Khal Drogo only because her brother told her it was the only way to get the Seven Kingdoms back, which once their father ruled.

The show is filled with epic moments including The Mother of Dragons. It is hard to choose one moment in particular. The way she conquered the hearts of millions is commendable. She answers injustice with justice, not mercy.

All her moments with the dragons are precious. When she realizes that she is the dragon and not her brother that expression is priceless. One of the most liked characters in the show.




Arya Stark-





Not just any other girl.

There were tell-tale signs about her from the very beginning. How she didn’t like anything girly, how she loved sword fighting. She is a warrior who has survived many seasons on her own.

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Repeating the names of people who she wanted to kill because they did wrong to her family and finally taking her ultimate revenge after her training to be “a girl with no name”. She destroyed the House Fray and Boy! was it a treat to watch.

She destroyed the whole house where her mother and brother were killed and served the man responsible for that the flesh of his own sons.

Cutting littlefinger’s throat was also our favourite. That man deserved it. When the white wing blows, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.


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Yeah! I know probably all of us didn’t like her for what she did to that little girl in the name of ‘The Lord of Light’. Her prediction went wrong and she ended her search on Jon Snow whom she calls “the one who was promised”.

We all stopped hating her when she brought Jon Snow to life again. She definitely has an important role to play in the series. Arya Stark hates her and so do we. But we cannot deny that most of her predictions are true and she has some powers which are beyond human understanding.




Lyanna Mormont-






The cute girl to see but really fearless. She has outgrown her age and is the head of House Mormont of Bear Island. She makes all the decisions with confidence. She has immense trust in her army. She holds the dignity of her house by being true to her word.

She plays an important role when Jon and Sansa go to her for help and later pledges to support them when all other experienced men are there judging their potential.


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Catelyn Stark-






One of the strongest ladies of the show. She knew the impact of decisions her husband was making and was wise enough to advise him against it. He died because he didn’t listen to her. She advises her son later against the mistake which he was going to commit and later all of them pay for it when they were killed.

She sensed and judged things, was mature to handle every situation. She made every possible effort to bring her daughters back to Winterfell. A proud and honourable woman with motherly instincts yet impeccable administrative sense.










How can we talk about strong female characters and not speak of Yigrette, The Wildling? The only girl to have a hold over the heart of our very own Jon Snow. She was not a fool to fall in love and forget her identity.

When they attacked the Night’s watch she didn’t hesitate to support her people and put her feelings aside. She definitely knew her way of getting things done and still held her identity close to her heart.





She is a lady of words and keeps every oath she takes. She doesn’t care what she gets to hear due to her huge body structure but she makes it work for her. She proved her valor when she gave the hound a good beating. She is as good as any man of the Westeros.

She has sworn to protect the daughters of Catelyn Stark and guides them well and protects them from manipulative people like Petyr Baelish.

No matter what comes her way she is bound to prove her valor everytime and we know that.



So these were all the strong leading ladies from our favourite TV show. If you can think of any other character then do mention it in the comment section below. I know we can’t wait till the next season is out, till then happy reading.



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